Checkpoint #reflect ScrapBook

So originally I was planning on doing a photo album. I had almost finished the photo album when we realised that Apple doesn’t easily allow you to print photo albums, even though it has a photo album program. So what i ended up dong was i did a scrapbook, with some pages from my travel journal. What i mainly put in there was just photos, and occasionaly some souvenirs. Now since i only found out about how the photo album could not have been printed, or at least in time, i chose to do a scrapbook instead. The only thing is, i found out about the photo album, only last minute, so i had to very quickly do a scrapbook. i did my best to remember all the days and events, but no doubt there are a couple of things i have forgotten. I dedicated almost the entire weekend to it, so i hope it is satisfactory. And the time factor would not have even allowed us to print the photo album even if i had finished it in a nanosecond. Some challenges were trying to be time efficent, while still having a satisfactory scrapbook. In the photo album it was very easy to organise everything, while in the scrapbook it was very hard to plan what would go where, and if it would have enough room. i spent most of the time making the scrapbook, just cutting up pieces of my travel journal, and pictures, so that they would fit with rom for others things to fit in as well.

Billiard Ball Bounce

Recently we have been doing a project called, Billiard Ball Bounce, it is where a ball is thrown out of a corner and whenever it hits a wall, it bounces off in 45 degrees. The square the ball bounces in, can be any size, say the horizontal line could be 15, while the column could be 20. Now our job is to calculate how many bounces it would take for it to land in a corner. And also to create a formula that works for all for all possibilities, regardless of how big or small they are. One interesting thing though, was that if one line is 6 and another line is 12. There would be 1 bounce. We know this because of how many times the smaller line fits into the bigger line, in this case the smaller line fits into the bigger lines twice. If any smaller line is precisely half of the bigger line, then the number of bounces wold be 1. Although if both lines were exactly the same size then the total number of bounces would be zero. I was unable to find a definitive formula due to how I was only working on keeping on line as 100, and the other line going down from 100. A challenge for me, was trying to find a definitive formula, although I did have fun at trying to. What I learnt is that to find a formula, you should not always just stick with certain numbers, do a ‘guess and check’ strategy, where you choose random numbers and see if they might work for it, and while you’re at it you will most likely be able to see patterns to help you find a formula. Here is a picture of my page. project maths-22kh53h

Passion Project #Update

So as most of you know I have recently been on a 2 month holiday in America. While I was there we took around 5,000 photos, so I will be trying to pick out certain photos [because 5,000 is a lot and most of them were just retakes of the shot before] and placing them into a photo album. So far I have picked out the majority of the photos, and placed them in a digital version of a photo album, which [when I have completed it] will be turned into a physical photo album. I hope this won’t be as hard as my previous Passion Project [the one where I made a seemingly artificial intelligence in Minecraft] so I am very much looking forward to this one. There haven’t been that much challenges in making this [especially when compared to my previous Passion Project] so I am unsure if I will at all encounter any challenges during the process of making my photo album. It has actually been pretty fun organising all the photos in different ways. Because depending on the angle of the shot [like when you take a picture with an iPhone when it is rotated] you can organise them in many different patterns as different as you like.

Conservation Film

This project is about raising awareness for endangered species, I have chosen the Gorilla. We are making these films for the Melbourne Zoo, to help them with saving endangered species. Here is my script for my Conservation Film. I am hoping to capture a zoom in shot of them, then a panning shot of them walking surrounded by background areas. This is the line I would like to use as my PTC. ‘What can we do to stop this? One of the ways you can stop deforestation of gorilla habitats, is by organising a mobile phone collection drive, where you collect a large number of phones, or other popular handheld devices and donate them to a local Zoo, to stop the demand for such a devastating conflict material. How would you feel if your home was invaded, and destroyed.’

We share 98.4% of our DNA with gorillas. They are like our cousins. How would you feel if your home was invaded, and then destroyed?

This is one of the many problems that gorillas in this day and age face. Their homes are being invaded to make room for more people. Rainforests are being cleared to make room for villages, roads, farms, mining operations or timber platforms. Why should the death of one species, benefit another, just for the purpose of our gain while giving no respect towards the original owners of the land. They have been there for thousands of years, what gives us the right to decide whether they can stay there any longer or not.

