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Think online
In class, we got taught all about thinking online and being good and necessary online. We did a THINK acronym and how we should act online. We learned how [...]
Passion Project #update
So far in my passion project, I have filmed a bit of my project, and I have put the videos I have together and have done a little bit of editing. The [...]
Burke Baehr’s TED Talk
Burke Baehr is an 11 year old boy that talk about making the right choices while going to the super market. He said that there are a lot better options [...]
Passion Project Proposal
For my passion project, I will be making a film about some of the activities I do on the weekend and in my spare time. I am going to use a go-pro to film [...]
Richard Turere Ted Talk
Richard Turere is a boy from Kenya. His dad had a paddock of cows and lions came to kill the cows. He wanted to change this. He put up flashing lights to [...]
Thomas Suarez’s Ted Talk
Thomas Suarez is a 12 year old boy and he makes apps. He really leaves you thinking of what he does. Thomas’s first apps were for apple products and [...]
Green screening
Today we learnt about green screening
Royalty free music
Today I did the royalty free music clinic.
Wireless mics
Here is what I learnt in the wireless mics clinic
Editing adobe premier
Here is what I learnt on adobe premire.
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