Wings of fury

Last week Martin Scuffins came and showed his birds of prey, the birds were going back and forward on their perch he had setup. One of the birds couldn’t land because it was too fast and was meant for outside shows. There was even an eagle I think. What Martin does is rescue injured birds. One of the birds landed on Mrs Shier’s head, Mrs Shier stayed really still as  the bird came back it was really funny. Martin scuffins talked to us about the food chain and how poisoning one thing can kill things by going up the food chain. Martin Scuffins fed one bird lunch, it was a rat it ate the head first because it thought it was stilliving so they make sure it can’t run away by eating the head first. It was really fun learning about birds of prey and how they hunt and the food chain and food web. I wanted to keep learning but I couldn’t because it was lunch!






Royal Shepherds Pie

Last week I did cooking, my group cooked shepherds pie, you can probably tell this from the title. It was fun getting the ingredients from the garden, the main ingredient from the garden was the potatoes.  We dressed up with top hat’s and crowns because we were celebrating the royal wedding. My favourite part was mixing the ingredients and cooking the meal.

Nim’s island reflection

The differences in the movie compared to the book…

Nim explodes a shark by putting it on the steaming rocks and in the movie they  launched lizard.

In the movie the troppo tourists were called Buchaneers.

In the movie the Buchaneers/Troppos actually come to the island.

In the movie Jack /Nim’s dad actually likes Alexandra Rover but in the book they don’t fall in love.

Plot to Plate

Plot to plate

My group is Charles Caitlyn and me Jon.

My groups main plants are parsley and coriander the other things we are planting are sunflower seeds, mini cauliflower, broccoli and peas. In enviro  we grow plants and use them in food.


Will my garden survive?

Will the food I grow taste nice?

Will I give my garden bed the water it needs?