Why Make A Film

Today we started Inquiry. We learnt about “Why Make A Film.” People make films for money, entertainment, information, to get a message or story out, for fun and if it is a hobby.

Films are made for different audiences. If you are making a film for young children the film would not have bad language. It may be created as a cartoon or with lots of colour and movement like for example The Wiggles. Young children are created for younger minds to understand and easily follow the story line.

How to get a message across? You get a message across by actors, directors, teaser trailers, ads, music, product placement and audiences (eg Family Feud with laughing in background).

What did I learn? I learnt that people make films for many different reasons.

What challenged you? It has challenged me by opening my eyes to realise that movies are not just made for fun and to entertain us but also for different reasons.



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  1. Well done Milly. In future, please try not to use the questions in the actual post you write – they are merely a guide for your thinking when you put your post together. 🙂

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