Term 2 Reflection!

Wow the entire term went by so quickly I almost can’t believe it’s the end of the term. Some of the highlights this term are definitely TED Story clips, Travel Journals and also the Passion Projects. My Passion Project was a machine in Minecraft, you could play games with it and also have a conversation with it. The only downside is that it only had three buttons you could press: Yes, Maybe and No. A small downside of the term would probably be that when I was checking my Minecraft project last minute to make sure everything worked, I noticed a small glitch in the system so I just found a way around, although it would have been nice if I could have fixed it. Some goals I would like to achieve next term are: To be better than I was yesterday, and to always do my best.

Passion Project #editing

Over the last week I have finished my Minecraft Passion Project. Except for the questions and responses for the machine which I can tell you I most certainly want to make seem as realistic as possible.  I have gotten all of the building and testing out of the way all I need is to make the script for the machine and then quickly film it as a reaction say someone random like my parents or a friend I am not yet sure although at this stage. I would very much like to show it to all of you one day.

2 Handed Strike 4

Today since last time the ipads couldn’t upload our instructional videos we had to redo them. So that’s what we did you can watch it right here I hope you enjoy it. Also by the way we played some games after it which I did quite enjoy. After quite a while of working we finally did find a way to upload the video which I am so grateful for. I believe we spent the majority of the lesson remaking the videos although that was much easier since we had done it prior even though we were shown new techniques on how to download it I still think it went rather quickly. I like to believe that in the video I named most of the basic keys for how to hit a two handed strike properly.


Win at the fair.

Here is my game board I am sorry if it is a touch blurry. So what we did today is we had to redesign a game board called Win at the Fair. I believe that mine is reasonable due to how the task was that the total payout preferably would stay around $700. My payout is $748.15 so I assume I did reasonably well. The way I designed this game board is that starting from top to bottom at the top I have 3.00 underneath it I have .20 underneath that I have .25 underneath that I have 2.00 yes 2.00 and underneath that I have 1.00 underneath that I have .50 and underneath that I have 1.00. So I tried to make it make money for me while still being really enticing with big chances to win money. The way I organised the moves is that there are 2,7 and 12 in the centre so it doesn’t have a big chance of winning 3.00 it has more of a chance of wining 0.25 than anything else. For moving to the side left or right both have an equal chance of being rolled.

At first my total payout was more than $1000 so of course I didn’t perfectly do it the first time I took a screen snip of say almost all if not all changes so I estimate that I made around say 12 to 15 changes to the original game board to get where I am now. That was quite difficult to still keep it enticing while still making around say $300 me in the end.

Myself as a Reader.

When I read I most commonly prefer to read books by the same author like for example Rick Riordan. I just finished up a book by him called ‘Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer’ I liked this book very much because it had so much fantasy in it like all of his other stories. This book even takes place in the same universe as the Percy Jackson stories. Although it didn’t mention him it was yes quite easy to recognise the tiny little details hidden here and there to figure it out.

When I am reading I quite like to read in bed at night with a small lamp beside me turned on with little or no noise around me. When I am reading I might occasionally laugh if there is a page that is particularly funny but most of the time I might lose myself in a book always turning the next page completely oblivious to everything around me. Once or twice in a  book I might dip in and out or lose my focus and think of other things. I think I do get mad or cry if the book has the ability to push me towards feeling like that.

P.P. #Production Post

For my passion project like I said in my earlier Passion Project blog post it is a artificial intelligence project. Although I must admit it was really hard to build I did manage to build it. The way I did my version of it was I just made a machine you can talk to. That’s it, making artificial intelligence that can learn is hard I tried once or twice I did make a small bit of progress of making it be able to learn but it is really, really hard. So basically another thing to sum it up is that you can talk to it and it can ask questions and react to your answers kind of like how a real conversation would go.

For overcoming the challenge of how hard it was to make an actual working AI is that it is really hard to make. So I just made something to talk to, I also made this 10 to 20 minute thing where there are these eyes that track the player while they move. By the way just before I forget I thought I might just add that there is a small ‘2001:A Space Odyssey’ reference in the conversation.

Some of the successes I have had in my Passion Project are building the player tracking eyes and also making a successful question and answer program so say if it says ‘Do you like pizza’ and you click yes it says ‘Awesome, me too!’ or if it says ‘Do you like pizza’ and you click on no it says ‘Oh well’.

By the way you might be wondering what that dome is well it is where the player will be when they answer the questions.

