Mr Mosely

Mr Mosely isn’t a pedigree¬†dog,¬†but he is just the dog Corey and his family want: he is loyal, protective and loving. And he is much more than that. He might well be the one thing that holds the all together.

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This term, we have been reading this emotional, heart warming novel, Just A Dog, by Michael Gerard Bauer. This entrancing book is about a cheeky Dalmatian pup,¬†who goes on all types of adventures. Corey,¬†Mr Mosely’s¬†favourite kid, started a journal about all of¬†the memories him, and the rest of his family have had with Mr Mosely, even the ones he wished¬†hadn’t¬†happened…

I had tears in my eyes and I was able to connect with some of my personal experiences. This book will give you a gleeful grin, and put a tear in you eye. I loved this emotional book and rate it 10/10 because of all the moments I could connect with. People who are a big fan of animals, and love a sad and joyful book all at the same time will enjoy this book.









Centripetal force


Today I was amazed by something called centripetal force. As you can see in the video was circling my arm, holding a bucket, and I tipped the bucket at the end to show that there was water in it.

Well, to explain it more, you know the spinning equipment in the playground? Its¬†pretty much the same as that.¬†At the playground when you are in the spinning¬†equipment,¬†even if you try, it’s very hard to push¬†inwards while your on the ride. So,¬†the force pushes outward coming from my shoulder in this case. My shoulder is the centre of the circulation that’s pushing out.

I learnt that bending your elbow, breaks the circulation and stops the force from pushing outwards, so the water falls out. This also happens if you go to slow, the gravity lets the water fall out. I really enjoyed watching and doing this amazing force trick. I was delighted to learn so many new things about centripetal force.

I hope you learnt something new as well!‚ėļ