On Friday we went to melben to do lego the first thing we did was made ferrsweels I was with Lillie l was making and Lillie was getting everything out ours did not work fist because the gees were not touching and we did not put every piss on over that we pulled it abort and did it agent this time is worked because we had every piss and the gesso our touching this is a phone of me making it

Billy cars

I was with Lillie I made the herd prat and Lillie made the easy part they part that l was making was very herd because there was lots of little prats and if you got on thing wort it did not work averter l finish we put the wheels and the top to gather the car was finish so we put it on the ramps to test it is did not go that far.

IMG_1053    IMG_1038IMG_1006IMG_0144 








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