Term 1 Reflection

Wow this term is nelly over it has gone like a flash l really enjoyed starting year 6 in term 1 we have done lots of things like triple R, maths group, inquiry, writers workshop, problem solving, project maths and amaze us it was jam pack.

I enjoyed doing the sage program where we made a hand, leaning how to do a good seed in writers workshop and getting to now how to make a film and film school where we learnt about all the defend things you need to now about my favert was the shout gun mic and the green screen

what was challenging was French because we are staring to have a cofsashon is French, all so amaze us because we had to work out how to us defend programs and problem solving because getting the anser right was herd

what has change me was that before this term I did not now how to us a shout gun mic, a green screen, a auto booth and how to us a shout list and los and los more.

I wonder what films we are going to make next term.

I really enjoyed this term bring on term 2.

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2 thoughts on “Term 1 Reflection

  1. Well done Milly! I love that you enjoyed the STEM day we had. Your seeds have come such a long way so I can see the growth you have made there. 🙂
    What a great term! 🙂

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