Building Views Reflection

For the building views problem, we were given a tub of blocks to build a building out of. But as you may have guessed, this wasn’t any old building that we had to make. On the activity sheet there was a 4 x 4 grid:

Those squares were where we put the blocks. Below that, there were several problems. To solve those problems, you had to build a tower. Here is what one of the problems looked like.

Let me explain. As you can see, there is a 4 x 4 grid, the same as the building sheet. Basically, say if there is a “3” on the bottom left corner of the grid, you would put 3 blocks in the same place on your real grid. And if there was a “2” on the top right corner of the grid, you would put 2 blocks in the same place on your real grid. The aim of the problem was to draw the front and side view for that grid, by looking at the building you built. Like this:

The next step to this activity was to do the same thing, but to try and find the maximum and minimum amount of blocks that we could use to build the same building, without changing the views. My strategy for finding the maximum amount was to fill the whole bottom of the grid with blocks (but obviously not the slots that have 0 in them), and then see if we could add any extra blocks anywhere. For finding the minimum amount, I basically did the opposite of finding the maximum. Tried to take as many blocks away as I could, without changing the views from the front and side. After we competed either the maximum or the minimum we checked with our peers to see if they had the same answer as us, or if we could improve.


The most challenging part was doing building 5. That is because of the rules. It was the same as before (Where you had to build grid and then draw the side and front view) except you weren’t allowed to build it. So, you had to imagine what the building would look like.

What I have learnt during this unit is…

-That you should make sure to go back and check your thinking to make sure it all makes sense and is correct

-Colours can make a difference when your looking from different views or patterns

I really enjoyed this unit, and hope to continue something similar in the future.

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