Lost Princess

For this DC lesson we watched a video showing us the good and bad side of the internet. The main character, the lost princess, was chatting online and started to do some wrong things such as giving away personal information. The film then related back to other peoples real life stories. One of the characters that really stood out tome was Lucy:


The problem that Lucy encountered was that she didn’t hide her password well enough and so when some bullies stole her phone they had all her passwords. Soon after that these bullies had sent some really awful texts to other people, so when Lucy logged on at home she had some really mean replies to the texts that she didn’t actually send.

This negatively affected her live because she was being bullied. But, was it actually bullying? These bullies actually hadn’t said anything to her. This had Lucy in really deep water, it was time to tell her Dad.

This issue got resolved as soon as Lucy told her Dad. Her dad called the police and they said that it was definitely bullying.

Even though the problem has been resolved, Lucy still could of told her Dad sooner, even if she was unsure if it was bullying or not.

The biggest messages that I take away from this story is

  1. Always hide your password in a safe spot. And
  2. Tell your parents EVERYTHING! Even if you are embarrassed or unsure about it.

#Description- again

Ok, ok, I know, I know. I am doing another #Description, and you are all probably thinking, you couldn’t think of a better name? Fine. I will.


Umm.                                                                      Maybe I could…


No.                                                                           Oooh!


Doritos are good thinking food, right!?           Ok, this is taking way too long.


If I could just…                                                                                 Yes!


And now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new name…

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, time to quiz you!

What is my Project?

a) I am training my chickens to dance the tango.

b) I am Choreographing my own dance which I will perform to the class.

c) I am doing a second cook book, with more of my favourite recipes.




Yes, the answer was B! Great job to all of you who got it! Now that you all know what I am doing, a few more questions.


Am I going in alone or with a group?

a) Alone

b) Group




Ok times up!

Yep! You guessed it I am going SOLO! If you have gotten 2/2 then WOW that is impressive! Now for my 3rd and final question…


What song am I dancing to?



Great job everyone, all done! Wait, what about the answer? You are probably asking. Stay tuned! I will include the answer in my next post.

Now I have to answer one last question…

Why dancing?

Dancing because I have been dancing since I was 2! I started off in a little ballet school in Geelong. Then I moved to a dance school, and guess what!? I am still at that same dance school NOW! This year is my 9th year at my dance school. My dance teacher, Debbie, has made my dancing not just a hobby, but a passion. That’s why I am doing dance for my passion project.

P.S. If you would like me to hear your score for the quiz or your answer for the last question, then please put it in the comment section.

I can’t wait to see what my 2nd Passion project will turn out to be! Better get to work!




DC Cartoons

This week in DC we looked at some photos that explain what happens when we get addicted to technology…

At first, people might think this is funny because someone doesn’t usually ask you to strap your phone to there head.

The message in this cartoon is that social media is overtaking our social time, meaning that people are on their phones a lot more now. This is an important message because it is making us aware that this one day may be our future, with us talking through phones not mouths.

Now that I have analysed this cartoon I still find funny, but not as much, the line where the person asks if they can tape the phone to their head is funny, because it is still so bizarre, but the rest doesn’t seem so funny now.




OMGGB! (Oh my golly gosh bad!) Passion projects are over! This has been such an amazing experience for me and I cannot wait for next term to do another!

Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

Yes and no. I planned to do a cook book, which I did. But I also added in what you need to have a sustainable garden. So I guess I sort of built on to my original idea.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project?

The challenge that a faced I have already told you about, I lost my work. Losing your work, puts a big wall in front of your work path and slows you down, which is very hard to overcome. A success I had was my work coming early! As I had to order my book I had to finish it early, so it would have time to be printed and then sent. However, luckily it came very early, which was fantastic!

How did you overcome you challenges?