Yes they may appear to be aggressive, but actually seemingly ‘aggressive’ displays such as chest beating are more for show. Gorillas are normally gentle and calm. They are mainly vegetarian with the termite or ant snack every now and then. Most gorillas when compared to humans, are 4 to 10 times stronger than the average human, they can lift up to 815 kilograms of deadweight. Meanwhile, a well trained human could lift a maximum of 410 kilograms. An experiment conducted in 1924 showed that an adult gorilla can throw with almost 450 kilograms of force, whilst an average human can only manage a maximum of 100, almost five times less than a gorilla. Their homes are also taken away due to the large demand for Coltan.

What is Coltan? It’s used by almost everybody in smart phones and consumer electronics, and there is no simple way to keep conflict Coltan out of the stream of legitimate minerals used by manufacturers.

  1. It’s used by almost everybody — in mobile phones, electric cars and a wide array of consumer electronic devices; it is in optical and medical equipment. As new technologies emerge and produce new devices, demand will grow. There is no ready substitute.

[2. Coltan’s ability to hold and move electrical signals, and its conductive ability in extreme temperatures, makes it ideal for popular handheld electronics, and just about every electronic device there is.

  1. War-torn Central Africa supplies about a fourth of the world market as production declines in Australia, the previous world leader. Most Central African Coltan is considered a ‘conflict mineral’ because mining areas are controlled by armed factions and organized crime. It’s the same in the South American jungles where Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil meet and where officials say they’ve found vast Coltan reserves.
  2. There is no simple way to keep conflict Coltan out of the stream of legitimate minerals used by manufacturers. It doesn’t have “geo-fingerprints” like conflict diamonds.]
  3. Controlling the flow of conflict Coltan involves comprehensive action by governments, industry and activists. But that’s difficult: U.S. and European firms are looking at certification of Coltan, but since manufacturers in China and India use the bulk of the world’s supply, certification efforts will fail if those countries do not participate in this action.

‘What can we do to stop this? One of the ways you can stop deforestation of gorilla habitats, is by organising a mobile phone collection drive, where you collect a large number of phones, or other popular handheld devices and donate them to a local Zoo, to stop the demand for such a devastating conflict material. How would you feel if your home was invaded, and then destroyed’ -PTC.

[brackets=places to delete if time comes to shorten.]

Building Views

Today we did an activity, it was Building Views. The way it worked was by having 4 side views of an object and trying to figure out the top view using this information. We would start off by looking at the front view. If we saw just an 8 or 9 and if there is nothing in front of it. We would place it in the front, due to how the chances are of something being smaller than it. If there is a smaller object in that area it would most likely be behind the higher number. We also had a task where we had to look at a certain view at attempt at making it with the most blocks we can, than the least and then all the variations of it. After we had familiarised ourselves with the task, we then moved on to doing the same thing, but this time on a computer program. The photo you see above is an example of that computer program. This task did require some moments of trial and error. Here a 2 photos from my book from this task.


Passion Project Term 4 #description


For my final Passion Project, I have decided to make it be a photo album of my recent holiday. I will be using a photo  album app to organise the photos, besides that not much else. Although I will be using the computer to go through the thousands of photos we took to choose the right ones. My project will be targeted at me, my family and our future selves, so we can look back at this one day. I am looking forward to making this [and hoping it will be easier than my last passion project] be something I can look back at in the future.

William Hoare My USA TRIP 2017 [Day 6 to Day 14]


Today we didn’t really do much except see the Mississippi river and eat these weird food things at the mall that taste like a potato cake covered in sugar in flour. We spent the majority of the day on a flight to Charlotte, which took around 3 ½ hours. Time passed quickly since I was playing Plants vs Zombies the whole time and I also got through all the levels on it today. After that we only had half an hour to run across the entire airport to be able to catch it. When we got there they told us it was delayed for 3 ½ hours and that it had moved gates. The current time then was 7:00 pm so we had to wait until 10:30 pm. In the meantime we ate some Burger King. Not much besides that happened except that the airport we arrived at looked like a subway station or a little town which was pretty cool. The airport itself was in Savannah. We went to the hotel and they didn’t have the right room for us because they didn’t get the right booking. By that stage it was 1:30 am. Then they had to give us 2 separate rooms. I knew we only had a quick sleep until we would have to go.



