THINK Online


This week in Triple R we learnt about Digital Citizenship. We came up with something called a THINK acronym. An acronym is kind of like a poem. Here is an example:



Never forget

But instead we used the word THINK, because you have to think before you post online.

Here is a short video on the acronym for think that my partner and I came up with.

I believe that every interaction online must be:

True, because lying is wrong and any rumour or secret that isn’t true may hurt someone.

Helpful, because there is no point of posting something that has no meaning. Someone could be looking for help on something, and you could be the person that helps them.

Inspiring, because inspiring people helps them create that confidence to do what they what.

Necessary, because there is no use in posting something that is not needed, you will get nothing from it.

Kind, because think about this. Would you like to be the reason that someone is hurt or sad? I know I wouldn’t.

My own acronym for online behaviour!






As my passion project T2, I decided that I was building a small wooden surfboard. As I was discussing this with my dad, he suggested a slightly more achievable idea. A skim board!

A skim board is like a surfboard, accept you skim on the water in the shallow.

So far, I have collected the wood, cut out the shape and started sanding. Along with the skim board, I also have a short video on what I am doing, and the process of making it. Of course, to add some comedy I have decided that I will be trying the skim board after we have finished making it (P.S I have never skim boarded before…).

Some new things that I have learnt:

-How to use an jigsaw (electric saw) (with parental help and supervision)

-How to check what size wood to use (see if the wood is flimsy or strong, you need something in between)

-How to trace a skim board

-How to investigate what shape to use.

So far the process have been completely successful and enjoyable. I am excited to see what problems or challenges await.

The next step of my skim board process is to finish sanding. Sanding is one of the most important parts, but also takes the longest. After that we have to bend it, stain it, add my decals, and add a clear waterproof sealer.

I am so happy with my idea and what I have accomplished so far, and can’t wait for what comes next!

Here is a small cliffhanger of my Passion Project video!