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Space podcast
Here is my podcast for OOTW. I hope you enjoy it
I have really enjoyed doing my passion project this term. My shoes are finished and they look great! The design turned out quite well and I like the look [...]
United States of America
We had a task to learn about a country and all about what they do and there culture The differences of USA and Australia is… They eat a lot of fast [...]
Space Habitats
This is my video blog from Mr G lesson. Hope you like it!
Passion Project #Update
My passion project is going well and I have had a great start. I have designed my logo, got the shoes and the paint. I have been practising drawing my logo [...]
The Lost Princess
The Lost Princess is an 11 year old girl who went on this website and met a ‘friend’ called White Knight. They talked and the lost princess got [...]
Passion Project #2
I intend on making my own logo and putting it on a shoe. I am going to get a plain canvas shoe from a place like k mart or target and then design my own [...]
I have now completed my first passion project. It has been such a great experience and really fun. It was challenging to find time and get each shot [...]
Win At The Fair
In maths, we got introduced to a new project called win at the fair. We trialled a game board to see how much the school would raise. Playing the game was [...]
Digital etiquette
Today we learnt about digital etiquette, also known as netiquette. I learnt that netiquette is etiquette online. We watched a video and I learnt a lot. [...]
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