Angles Investigation

In todays math lesson we discovered a variety of new angles using two programs, Random Angles and Angles On A Line.

Angles On A Line

In this program we had to grab a partner to play against, and one laptop. You could either be red or blue. On the line, there was a semicircle, one half red, one half blue. A vertical line in the middle of the semicircle separated the different colours. The line was also used to move side to side to create different angles. Each player took turns to move the line, and guess what the degree was. The answers were covered up with a white board, and to revile them you would just click on the board. Here are some photos of our work.

Random Angles

This program was a bit more challenging because we didn’t get to choose the degrees of the angles. At¬†the bottom of the screen, there were seven different buttons. Each button determines what unmount of degree you would get.¬†On the¬†buttons there were numbers: 0-90¬†¬† 90-180¬†¬† 180-270¬†¬† 270-360¬†¬† 0-180¬†¬† 0-270¬†¬†¬†0-360.

Depending on which button you press, depends on what angle you get. Again, we had to try and work out what the degree was, and to check the answer we clicked on the white board, which had the answer hidden behind it. Instead of checking the answer that way, we were also able to access a protractor, witch also helped us get to the answer.

Here are some pictures of some of the rounds.

I really enjoyed expanding my knowledge of angles and degrees, and I hope we will continue on this unit.

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