Green Screens

Today I lent about green screens you have to make short that the framing is right you do not want to have a bit of white you just want to see green, if you are talking to the crammer you stand of sender, there is a T on the ground you have to sand on that so you put your feet on ether side of the T, there is a screen on the side of the room but you have to try and look at the crammer it is very heard an you have to put the lights on 3 there is 3 switches on the back and you put them all on 3 we all so lent how to edit it this is how you put you footage to put your futishin in-1w30znh than you click on the top box and something will show up  you click on a pin and then you click on the footage and this will happen to make it look a bit better there are 2 arrows click on the 2ed on and 4 options will come up you click on aggressive this is the finish thing  Auto-SaveOneDrive – Geelong CollegePresentation1-y4e5ku

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  1. This post reflects the learning from half of the session Milly. What about the learning that happened in the software? It is important to add this learning into your post also. I would like you to add more detail please.

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