Week one

This week we discovered a “Makey Makey”. A Makey Makey is a piece of equipment (this part is called the “Mother Board”) that you can use to create all sorts of things. Here is a picture of it.

The silver strip at the bottom of the Makey Makey is called “earth”. Earth is basically a place where you put the alligator clip, and you either hold the other end if the clip, or you put it on something that conducts electricity; and it creates a circuit.

You can put an alligator clip on the silver circle that says “Space”, and all you have to do is connect the other side of the clip to something that conducts electricity, say a leaf,¬†and when you touch the¬†leaf it will be like clicking the space bar. That is the same with the “Click” and the up, down, left and right arrow keys.

Here is the back of a Makey Makey.

If you can see on the very sides, there are little black buttons and next to them say the letters of the alphabet. We haven’t really learnt about what they mean yet.

In the Makey Makey set, it comes with the alligator clips that I was talking about. Here is what they look like.

There is also a laptop cord that you use to plug into your laptop, so that something can happen on your laptop, like the space bar can play a song. Here is what one looks like.

You can plug it into your Makey Makey like this.

Week 2

It also comes with instructions on how to build certain things, and what a Makey Makey is. They showed a website that has videos of people creating thing with the Makey Makey, that we can try to.

My partner and I chose the vegie piano. It is basically a piano made of vegies, and when you touch the plant it plays a note off the piano. This was quite easy, considering they showed a whole video on how to do it.

However, we still struggled to find plants (from the Enviro) that conducted electricity. Some of the leaves that we chose were so thin that the clip when right through it, with another, the leaf had a fluffy layer, so it didn’t work, and with another one, we clipped the clip onto the stem, and then touched the leaf but it didn’t make a sound because the electricity ran through the stem, not the leafy part. Here is the leaf.

Here is a recording of me explaining how we built it, and our findings.

Week 3

Today my partner and I started something new. From the knowledge that we had from the veggie piano, we decided to do this: When someone opens the door, a song comes on. Here is a short movie about it.

Week 4

P U L L    A P A R T

This week my partner and I started a pull apart here is what we wanted to pull apart.

So we started to unscrew the back so that we could take off the back and look inside.

We did a screw each, and the we revealed the inside.

There was a lot of tiny screws holding down the mother board, and there was lot of little spikes sticking up. We thought that they might be for signal.

Next we moved onto unscrewing this bit.

There were small screws right down in it¬†and we¬†couldn’t get the screwdriver on an angle to unscrew them. So we moved onto trying to take off the side. Along the slide there was a lot of tight screws that we had trouble getting undone, and they kept losing their shape.

Week 5

This week my partner and I started a new pull apart.

A telephone. There wasn’t many screws, so we managed to get the top of the telephone box off.

Here is what we thought would come out when we lifted the green motherboard up.

And here are some other things that we found.

Then we deconstructed all of the parts that were screwed on. And there were parts that we didn’t expect, like all of the batteries (that we thought was to power it all). We were left with a blank canvas, so we decided to put some colour in it and spray paint it.

Then we had to think of ideas of what we could remake out of what we had. One of ideas was to make an inspirational quote machine. I suggested that we could make a spinner, have numbers around it, and whatever number the spinner landed on, you would have to look at that number on the phone.

We were going to pit inspirational words on the buttons circled in pink, put a phrase on the buttons circled in blue (the smallest button in blue would have an “&” sign on it).

So we got started on the spinner.

Where to next? – Next I am going to stick on the spinner and hopefully print out the numbers and inspirational quotes.

Week 6

This week we started acting on our idea. First we stuck the spinner on, and put some hot glue on the top so that the spinner wouldn’t come off.

The next time that wee looked at out phone, the original spinner had come off. So we used another one that spun better.

We were going to right some instructions on a word document so that you know what to do. Here is what we have on the word document so far.

We went to get two pieces of cardboard to glue the phone onto, and for the instructions, but we could find two art folios.

We added little blobs of glue for grip and to higher the folios.

Week 7

This week I manly did blogging.

Week 8

This week my friends made music video, and my partner and I helped with filming from different angles and the choreography. I don’t have any footage right now because we haven’t finished all the shots.

Week 9

Monday – Today I was absent

Tuesday – Today I was also absent





Week 1

What is energy?

Here is my design on the question “What is energy?”

Week 2

What are the parts of this circuit?

First we had to name the parts of a circuit. The was an animated picture of a basic circuit, and we had to name the parts and what we thought they did. I investigated what the negative and positive wires were, and what they did because I wasn’t sure. I didn’t get a chance to write it down.

After that we were discovering lightbulbs. We had to write down where we think we would normally find a lightbulb. Here is what I found.

Then we drew a picture of what we thought was a lightbulb, and what we thought the parts were. Then we had to search up the real parts and in another colour, write the actual names.

Next session

Today we had a look at little bits. They had instructions and this is what we built.

It was a soccer goal that counted the score of how many time you hit the target. There was a button under the target that pressed when you hit the target.


Problems: One of the problems that we had was that we couldn’t get the scoreboard to work, so we had to we looked around, and then we realized that we had to plug in the battery pack, so we did and then it worked.

There weren’t¬†any other problems because there was instructions.

What I learnt: I learnt about electricity and about reactions (example: the reaction when the button is pressed and the number went up on the scoreboard).

Next session

This session we discovered another game called “hot potato”. There was instructions¬†on the website for this one as well. Here is what it looked like.

Here is what it does.

Here is my partner and I playing the game.