Term 1 Reflection

Wow this term is nelly over it has gone like a flash l really enjoyed starting year 6 in term 1 we have done lots of things like triple R, maths group, inquiry, writers workshop, problem solving, project maths and amaze us it was jam pack.

I enjoyed doing the sage program where we made a hand, leaning how to do a good seed in writers workshop and getting to now how to make a film and film school where we learnt about all the defend things you need to now about my favert was the shout gun mic and the green screen

what was challenging was French because we are staring to have a cofsashon is French, all so amaze us because we had to work out how to us defend programs and problem solving because getting the anser right was herd

what has change me was that before this term I did not now how to us a shout gun mic, a green screen, a auto booth and how to us a shout list and los and los more.

I wonder what films we are going to make next term.

I really enjoyed this term bring on term 2.

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Adobe Character Animator

In amaze us we all got to pick 1 thing to work on me and some other girls worked on adobe character animator I lent how to move the character and change the colour of the the skin how you move the character you clink on the 2ed option and if you move it will move with you and if you play with the setting you can make it talk or if you blick it will or if you move your moth it will it is very fun to play with. it was challenging to get it to work.chareter-pyikr9 

Wirless Mics

Today I learnt about wireless mics how you use them is there are two parts one is the transporter that the actor where’s

and one is the receiver that the camera  where’s then you have to put the little mic thing on you just clip it on then you have to tern it on you click the button that is a circle

than we got into groups and put the mics on and all that some mistakes that you may make is you put the wrong mic on my group made this mistake, you could to forget to turn it on. we went outside and made some videos using the mics.

it was very fun learning about wireless mics


About Milly.A

Hi my name is Milly and I am 11 years old I like to hang out with my friend on the weekends and wen I am older I wonld to be a surgeon or a professional netball player my favourite netballer is Maddie Robinson becusae she is really good at netball. My favert subjt is P.E my faert food is pizza and my favourite coulder is blue. I enjoy going to the horse racer with my family.

The Last Blog Post

This year has been very exicting with lots if up I have really like doing sewing in design in term 4 I made a bag and now I am making a pencils case with to fabrs one on each side this year I have all so liked going on camp we went to banu byamei it was really fun one of my faverrent active was the fling fox it was really high up and you had to walk up a big hill. This year we have all so made rube Goldberg machines we had to pick what it was going to do then we had to bring in things to make it. This term we all so were working on a robot dace we had to make the background and everything this Tuesday we were all show wee dancers my one was under the sea.


Today in design we were making a costume for us we were all so make the enter of the robots it is going to come out of some sew weed which is green and blew streamers the and stick on to a box.win_20161117_13_12_53_pro.

We were all so making sew weed for us which is all so green and blew streamers and we are going to sick them on our long stave black top and we are all so going to wear a black and white skirt.


robot dace


We got to pick put we waned to do my group wont to do robot dace we were pattering our dace jas was teaching us and then we wound copy and do it our self. We all so watched our program and we think it is perfect we are happy with it then we put the background up and play the program and we dace we are just about finish we just have to add some deckerrashons.

Book report

I am reading a book about Malala she lived in pakkistan and she was getting attacked by the Taliban she and one day she was on the bus with her friend a a person come in and said who is Malala no one  said any thing but there all looked at her and the person now it was her she he shoot her she went to the holpicl at amicu and she had to stay there because if she did not she wond get shoot a gen but from this day on she is still protesting. and in 2014 she won the Nobel Peace Prize and she was the youngest ever to do it. and this year she is finshing school

Design 33/11/16

In design today we were making bags I had to sow the sides in strat stich and then do zig zag I did not get up to doing that because I had to unpick a lot of times because l did not do it right. I did not start a that the top of the coner and I did not go right to the end.   win_20161102_15_13_28_pro

years 8’s

On Thursday we went to the years 8 class rooms we had a look a round and pick 1 to blog about this was one of my favourite it is a wave board I think a girl call gergey made it she first had to get the shape of the board then she had to sand it and put the paint on and she is finished. I really like this one!!!