What’s It All About

This term we are doing passion project for home learning. it is where every one picks there passion and dose some thing on it. I am doing netball because l have been playing for 7 years I also like the skills and strategy of the game and I love watching elite netballers my favourite netballer is Maddie Robinson she plays for Collingwood. I am doing a film on how to shout a goal and how to defend a goal and how much I love netball. my project is for beginner netballers. I am looking forward to filming and showing every one my project

(This is Maddie play for AUS)

6 thoughts on “What’s It All About

  1. This sounds like a great topic for your project Milly. I love that you have a clear idea of what your message will be. I look forward to seeing your ideas develop as you work on this instructional film. 🙂

  2. This is so good Milly, I loved how you explained about all of the different things you are going to do! 🙂

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