Today in this blog i will be showing you about editing but first here’s a video i edited using premier pro

so now that you have seen that you are probably wondering how you make a video in premier pro. here are the tools you need to use to create

ultra key for the green screen. that’s what i used to make the green screen the moving background here’s an image of the ultra key.

the other thing’s i used were the the horizontal flip and vertical flip and i made there multiple of him so it made it look like there were 4 of him

i also used the razor icon to cut out pieces of the video i do and don’t want and you can also cut out bits and copy them to put them in different places.

there is also the text icon where you can add words when and where in the video


that’s all. i hope you enjoyed these blogs bye

green screens & lighting

This lesson of film school we learned about green screens and how to edit them

first i will show you how to get the right lighting and the right type of screen



make sure you have good lighting and get the best lighting on your face so it can show all the details on your face when editing but make sure you have good lighting everywhere else to.

try making sure to get each angle of you with light so no matter witch way you turn it doesn’t affect the way the green screen in editing turns out.

try to stay not to far away from the green wall but far enough so it wont create any shadows on it or else it will affect the way the green screen comes out in the video and you will see your shadow even after editing the green screen.

that’s all i’l see you in the next blog about editing and green screen editing

Wireless microphones & cameras

This lesson of film school we learnt about wireless microphones and the cameras you use with them.



lapel microphones have a clip that can to your shirt and they are wireless so they are ideal for long shots

lapel microphones can pickup backround noise but since it is close to your face it you can still here the person over the wind

there is a transmitter the microphone plugs into it sends that sound to the receiver. the receiver is pugged into the camera so it then goes into the camera and records the sound using the wireless mic.


Hand held mic

The hand held mic does not need a transmitter because it has a transmitter built into it.


All mics wireless mics

make sur you pair the transmitter mic and receiver with the same number or else it is paired with the wrong one


HML Cameras

same things

it plugs in the same as other cameras it connects to the tripod the same and the screen also flips out the same and it also has the same handle so make sure you use the same precaution’s and more with this mic

Different things

there is a lid for the lens so it does not get damaged and you just press the button to activate it



First off you are probably wondering what copyright is. Basically copyright is you cant use something that someone else has made and show it to others whether that’s online or just to your friends.

now you are probably wondering how can you avoid copyright. if you have permission from the person who made it or if it is copyright free, or sometimes you have to pay for permission to use it.

a trustworthy site for copyright music is Ben sound but know not all the music there is copyright free sometimes you have to buy it if you use it in anything.

shotgun Mic’s

This lesson of film school we used shotgun mics here’s some information on how to use them


first off here’s what a shotgun mic looks like

as you can see it has a long cylinder as the boom filter and the end looks similar to a shotgun that’s where the name is from

Make sure that they are turned on


Make sure you charge them the right way or it may damage the camera and the charging plug


try not to touch the foam on the microphone while recording or it will make an annoying sound while watching

the video

shot gun mics are directional but they pick up a lot of background noise and pick up a lot of wind sound


if you are in a room without background noise or echo’s this microphone is ideal for that

Zoom cameras

i know the name this blog is zoom cameras but the cameras don’t actually zoom that’s just the brand name the cameras cant even digitally zoom but they are great with sound


make sure you put the camera on charge and make sure you plug it in the right way if you don’t it will damage the camera and the plug


They have a better and bigger microphone


It has multiple microphones for better surround sound and better sound altogether


And they have a boom filter but make sure you don’t touch it while recording


we had to practice using the cameras here’s a video of that


the zoomcameras are basically the same as the previous ones with the stand  the flip screen and the charger but here’s a video of that anyway


and heres a photo of my book so you can see the notes I took








Cam Cordas & Tripods

Hi this session of film school we learned about Cam corders and we learned about how to use them and how to take care of them so they last longer.


Here’s a video of how to use the cam corders



We also learned about ow to use the tripods properly and make them last longer


Here’s a video of that


Point and shoot cameras

Hello .This is where I will be posting all the things I learn for Film School . What is film school ? You may ask. Film school is when the teachers teach us about how to make films. I will record all I learn in film school on my blog.

first we learnt angles for photos drawing attention to the object by using a natural thing that is already there and that may work as a frame . we also learnt to use grid and make the main object off center an maybe at the first or second column . if you are using the grid metheod we also learnt how to balance they main object out with something less important so it makes the image look more full but doesnt draw your eyes away from the main object in the photo
later on in the first stage of the first class we took photos. here are some of the photos me and shay took