For the past term I have been working on my Passion Project. And as I have been saying, I created a short film/montage of Noosa (where I went on my holiday).

I am pretty proud of the shots that I got, and achieved what I had originally set out to do. The finished product has come out mostly the way that I planned.

The whole experience was a success like the editing, the shooting, the planning, the lighting, the equipment supply, ect. The only challenge that I faced during the process was that THERE WAS NO SURF. No surf means no waves, no waves means no surfboards, no surfboards means no good surfing shots, but I’m not complaining. The weather was perfect all the time, it was amazing.

If I were to continue this project, I would probably learn more about different editing programs to use, or just editing in general. I could also learn more about the different angles for shots, when to use slow-mo, things like that.

Here are a few photos from Noosa:


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