Today we had to get up so early this morning, around 5:00 am just so we can beat the traffic. So we drove from Savannah to the hotel [in North Charleston] in the car we rented. But the Navigator was in French so my French came in handy. Dad went and got the person he rented it from to change it to English. It was Dads first time driving in America, what an experience it was! He almost crashed once. When we got the hotel we checked in to have a look at our rooms and Dad wouldn’t even let us bring our bags in because he said it was worse than a flea bitten kennel. We even found out that it was just one step above homelessness, also there drug deals and prostitution happen there, I think we now know why police were patrolling the area . They were even charging $700 US a night for it [for the rooms before you add the ‘extra entertainment’] . Dad knew that it was dodgy when there were police patrolling the car park. Dad even said he would rather sleep in the car, while Mum just told him to toughen up and that it’s and adventure. So we drove into town and had a look around town. While we were in town we saw a news crew interviewing people about the eclipse and we told them we were from Australia. They even said we could be on the national American TV. But my family thought I would act silly so they said no, even though it is my dream to be on national TV. The town where we were in was half the size of Geelong and they were expecting over 2 million people because of the solar eclipse. So he told us to get ready to sleep in the car. Although since he hated the hotel so much he tried to ring every single place that he could. Somehow we got a room at the Hilton, Dad was so relieved. My Dad also annoyed this person in the gas station because he couldn’t figure out what type of fuel the car needed. Turns out the person my Dad annoyed worked for NASA and they told us about it, it sounded pretty cool. They are also a graphic artist and a photographer. They are also working on a comic strip for The Big Bang Theory. Which is also pretty cool.

Charleston News crew on the waterfront



Today was the day we were going to see the solar eclipse. I was so excited for it I just couldn’t wait. The place we saw it at Boone Hill. Boone Hill was a place that had history surrounding it about slavery. Some of the details I won’t say, because I think that they are too gruesome and cruel to hear. Boone Hill even without slavery has so much history surrounding it. It first belonged to John Boone with it passing through the generations and even with one person, I was told, who retired at 39 and owned the property for 3 years before selling it because they were broke [oh well I guess retirement must be very expensive so I better start saving up]. It was very fascinating to see how the slaves lived their lives compared to the lives of their masters/owners. We also got to see TVs inside the slaves houses, which showed interesting things, some were very interesting, while others were just outright terrible. There was a African-American lady which, when she was on the stage [which was outside but luckily had a roof over it] told us so much about African culture, my personal favorite were the handwoven seagrass baskets because they are so beautiful and detailed – a tradition they brought from Africa. She also showed us how someone in a slavery household could offend their master and/or warn others of their nature by talking really quickly and in code. Such as if they were a thief they could say they were short on patience with their hands, meaning they were quick to take what was not theirs. They also created a way of them to tell each other if and where they were going to escape, it would be if they were singing the same song all day and in code. “Sing low sweet chariot…” A train was coming tonight if you wanted to escape. Most of the slaves after the civil rights movement actually continued to stay at Boone Hill but this time they were payed to do their jobs. Also there was a spot were we recreated the scene ‘Run Forrest run!’ from the movie Forrest Gump.


Can’t forget the the solar eclipse today which was just breath taking at the plantation. First we had some goggles which, if you wore them made only let you see really bright lights [such as the sun]. First we looked at it with the cardboard shades which we oddly enough named Eclipse Shades. When we were ordering some water the lady there didn’t understand my Mum’ accent, so we were all saying ‘Water’ to her. When the lady finally got it she said more like ‘Wahtar’. We spent a while in this wagon with a red cover over it waiting for the eclipse to start. The sun looked so amazing with the Moon starting to cross over it just slowly bit by bit. It was so cool to see the sun play a short game of hide and seek with the Moon. When the totality started the temperature cooled significantly and everything got a whole lot darker, with the normal bugs coming around evening which came about almost instantly in the eclipse. There was also a lightning storm going off quite close in the distance which lasted for around the duration of the eclipse give or take which really added to the dramatic affect. When the sun was completely gone it felt just like it would at night time, with all the nocturnal animals coming out to play. The solar eclipse lasted for around 90 seconds, which was a very cool 90 seconds. According to the internet the next one should be around 2024 which I don’t think is a very long wait especially taking into consideration just how amazing it is.