Luckily it said as I was about to close the project down, that the project was not saving, so I took photos of it all, and then saved it a couple more times (which turned out not to work), before closing it down. Then, the next morning after I realised that it had not saved, I wrote it all back in. I did overcome this challenge, but it certainly did slow down the process a lot.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

For me, my answer is simple. For this project I had to limit my recipes, and so I would add in a lot more recipes, and maybe a what tools you need for the recipe, and perhaps a code for if it is vegan, gluten free, vegetarian etc.


I would like to thank Mr Galluccio, Miss Williamson and Mr Henderson for setting this project, it has been so much fun, and I can’t wait for the next one!


This is the front cover of my book…

Win At The Fair

Raise you hand if you like to play games at a fair. Raise you hand if you would like to run one of the stalls. Raise your hand if you think running one of the stalls would be easy. Really? If you said yes, than you probably haven’t thought it through. If you were to run one of the stalls than you would have to make a game board that is profitable and enticing. 6B were given the challenge of “running a stall” and it was not easy. But Millie and I managed to complete the task.


We were told to grab a partner, two dice, a counter and this game board. No one refused, playing a game in maths? Sounds like fun to me! But we had no idea what was coming. The game is simple which ever dice roll number you get, you move in it’s direction. This continues until you reach an amount of money. The whole class together ended up playing 149 games, with each game costing the customer $1 per game. Did it work? No. We made no profit at all. We had to give away $386.40 c. This is the “losing” game board because it is not strategic and makes it easier for someone to win the largest amount of money.


Time to fix this game board. Make-over time! I made three creative game boards…


Millie and my creative boards were very… interesting. They had black holes, when you land on one the game ends. Snake eyes, you pick which way you want to go, and a devil face, which makes you go back to the start. I also changed which way you move depending on the dice roll with more numbers pointing in the direction of the lower amounts of money. Then we played them. Unfortunately, it took up a lot of the session to create the games, and so I only got to play three games all landing on the $1, which makes no profit because it costs $1 to play the game.


And the hard thinking began. Now we had to make a game with the same rules as the first, except you can change the money amounts and which way the arrows go. Then, you tested it with 1000 games and saw the outcome of your game. It took me a couple of turns, but finally I got one…

It is not the most enticing game as it has two 0.20, but it was the best one. I feel that if I had done another game board  if I had extra time, then I would have put my strategies to use again, but with different amounts of money.

My strategies were…

  • Playing a game with no amounts of money on it a few times and seeing where the dice landed most. Then, I would put the lower amounts of money in those spaces.
  • Having less numbers pointing in the direction of the highest amount of money (which was usually at the top).
  • I also put the numbers that don’t have many options pointing in the direction of the highest amount of money. Like 2 for example, the only way you can make it is with 1 and 1. So, 2 was always pointing to the highest amount of money.



This maths unit has been so challenging, fun and has taught me so much! Thank you Mr Galluccio, Miss Williamson and Mr Henderson for teaching 6B, 6A and 6C all about this wonderful unit. I am sure it will come in handy in the future. Thank you again!





I have…

  •  Taken lots of photos while cooking everything
  • Written out my introduction
  • Written out everything about my garden

Types of learning I have used to upskill myself…

  • I have learnt how to use a new program- Snapfish, to make photo books
  • I have learnt new computer skills
  • I have learnt that the way I cook is by my senses and so converting my recipes onto paper has taken more time than I anticipated.


  • Computer work has not saved
  • Slow internet
  • Recording my recipes as words, not thoughts


  • Finishing cooking all of the recipes
  • Completing intro
  • Downloading photos
  • Developing momentum and reinforcing my enthusiasm for the project

Next step…

  • Transfer recipes on to the computer
  • Making it pretty- Photos, embellishments, etc…


This week I had a major setback. When I opened my project after working on it for an hour the night before, I realised that it hadn’t saved. Lesson learned, I spent another hour doing it all again. Since then, motivation helped me to complete my book which has meant that I am almost finished! 4 more recipes to type and some photos to add and it should be ready for the printers! I cannot wait to see it in my hands. Allowing 2 weeks for delivery, it’s time to get it done! Wish me luck!

Front cover teaser!