Camcorders And Cameras Angles

Today I learn about camcorders and camera angles we start of by watching a video about all the defend angles here is the video we watched then we talked about all the defend angles, shots: C.V – close up E.C.U – extreme close up FS – full shot M.S mid shot E.S establishing shots angles H.A – high angles L.A low angles O.H.S movement dolly is where the camera mover and the acuter do not zoom is where the camera stays where it is and the actors do not move tracking is where you move and the camera follows you. A film will all ways star with a establishing shot such as stars wars like in the film they show you the stars. I like learning about all the defeat shots angles and movements I cannot wait to yoose all those defeat angles.

( close up)


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  1. Well done Milly. I really like that you have included the weblink to the YouTube clip we watched for later reference. This post shows your learning about the different types of shots and angles. In future, please don’t forget to use paragraphs in your posts. 🙂

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