Wagon at the Solar eclipse – it’s hot!

Gullah Lady Boon Plantation

Charleston Boon Plantation

Run Forrest Run! Recreating Forest Gump


We spent today doing a walking tour of Charleston for 2 hours and I learnt so much from the tour guide. Such as the half moon crest of Charleston actually represents how a cannonball hit a palm tree sent some wood into someone’s stomach and some other wood tearing off the [very important] persons pants and underpants. So almost everyone saw their, well, BUTT! Me and my brother used this weird thing called a joggling board, the way it works is it kind of feels like your on a horse swinging side to side, which is very fun to do. I also learnt that Abraham Lincoln’s oldest son once fell off a train platform and was rescued by the brother of John Wilks Boothe. In case you didn’t know John Wilks Boothe was the guy who killed Abraham Lincoln. After we finished the tour we walked 2 kilometers to a place called Caviar & Bananas, which according to reviews my Mum read was very good. When the walk of Hell in 110 degrees faranheit had finally finished and we were in the restaurant. And you wouldn’t believe it my Mum said it was only a ‘short distance away’ for the entire time. My Mum and my brother decided that they didn’t like Caviar & Bananas. So then we had to walk all they way back. On the way there we went through a small shopping center as an escape to the unbearable heat, we found a Caviar & Bananas pretty much next to where we had started the 2 kilometer walk. Then after that my brother and I shared a large sandwich then went into the car. After that we spent the 3 hours of the day driving to another hotel somewhere in Savannah. When we got there my Dad actually thought it was an old warehouse with a carpark next to it. Turns out the reason it looked an old warehouse was because it was an old Coca-Cola factory, and the carpark next to it was for the employees. The hotels name is The Kimpton. When we went inside everyone looked so happy, mainly because it was just 10 minutes ago ‘Happy Hour’. Our room was very nice, it had 2 queen sized beds, a bathroom and a lounge room. And of course, the almighty, the all powerful TV!

Charleston walking tour

Joggling – an relaxing board in Charleston

DAY 10

We got the hop on and off pass for this thing called Old Savannah Tours. A really cool fact about it is that every few stops an actor hops onto the bus and impersonates one of Savannah’s famous characters. The tour was really good, although I would have preferred the tour guide from Charleston. Besides that there is not much to say about it. When we got off the bus, we went inside a gift shop where my Mum bought 1 or 2 spoons [it’s for her collection of spoons, one from every state/city]. Then we walked around and found a interesting candy store, where there is a 120 year old automatic candy making machine that makes around 5 pieces of candy a second. The type of candy it made was a type of green apple toffee, it tasted so gooey when I had a free sample. We walked around in the shop and found barrels filled to the brim with candy. There we even areas where you could grab as much as you want [but you still have to pay, it’s not free]. There were even giant gummy bears [probably not as big as the gummy bears you showed me on your cruise I think it was?]. I thought I might as well try something in one of the barrels called an ‘Atomic Fireball’ [don’t worry I payed]. When I tasted it, I really didn’t take into consideration the name of it. It was so hot that when I spat it out there were red stains on my hand, I thought it was blood, my blood. Turns out it was just the color of the candy, but it was hot enough to believe it. When we were trying to take a photo of us sitting on the Forrest Gump bench, we couldn’t find it so we had to do the best we could without one. Turns out the Forrest Gump bench was actually taken out and placed in a museum. Did you know that in Savannah these are some of the things that were banned, Alcohol, Catholics and Lawyers. Slavery was also banned until 1760? The reason Lawyers were banned was because they were said to make things complicated so if you had a problem with someone, you could have a duel with pistols. They even showed us where there used to be duels, they said it was right where the kids playground is. So I think that we are all glad they still don’t have duels. When we were walking to the Old Savannah Tours bus stop. There was a bus and since we didn’t want to wait 20 minutes for the next one we all ran at full speed to it. And you wouldn’t believe it the driver looked right at us and said ‘Catch the next one’ and left us. First of all there were 20 to 30 seats on that bus, with only 5 people actually on that bus. So as you can tell we had to spend 20 minutes waiting for the next bus. When we told the other bus driver who was station there to just turn on the air conditioning, they said to us that it shouldn’t have happened, well don’t we have a record of the impossible happening to us. It is almost like Murphy’s Law, Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. For dinner we went to a nice restaurant called Pirate House, where there are said to be ghosts haunting the place. The kids menu is really cool because you can turn it into a pirate hat and back anytime you want. The table mats even had details about the history of the place and about the ghosts as well.


