Costa Rica Country Investagation

For the past few RVE sessions we have been focusing on one country of our choice. I chose Costa Rica, as shown above. We were challenged to complete a double-page spread about the countries social behaviours, religion, flag meaning and customs.

Costa Rica has some differences from Australia…

  • Just before New Year’s eve they have a “Festival Of Lights” held in San Jose; featuring parades with tropical floats, fireworks, clowns, cartoon characters and goblins all in one great big street carnival! In Australia we don’t have many annual festivals.
  • They speak a different language, Spanish
  • In Costa Rica their most common religion in Roman Catholic (76.8%), and in Australia our most common religion is Catholic (25.8%)┬áHere is the Costa Rican religion chart:

There are also some similarities between the two countries…

  • Both countries don’t have a staple food, we eat anything really
  • In both of our flags we have red, white and blue
  • Both countries wear casual clothes
  • Both countries celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve

If I lived in Costa Rica I would really look forward to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas because there would be lanterns lighting up everything, it would be so pretty. And New Year’s Eve because I would love to be a part of the Festival of Lights!

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