year 6 camp

Year 6 camp was really really fun we did lots of things like we went to Acim, The art center, MCG tour and lost and lost more. one of my favorite things was going to the art center. we went around and saw all the sages my favorite one was the smallest one but it was really cool because there where props on the sage. We got to sit were every we wont to. we all so got to see the ballerinas practicing it was kind of like a free show. I also thought that the lounge were cool because there was one color for each lounge. On that day we all so went to a workshop where we reader a story and put sound effects over it. That night we all went to m sack it was so cool one of my favorite things we did on camp there was a wave pool a water slide and a obststicle Couse my favorite one was the obstsicle Couse. It was a fun day.

the next day we did a lot of walking like 15 kms we walk all the way the the MCG and got a tour one of my favorite parts was going in the change rooms and all so going into the media room. At the end we went to a room and it had lots of fun games my favorite one was the netball one you had to throw the ball where every it said. l all so like the bike one it was like a rill bike but it did not move. we all so went to the museum and saw lots of cool thing one of my favorite t things was a room and it was drack and it had a footy coach taking and there was a norther one and it was Dane won it was really cool because they take about their lives. That night we went to a blowing place it was very colorful and awesome I won and got a strike ( I was very proud of myself ) I really like that day.

The next day was our last day. We went to amcim and made a stop moshen film. it take all day but in the end was worth it. We got a fairytale ours was the 3 little pigs. We got into smell groups and started planning. We all got a scern my groups scen was when they we dancing and the big baed wolf come and they run all the way home. It was a great movermt when it was all finished it was like all the headwork payed of.

Some of my highlights where going to the art center, the MCG, Acim and Bowling

What surprised me was that I did not think I would like the Art Center and at the MCG we went into the games and musen room.

What I learnt was that the MCG stands for Melbourne cricket ground

This has been one of my favorite camp and I am very thankful.

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  1. Great work Milly! Your description in the first few paragraphs is terrific! We sure did walk a lot on camp! The MCG tour was pretty amazing wasn’t it! Great work Milly! I loved reading this post!

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