Micro Worlds

Session 1

For a few sessions in maths we have been focusing on micro worlds.

I know somethings about micro worlds because that was our main focus in last years maths. For instants, I know most of the commands like, RT (right turn), LT(left turn) FD (forward).

At the start of each lesson, we would all sit in a circle and the teachers would pick one person to be the turtle. We would draw either a quadrilateral or a triangle with chalk on the carpet, and we would have to work out what the angle was, wether we were to measure it from the inside or the outside, and how we would get the turtle to do what we wanted. I found that the easiest way to work it out was to draw a 90 degree line from the corner and work out the difference from there. On the forth time it was easier because it was just what was left over to equal 360 degrees. That helped us understand more about what and how we were going to accomplish a shape.

I was trying to make a simple triangle. I managed that just fine because of the warm up we had just done, but then I started playing around with repeating. This is what came out of it.

Session 2

Today in micro worlds we were set a challenge. We had to try and create our initials as a procedure. Mine first letter was a¬†B, and I new that a B had a semi circle in it, so that’s what I started with.

This is the procedure for it.

So, to start off with I positioned the turtle in the right spot. I made sure¬†I put the pen up so that when the turtle positions it self, it didn’t¬†leave a line.

Here is the procedure for it.

Then after that, I started on the shape of the B. Here is the procedure for that.

Here is a video of my B working.







Allegro Day

On the 29th of May the year 5’s took a trip to the Keith Humble Centre. We stayed there for the whole day, to enjoy and practise our Allegro instruments.¬†Soon after we got there, we split into our instrument groups. There were¬†6 different groups, flute, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, strings¬†and the Allegro group. The Allegro¬†group are the people who have been playing their instruments for a longer period of time than any of us.

I am playing the flute, and I am really enjoying the improvisation during some of the songs. The note I am finding hard to get to is the note “C”.

After many sessions of practising, we all gathered together to perform our music pieces. The flute group played “Three flying flutes”, as well as “Go go¬†Allegro” and “Allegro con brio” witch¬†all of us played.

I liked listening to all the other instruments play because they all had completely different sounds.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of playing and learning with my friends.

The Blackwater reflections and questions

Image result for the black water book


Will Brodie get punished for what he did, or will people forgive him and let it go?

Will Alex keep living with Brodie, or will he go back to his parents?

What will Otis’s mum and Pauline’s mum say when the found out what really happened, or will no-one tell them?

Reflections, thoughts and predictions

I expected that Hannah wrote the note and left the towels, but I thought that she would hate Brodie for hiding the truth…But she still likes him after what he’s done!

To be honest, I expected a bigger ending, it left me hanging and it didn’t give a punch to the end of the book.

I predicted that Otis would be alive, and come back to Brodie for revenge