Savannah – no Lawyers just duels

Savannah Lollies


Savannah. Life is like a box of chocolates

DAY 11

Today we drove from Savannah to Atlanta, it took around 4 ½ hours to get to Atlanta, starting from around 10:30 am. The drive wasn’t really breathtaking. When we got to Atlanta, it looked really nice to me. I don’t know how to explain it, but it did look really good. Since one of the staff at the hotel told us it was too late to visit any of the museums, so instead we went to a place called Ponce City Market. The place was so huge, and on the top of the building it had this place called the Sky Park. The Sky Park was pretty much a carnival, except with beer, beer and more beer. So there weren’t much other kids there except for me and my brother. There weren’t that much games there so we left a short while after. But it had such an amazing view from atop the 3 story slide. We then decided to go downstairs and have a nice hamburger, they tasted pretty good. We spent a while at the CVS pharmacy, because my parents became friends with the security guard there. He also told us the safe and not so safe places there. He also asked us about Donald Trump and what we though of him. He also said that there are a few celebrities that come into the CVS pharmacy from time to time. After that we then had a Uber home.

DAY 12

When we got outside the hotel [The W, in case you’re wondering], there were so many people in tracksuits, active wear. Lots of wannabe rappers, singers and actors. We then caught and Uber to the Coca Cola museum. When we got there, a bus of school kids had literally just unloaded, so we quickly bought some tickets and went to the Civil Rights Museum. The way some people were treated was absolutely disgusting, most of it was so terrible that I’m not going to write about it. In the Civil Rights Museum there was a Lunch Café sit in, when you where in there you would have to put on these headphones and keep your hands on the desk for as long as possible. It was absolutely terrifying. At the end of the tour we got to have a look at other world issues. Such as safety at work and also respecting religion. What they also had at the end of the tour was past and present evil and corrupted world leaders. At the very, very end of the museum there was a room dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. It even had some of his original notes and books by him.

We then went to the Coca Cola museum. The museum was pretty cool, except for the 12 minute movie they showed. The reason the movie wasn’t good was because they were trying to find the secret formula of Coca Cola [it even said that in the title] and guess what the whole movie was just saying ‘Its not about the Coca Cola, its about who you share it with’. The rest of the museum just showed how highly the Coca Cola company thought of themselves. Such as ‘One of the owners of Coca Cola once sold the company in 1919 for $19 million, smart man!’. The entire literally just showed how highly they thought of themselves, there is no way around it.  There was a small attraction where they said the ACTUAL RECIPE for Coca Cola was kept inside a safe, I think isn’t in there, because think about it, if this one piece of paper is what made such a fortune, then they wouldn’t really put it where people could easily break into the safe and steal it now. We then got to have a taste of their drinks from all over the world. I know what you’re thinking, and no there was no Australia I double checked every station at least 10 times. There was one drink there that really stood out to me and my Mum. It was called ‘Beverly’, it was in the Europe section, Italy to be exact. ‘Beverly’ tasted so terrible. We bought some hats and also a Coca Cola phone charger for Jon that looked exactly like a Coca Cola can. When we were leaving the was a Coca Cola stand, and we told them how badly the ‘Beverly’ tasted. They said to us that we all get one guess each at what was in the ‘Beverly’ and if we got it right we could get a free Coca Cola. You wouldn’t believe it my Mum guessed it right first try and guess what she said ‘Grapefruit’. The people at the stand were so shocked, they even asked if she was psychic. Even though they said we could have a free Coca Cola if we guessed it right, they didn’t let us have a free one.