DC Cartoons

 The task we are working on today is were had a look at an cartoon of someone drowning while next to the person drowning there were several people on phones holding them in the air as if to try to get some more bars above them was the caption ‘People Nowadays’. So for todays task we are going to be explaining how some people are so addicted to technology that they almost can’t spend a moment without it. The message about this image here is that people create rules and/or goals to get off technology because they acknowledge that they should get off yet they create loopholes just so they can still follow those rules while still being on technology. What is happening in the image here is that there is someone on a computer saying ‘Oh man it’s 3 in the morning I should really get off the computer and get to bed’ then there is the caption ‘An hour later’ and then there is the same person on a iPhone in bed. Which to me proves that yes people create loopholes in their own rules and/or goals to get off technology.

The reason some people might find this funny is that this person is so addicted to technology that the person in the picture literally cannot get off it. Although on a second thought most people would relate to this because I know I certainly do although I only do it occasionally though. So like I said before how most people can relate to this image would actually find it quite sad on a second thought.

This to me is an important message because that image above proves that our addiction to technology is much greater than we thought whether we acknowledge it or not.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

 Today we watched a TED Talk by a 11 year old boy called Birke Baehr. His TED Talk was about organic eating and how pesticides and herbicides are being sprayed on plants. He also talked about DNA seeds and how they are being manipulated so you could get the DNA of a fish and shove it into a tomato to make a fish tomato. He said that there is DNA manipulated corn and that when there were tests done on it with rats most of the rats showed signs of cancer and other diseases which goes to prove that genetically modified food isn’t that good for people. He also talked about how corporations make genetically modified food that comes in colourful boxes so that little kids will urge their parents to but it for them even though the product itself isn’t that good for them or the planet. So I guess what I took away from this TED talk is that organic eating is much healthier than genetically modified food even though organic food could be a touch more expensive but like he said who would you rather be paying the hospital or the farmer. He also talked about how there was this one farmer that goes against the system of using pesticides and herbicides and also genetically modified food that farmer is called a lunatic by corporations and other farmers. He also said that his dream in life was that he wished he could become a NFL player when he grows up, but now he has changed his dream to become a organic farmer.

I feel that the way he got his message across to his audience by using lots of images and how each and every image provoked thought about they way things really are in farms and corporations nowadays.

The technical support he used was a microphone so of course everyone could hear him, he also used images to try to get everyone else think about the difference between organic and genetically modified food. He did not at all use a script to me it seemed to be that he had learned it off by heart which would taken hours, possibly days even which to me proves just how much this one kid is willing to go to, to get his message across to his audience.

The presentation techniques he used well was that he spoke clearly even with his strong accent. He also managed to say his script nice and easily without tripping over any words. His whole presentation really got me thinking about organic and genetically modified food.

Richard Turere Ted Talk

 Today we watched a TED talk by a boy called Richard Turere who built flashing lights around his house to ward off lions because they would always come and eat the cattle, he mentioned using fire to try to ward off the lions although he said that the lions used the fire to see the cattle a lot easier which was a major downside for Richard. He said that one night a walked around the house with a flashlight and he said the lions didn’t come that night. So he thought maybe he could use a car battery and solar panel to make flashing lights to simulate someone walking around which he said completely solved the problem. After a while people started getting word of Richard’s invention so what he did is he installed them in peoples houses he said that in 2013 he had installed around 7 of them so far. Towards the end of the TED talk he said that one year ago he used to hide cattle to try to stop the lions from eating them he used to look up and see planes flying above and want to be a pilot.

To me I feel as if the main message is that problems can be solved easily without violence because in Kenya lions cannot be killed because they are endangered and are protected by the national government so what he did is he made lights that made it seem like someone is there, scaring off the lions which to me proves that sometimes nonviolent ways can solve devastating problems.

I feel that the way he got the way he got his message across to his audience by using images even if the first one was a little graphic and also by making his audience see how he came up with a solution and also by how he made his audience really think deeply.

The technical support he used were images up on the screen, one image was quite graphic the others were really interesting especially the ones of him installing the flashing lights. I think the other technical support he used was a microphone and also a head piece going into his ear. I am unsure wether or not he used a slideshow remote or not.

The presentation techniques he used well was improvising I think, he didn’t have any evidence of using any script although he did know what key points he was going to use because his talk was in perfect time with his slideshow which I think he did quite well.

Thomas Suarez

Today we watched a boy named Thomas Suarez who was on something called a TED talk it is where people come together to share ideas. I believe that the message for this was that modern technology is an amazing concept and that most kids these days don’t just want to play a game, they want to make a game. Which I certainly would like to do myself and I also know a few friends who would also like to do this as well. I think that he got his message across his audience by certainly not by using images seeing as he only used two at the start of the Ted talk, but I believe that he got his message across by using gestures and also by the sincerity in his voice I could just hear it almost the whole video. The technical support he used was that he used an ipad which I believe was used for jogging his memory about his script. He also used a microphone so everyone in the audience could hear him and he also used a slideshow remote which I don’t believe he used too much.