My Passion Project this term is going to be associated with surfing. I am going to create a small wooden surfboard. I plan to include a time-laps video of the process.

I am going to investigate some software to plan the shape, style, size and design of the board. In terms of actually creating the board, we (my dad and I) are going to be using tools to shape it.

The tools we will be using will include a saw, sandpaper, a plane and file.

This project would be targeted at anyone who loves to surf or loves the beach. Surfing is for people (or animals #dogsurfing) of all ages, whether you’re 2 or 72.

The thing I am most excited about is…

“Drum roll please!”

*this is the drum role* dundundundundundundundundundundun!

Designing the board! I am excited for that because the sound of exploring apps and using technology for a project, at school is amazing!

My surfboard will look somewhat like this, except smaller.

Image result for small wooden surfboard ornament

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  1. This is a fantastic idea and an excellent blog post! Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator could be good programs to use to design your board. It’s great that your Dad is involved in your project. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun creating your board. Well done!

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