Atlanta Coke with the founder Mr Pemberton


We then went to the CNN headquarters [I know it seems like we did a lot of walking, but really they were all so close to each other]. Atlanta is also the world base and headquarters of CNN. One of the first things I saw when I went in there was a bench with Rick [from Rick and Morty] sitting on it. We went on a tour of CNN and the escalator we went up was the worlds largest freestanding escalator. I am not sure about this, but I think the tour guide said CNN was a former military base. Just saying we were not allowed to take photos of the tour except for the first two stops, so you know I am not to blame for not taking pictures. On the tour we got to see rooms where there were the people who edited the news. I believe the tour guide said that most stories would take around 6 to 8 hours, but if it was breaking news, they could get it up in around 5 minutes. Just as we were about to leave we saw a news reporter room, where you could go in there and pretend to be a anchorman. So I went and had a try. It was so much fun, and we even got to keep a USB with the video of me doing it. I don’t know why no one else wanted to do it, because it was quite a lot of fun.

When we were walking outside, one of the buskers playing the bongo drums let us play on them with him for a minute. He also said that the latest generation is always the most important one because the future lies within them. He also said that if you find something you love, keep at it because there is nothing more important than doing what you love.

At the end of the day we caught an Uber with a driver named Brian [who said he was going to be in the next Godzilla movie, he also said that he is very busy doing acting and has almost no spare time, yet he has time to do Uber]. Who drove us to a Pad Thai restaurant. Where I had fried ice cream for the first time, it was so amazing I just don’t know how to describe it.

CNN world news headquarters


DAY 13

This morning when we were leaving the hotel we tried to program the navigator. The thing with that is, it doesn’t like it if you just put a city in it. It needs an exact address so we ended up putting the address of a McDonalds in it. We went to Tallulah gorge lookout, Rabun County. Not much there, but Mum did say she could almost hear the sound of dueling banjos from the movie Deliverance. Also someone called Wallanda [a tight rope artist] crossed the gorge in 1970. We met some people Marylyn, Todd and their two kids-we had taken their photo in Savannah.

Tallulah Falls

Tallulah Falls Wallanda tightroped accross the gorge

Tallulah Falls

Tallulah Falls

Tallulah Falls

So we went back into the car and drove to the Cherokee museum, a lady said it was only ¼ mile, so we were thinking of walking there. Instead what we did is we drove there, and good thing too because it was actually 4 miles from where we were. When we went to the Cherokee museum we learnt about the American Indian mythology. If I wrote about it, I would probably fill up this page, so I won’t write about it, but it was really well done. We also got to see the history of the American Indians. Also according to American Indian mythology, there was said to be immortal guardians that protect the Cherokee area, an example of that was during the civil war, when there were so many soldiers that the enemy just avoided the area. But according to records there were only a few soldiers guarding the Cherokee area.

The park ranger at Tallulah falls said the only dangerous thing cuddles you before it kills you. We thought we would allow around a hour to have a look at the Tallulah falls forest. Before we left to go down the 968 stairs and come back 968 stairs, I saw a T-Shirt that said ‘I survived the stairs at Tallulah Falls’ little would I know the true meaning of that. There was also a person we saw who was so scared of going over the bridge [I went on it, it was pretty cool]. The view there was amazing. Since we had Pad Thai the night before Dad was feeling terrible, his shirt was so soaked it looked like he went to a waterpark. He was even feeling that sick that elderly people were actually giving up their seats so Dad could sit on it. There was even a 5 year old who offered to give Dad his bottle of water.


Then when we finished the walk I was more grateful for air conditioning than ever before. After that we drove to the Smoky Mountains, Clingmans Dome. The height of it was 6,000 feet above sea level. That is the height you do skydiving at. The view there was slightly foggy, but still amazing. The other mountains around us were covered in trees and other greenery. Luckily there was a toilet for my Dad to relieve himself. I think he also vomited, but hey when you’re feeling bad you need to do, what you need to do. Once we finished taking photos [and when Dad finished relieving himself] we set off driving to DollyWood. When we finally got to the DollyWood hotel we didn’t have much time left, so we checked into the hotel had hamburgers for dinner in the restaurant in the hotel, and went to bed.

