Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

I think one of the main messages in this TED Talk was to know where your food comes from, and know what is in it. As he said, “Would you rather pay the farmer, or the hospital?”. Another message in this TED Talk was that no matter how old you are, you can change the world. He also stated, “We can change the world, one kid at a time”.

One of the biggest ways he got the messages across to the audience was by showing pictures to prove his theory and thinking. The tone of his voice said that this is a serious issue that needs to be though about.

Like most TED Talks, a microphone helped project his voice so that the audience could understand him and his message. This time, he didn’t have a script. That shows that this is something that he is passionate about, and that needs to be fixed.

He stayed around the middle of the stage, which helped the audience focus on him most of the time (sometimes the crowd was looking at the pictures). His hand gestures helped, but sometimes got a little much.

I loved this TED Talk, it was really inspiring.

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

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One of the main messages in Richard Turere’s TED Talk was that violence is not the answer in situations like this. I also feel like another message was that even is you are young, and don’t have much, you can do anything. This TED talk was probably one of the most powerful that I have watched, it really impacted me.

Some of the ways he got his message to the audience were by putting very impacting images in the background of his talk. The tone of his voice said that it was serious issue, and that it needed to be sorted out or looked at.

The microphone definitely helped project his voice so that people could hear him, therefore they could understand the message and what was going on.

Some of the good presentation techniques were remembering his script, witch tells me that this TED talk was really personal and special to him. His staging was great, he moved around the stage, but didn’t go off to the side. That made sure he was the main focus.

This TED talk was definitely one of my favourite, and was very powerful.


My Passion Project this term is going to be associated with surfing. I am going to create a small wooden surfboard. I plan to include a time-laps video of the process.

I am going to investigate some software to plan the shape, style, size and design of the board. In terms of actually creating the board, we (my dad and I) are going to be using tools to shape it.

The tools we will be using will include a saw, sandpaper, a plane and file.

This project would be targeted at anyone who loves to surf or loves the beach. Surfing is for people (or animals #dogsurfing) of all ages, whether you’re 2 or 72.

The thing I am most excited about is…

“Drum roll please!”

*this is the drum role* dundundundundundundundundundundun!

Designing the board! I am excited for that because the sound of exploring apps and using technology for a project, at school is amazing!

My surfboard will look somewhat like this, except smaller.

Image result for small wooden surfboard ornament

Thomas Suarez’s TED Talk

Today we watched an amazing TED Talk about a twelve year old boy named Thomas Suarez who has made apps.

Here are some things that I picked up.

One of the main messages of this TED Talk were that no matter how old you are, you can always find someone that can help out with your passion. In this case, he made an app club for kids at school that wanted to make apps.

To help get the message across to the audience he got the to be more engaged. He did this by making them laugh and enjoy themselves. By doing this it also makes the audience more engaged of what he was talking about.

I feel like the audience encouraged him throughout the whole talk. By laughing they made him feel more comfortable with speaking. He also used an I-pad to remind him of some things that he had to talk about. I don’t think he was reading a word for word script on there, because he wasn’t looking at the I-pad very much. It was probably just a few dot points, more like cue cards. A microphone also helped project his voice, as well as having key images behind him to get that message across.

I liked the way that he still moved around the stage without going off to the side, so that he was the main focus. He had great eye contact with the audience, and it didn’t look like he was reading a script most of the time.