Session 1

Session 2


Session 3

Session 4

In this session of scratch, we were introduced to “parallel programing”, which is basically where you have one sprite, and two programs on it. The sprite¬†might be doing two things, in two programs, on the one sprite. I used two sprites. These are my programs.

I need to divide/add a new program to the first program.

We were told to print out our scripts and write what bricks we used. Here is mine.




After that, we briefly were introduced to “build a band”, and we were going to learn more about that next session.

Session 5

For the rest of the week we continued on with “build a band”. First we had a look at some of the other build a band studios. Here¬†are some good¬†ones I found.

With this one, they list the songs in the instructions, and ask you which song you want to here.

With this one, you click on the instrument, and it makes a sound. For example, if you click the drum, it makes a drumming sound.

This one is the same as the previous one, except it has a wider variety of instruments and sounds. They also explain the instructions in the project itself.

Session 6

For my build a band project, the programming was quite easy, all I had to do was download the songs onto Scratch, and then make them play when something was clicked. This was just my project, there were many other ideas. Here is a photo of my program.

Here is the background of my project.

It displays all of the songs that I have chosen, and witch number key to press if you want a song.

Here is my finished build a band.

We also had a brief introduction to “It’s Alive” witch is where you pick a sprite with several costumes and make them repeat so that it looks like it’s alive.

Session 7

I made a story with my build a band. Here it is.

I made a story with mine. Here it is.

Session 8

Today in design I started to complete the “Debug It” projects. We had to choose one to record in our books.

The first one I did the problem was that the scratch cat was growing a little and moved to the side, and then when the green flag was clicked, it stayed there and that size, and I kept getting bigger and moving to one side until in eventually stoped growing and moving. So we had to make the scratch cat go back to his start position and size when the green flag was clicked.

I started the cat in the original spot and size, and added these blocks.

This is what the project looks like now.

This is the problem for the next one I did.

This project was quite easy. All I did was move the “next costume” brick into the repeat so that it would all end together.