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Today we started electronics. We started to do these little experiments. Here they are. Little Bits Today I started little bits. I learnt how some wires [...]
This is my partner and I’s prediction. The prediction is on what I think the spinner will land on. I think it will land on white 4 out of 10 because [...]
Week 1 [Makey Makey] Today we started Something called makey makey. Makey Makey is a box full of wires. There is also a motherboard. You can connect it to [...]
Term 3 Robotics
Session 1 Today is the first day back at robotics. We got set a new challenge. The challenge was to start next to a line then turn and follow it. There was [...]
Session 1 Today year 5 started a programming app called scratch. Scratch is where you can program and make games. We got tutorials put onto our computer, [...]
Triangle fractions
Microworlds quadrilaterals
Today we went on Microworlds and made a quadrilateral. At the start of the lesson, the teachers got a student to be the turtle. Our aim was to make a [...]
Colour Fractions
Allegro Day
Monday 29th of may Today we had big allegro day at the Keith humble centre. We played our instruments all day and at the end we performed to some of our [...]
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