clingmans dome – cloudy 6000 ft high


DAY 14

So my Mum got up early this morning to go to the fitness center, while my brother, my Dad and I got ready for the day. We had pancakes for breakfast in bed from the café. When we were ready, we caught the trolley down to the DollyWood theme park. On our way there it stops at DollyWood Splash Country, when it stopped at Splash Country, no one got off and the driver was really shocked. When we got to DollyWood, everyone got off. DollyWood was kind of like Disneyland, except done in a wild west theme. The DollyWood theme park is actually said to be the worlds friendliest theme park [I think]. There were a few roller coasters, like the lightning rod and a few others [and a few shows as well]. But what I was really looking forward to DollyWood Splash Country. I didn’t get to go there today seeing as we spent the majority of the day at DollyWood seeing as we could spend tomorrow at DollyWood Splash Country. I also tried a cinnamon apple bun they told us to try. It was pretty good, I would probably recommend it. After that we went to the hotel pool for 1 or 2 hours. Around 5:pm we left the pool, went to the room and got ready for a dinner show called the Dixie Stampede. What the Dixie Stampede is, is a dinner [where they already give you everything, without you choosing your meal, they give everyone the same thing, at the same time], and also a horse show. Before you actually see the Dixie Stampede there is a preshow, show, where there is a banjo [the banjo player we saw was who actually worked with Dolly Patton], double bass and a guitar. The preshow goes for an hour, but you can get there whenever you want. In the Dixie Stampede [I’ll try not to spoil too much of it], they have horses, pony’s and water buffalo. During the Dixie Stampede they have a very brief and partial history of America. The way the seats were organized was in two main areas, they were nicknamed the North and the South. The reason for that is they organize some competitions, some of them were by the staff, and some of them were by the actual audience members. My favourite bit was when someone was walking to the restroom, Skeeter [one of the characters] made them come down to the stage to help with a magic trick anyway. Overall the show was really good, it had comedy, magic tricks, dinner and a horse show.

Dolly Parton’s Dream box

Dollywood show

Bluegrass band

Dixie Stampede

Dollywood theme park

William Hoare My USA TRIP 2017 [DAY 1 TO 5]




Today as I am writing this I am currently waiting for my flight to arrive, it will probably be a touch late because it had to switch from Gate 8 to Gate 9. Not much as really happened here at the airport except me briefly choking on a small cookie. While earlier today we woke up at 5:00 am and we were in such a big rush, it was absolutely unbeleiveable how busy we were. And you wouldn’t believe it, the person who drove us there was {DRUM ROLL PLEASE} Chris from fencing. I wouldn’t be surprised if only a few of you know who I am talking about.

I don’t think that much will happen on the plane trip, [seeing as nothing really does] except for me vomiting and getting sick seeing as that is what I always seem to do. It is also currently 10:00 am even though the flight leaves at 11:30 am so we still have quite a while. To be honest we have been waiting quite a long time since we arrived here at 8:00 am. I wonder if I will come back with a American accent.



I felt so sick the last 2 hours of the trip my body could barely handle it. By lunch time today I was starving since I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch time yesterday. During the night I could barely get any sleep on the plane, but I did have a slight nap when we got back to our hotel for 2 hours with my family. It was just because of the jetlag, and also because I was feeling sick. We were supposed to spend the day at the Griffiths Observertary, but since like I said there was just too much jetlag. So what we did instead was we just chilled the whole day and went to the shops. Santa Monica Pier – fresh air and the beach. Lunch at the Sharknado Bar on the end of the Pier.



