Mr Mosely

Mr Mosely isn’t a pedigree¬†dog,¬†but he is just the dog Corey and his family want: he is loyal, protective and loving. And he is much more than that. He might well be the one thing that holds the all together.

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This term, we have been reading this emotional, heart warming novel, Just A Dog, by Michael Gerard Bauer. This entrancing book is about a cheeky Dalmatian pup,¬†who goes on all types of adventures. Corey,¬†Mr Mosely’s¬†favourite kid, started a journal about all of¬†the memories him, and the rest of his family have had with Mr Mosely, even the ones he wished¬†hadn’t¬†happened…

I had tears in my eyes and I was able to connect with some of my personal experiences. This book will give you a gleeful grin, and put a tear in you eye. I loved this emotional book and rate it 10/10 because of all the moments I could connect with. People who are a big fan of animals, and love a sad and joyful book all at the same time will enjoy this book.









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