Shotlist And Storyboard

Today we lent about shotlist we lent how to yoose them there are 4 prats of the shotlist scenes description type of shot (MS, LS, CU, ECU) the dialogue the storyline and dialogue/audio ( VO, PTC, TEXT).

I all so lent making a film that half takes half of the time to plan 15% of filming and 25% of editing.

A shotgun mic is a mic that you put on the camera you have to make sure that it is on so it dons not fall off.

After he lent about all that we got into groups of 2 and made a shotlist about it we look at a film and put all the defend thing into the shotlist.

I lent all about how to yoose a shotlist and why we us them and that half of the time making a film is planning.



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  1. Well done Milly – Nice image in this post. Be sure to introduce your topics properly in your blog posts; I’m not sure you have explained what a shotgun mic is.

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