We spent around 4 to 5 hours on the plane going to New Orleans. We chose to go on American Airlines. It wasn’t the best airline, mostly because all they did was just give us a bottle of water and a bag of pretzels for service. They didn’t even give us headphones to listen to our movies, luckily for my mum she has a liking for international movies, you know the ones with subtitles. The person sitting next to my dad had just gotten back from California. The reason he went to California was because since it is legal to smoke weed there that’s all he did there, he also slept on the beach and skateboarded some bits here and there, but he mostly smoked weed. My dad so the guy easily smelled like he had been sleeping on the beach for just a week and smoking weed. When we went out for dinner we were going to eat at a diner open from the 1930’s “Mother’s” something and still serving traditionally since then- hmm not sure about beans and fried things on jetlag. My dad saw a police officer having a friendly chat with someone outside Mothers [the name of the diner which we didn’t go to] so when my dad asked them, the guy turned around and on his shirt it said Mothers on it. What my dad asked them was where was a nice place to get a steak. So the guy with the Mothers shirt could clearly see [since he was standing near the entrance and exit area] that we didn’t want to go to his restaurant. So all he said was go to either one of two places, but tell them that Mothers sent you. So we did we went to a nice place called Chophouse we me and my brother had a 12 ounce steak that was split between us and neither one of us could finish it. The manager there said that we shouldn’t worry about the way we were to the manager of Mothers, apparently the two business are friends and much more in the area, and apparently all the businesses share customers parking spaces. Sometimes they even borrow bread and butter from each other. The manager also gave us a list of some nice jazz areas that hopefully we can fulfill in two days.



First impression of New Orleans – It’s hot. Like a sauna. well over 30 degrees and extremely humid. Today we were on a CitySightseeing bus tour of New Orleans. The tour guides name was Charles, the way I know that is because every time someone would leave or come in, he would say ‘I am Charles [and the driver is Romanolsh?] and don’t forget to mention us in that glowing Trip Advisor review’ or something like ‘If you can’t tip you can TRIP’ turns out Hulk Hogan once went to a place we saw on the tour called the ‘Super Dome’ [he was there because of the WWE]. So Hulk Hogan said ‘It sure is nice at the SILVER DOME’. We also went to the national WWII museum. I must say it so immersive and realistic. The way it showed the information was, truly revolutionary. And you wouldn’t believe what played a major part in WWII, the Higgin’s Boat. The Higgin’s Boat is a half steel half wooden boat designed by a Irish man who drank whisky like there was no tomorrow [that’s actually what it said in his biography]. I=The boat was instrumental in D Day and WW2.



This morning was quite interesting to say the least. There were two people at the breakfast restaurant at the hotel. So these two people worked there, and there was this lady that shouted ‘Stop stop!!’ or something like that. Then one of the tripped over a barrel of coffee beans, spilling the contents all over the floor. Then one of the gang members started to grab the barrel and bash the employee over the head with it. Then one of them held the other to the ground and started to beat him up. Then one of the other gang members grabbed a chair and started to beat the employee up. By the way did I forget to mention we were sitting right next to were it all happened. And there was one of the people my dad had met recently, body slammed one of the gang members down to the ground. But in the first 10 seconds of the fight I just got the hell of there. The rest after that was kind of a blur.  We went to the New Orlean Museum of Modern art, Mum really enjoyed the sculpture garden. Then we got an Uber drive to the Garden District. Lots of ornate houses. Later that day we also saw some kind of rally – it might have been a Nazi rally down French street. People had their faces covered, I also tried to get the hell out of there as well. The restaurant we were in for dinner had some really nice burgers that were really filling. We also went to a nice hot dog restaurant called Dat Dogs, there I had the Dat Burger which was so delicious. The café the fight happened at was PJ’s at the Double Tree hotel. There seems to be lot of unrest. Confederate sculptures have been recently taken down in New Orleans.


Term 2 Reflection!

Wow the entire term went by so quickly I almost can’t believe it’s the end of the term. Some of the highlights this term are definitely TED Story clips, Travel Journals and also the Passion Projects. My Passion Project was a machine in Minecraft, you could play games with it and also have a conversation with it. The only downside is that it only had three buttons you could press: Yes, Maybe and No. A small downside of the term would probably be that when I was checking my Minecraft project last minute to make sure everything worked, I noticed a small glitch in the system so I just found a way around, although it would have been nice if I could have fixed it. Some goals I would like to achieve next term are: To be better than I was yesterday, and to always do my best.

Passion Project #editing

Over the last week I have finished my Minecraft Passion Project. Except for the questions and responses for the machine which I can tell you I most certainly want to make seem as realistic as possible.  I have gotten all of the building and testing out of the way all I need is to make the script for the machine and then quickly film it as a reaction say someone random like my parents or a friend I am not yet sure although at this stage. I would very much like to show it to all of you one day.