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My topic is The Geelong Cats. The history that I am going to explore is the Stadium. I think this is fascinating for me to learn and make me know more about this great club.

The story that I have discovered is the stadiums that the GFC has discovered such as Church Hill, Argyle, Corio and Kardinia Park. we are also going to include famous players such as Charles Brownlow, Carji Greeves and the Ablett generation. We are going to interview Tom Hawkins, Mic turner and Suze Robinson hopefully.

It is good for people to get to know the famous players and where the stadiums have been since the GFC have started. This will be important to learn and teach other people about the GFC and hear it from past people and players now and what they know. That is the reason why I want to do this topic.

My idea is to create a documentary where there is two people in the green screen room and do a coverage on the GFC and the stadiums and then interview the people. I want to do this idea because I do not think other people would of thought of this and I think it will be very different to other ideas.

I really want to do this topic and hope I can do this and enjoy what the finished product would be.



Gauss Beats the Teacher

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For the past two lessons we have working on a problem and that was called Gauss beats the teacher this is a problem where he finished his maths work so his teacher wanted to keep him busy until lunch time but before the teacher could get back to his table he had finished how was this possible so we had to work out the quickest strategy.

The first lesson we had to use the blocks to work it out a quicker and a different way I worked with Ash and we decided to make letter shapes and then we had to work out the quickest way to do it in addition and maybe use some subtraction. For example I made a W and I did ( 2 times 5 ) plus 4 and ( 5 times 2) plus ( 4 times 2 ) minus 4 equals 14.

So we went off and had a go at this problem but first I had tried doing it by 99 plus one and 98 plus two etc. But when I had finished I realised that this was wrong and then I realized a different way too do it so I did this 1-9 equals 45 and then I found a pattern 10-19 equalled 145 then I found a pattern so I went up too 99 and it worked it equalled 945. Then I had to add all of these together with my brain because I did not want to ruined the answer by using the calculator so I finally worked it out and that equalled 4950 but I had to plus the number by 100 because I only went up to 99. Therefore the answer was 5050.

The strategy’s that  I used were guess and check and breaking it down into a smaller problem these really helped the steps that I took towards the answer.  The challenges that I had to face. I think finding the answer was one of them because I used a strategy that did not work at first and then I found a strategy that worked.  But I still do not know how he did it in that time because he would not of had a calculator or anything that would of helped him at that time.

The extension was where you had to find what all the even numbers added up to and what the odd numbers added up too. So the girls did the even numbers and the boys and I worked on the even but we knew that it all had to add up to 5050. So first I worked out that there was 50 odd numbers in 100 and there are 25 pairs so I just did 25 times 100 is 2500 so that gave us our answer. But to make it certain the girls got 2550 sol we knew we had got our answer.

This was one of the most challenging problems we have done and I encourage you to try it. Remember this is a true story. I learnt that this strategy’s are way more important than you think they are.

The Lost Princess

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Today in Triple R we saw a 15 minute video that was based on Digital Citizenship. We have been focusing on this topic for about a term now and we know a lot about this matter now. This video was all true story’s there were real actors and cartoons it was really funny but it defiantly had a clear message. Are task was to choose someone and I am going to choose The Lost Princess. This was her story and things that they did wrong. The Lost Princess went on her computer every night instead of doing homework but she went on this online app.

Talking to a stranger not that she thought though she thought she knew who the boy was that was called white knight and chatted every knight. Then White Knight took a picture of himself because they were going to a concert together. But he could take a picture off the internet and that is exactly what he did. Then The Lost Princess spent hours taking the right picture of herself and when she did she sent the picture to him. So that night they went out to the concert and the white knight was not there and kept texting then he answered and said come to a place and then told the truth about her age. Then he texted back would you mind if I was 13 or maybe 40 and they was so bad then they met and then The lost princess realised what danger she could of been in.

Passion Project Term 3 Idea

Last term we created passion projects this is where you create a film or make something. Last term I made something on footy but this term I am making a film on my overseas trip. I went on my overseas trip on the June and July holidays this year. I chose this idea because I want to inspire people to go on world wide trips and learn history from our world. Because I shore know I learnt a lot. My Plan. Before our trip I knew I was doing this film so I took lots and lots of photos to put into a film.

But of course I cannot show you all of the photos other wise the film would get boring and go on for to long. So I am going to do the highlights of my trip. My highlights were, the boat that I went on for seven nights around the Ionian islands. This was an adventure of a life time that I would love to do again. So I am showing all of the adventures on the boat. I am also going to do Harrods the biggest shop in the world. Hamleys one of the oldest toy shops in the world.

We also went to the Henley royal regatta one of the most famous rowing regattas in the world and scotch college won the princess Elizabeth cup. I also saw Buckingham Palace and the Kensington Palace. I also went to Madam Tussauds the original of all the Madam Tussauds and that was amazing. I saw the one in Sydney and the one in London and there vastly different. When I went to Rome I saw the Vatican and the Colosseum.

I also went on a beautiful wooden boat in Paris down the Seine river for two hours and saw many of Parises famous landmarks such as the Louvre and the Notre dame. I was also there on Bastille day and that was the busiest days I have saw for a while with parades and the fireworks at 11:00 pm that was amazing fireworks coming out of the Eiffel Tower for 30 minutes.

We had a 3 hour private tour of the Vatican when it was really hot and stuffy when there were thousands of people surrounding everyone. Then about 2 days after we went to the Colosseum, we did not do a tour though we just walked around and saw this amazing land mark. But however my brother did tour us saying some stupid stuff that he made up. Last but not least the Eiffel tower this was amazing and we were meant to go up to it so we could have dinner. Because we booked it 6 months in advance.

Then we were having dinner the night before dad got an email that we could not go for dinner because Donald Trump was coming and that was the worst I was so excited about going up and seeing the Eiffel tower from its top view. But it got cancelled. I cannot wait to start this topic and cannot wait too see the end product.

Passion Project – Editing

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For the past couple of days I have been working on my editing. This is for a film, I am not making a whole new film because I do not nave a Shotlist or any ideas. But I am, making a film on my progress for my passion project. So my teacher can see that I did my passion project not my sisters or my brother. My film only goes for 24 seconds because I forgot to take many photos while I was doing my project. But I do have every photo going for two seconds. I edited this on Premiere because I thought I was going to challenge myself because I do not know how premiere works that much. I did not learn anything different because I just put my photos and music in and then I will be done. I have put all my photos in but I have not found music to put in yet and then I will be done.

Boy Overboard

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For the past term and a half we have been reading boy overboard. I really like this book because it is humours when your starting to board and then you listen again. Also I liked how it was sad in some parts and then it became happy that was a highlight in the book for me. I did not really like the ending it was just plain that was probably the low light of the book because you were getting all excited if they found there parents all not and then it just ended on a plain note. The main character was probably Bibi and Jamal. So what happened in the book? So the started off in Afghanistan and there family loved soccer. Girls like Bibi were not allowed to come out of there home because there face and hair has to be covered so she did not come out of her room and when she did she got in trouble by her parents. Then they were playing soccer with there friends and they accidently kicked the soccer ball into the land mine area. They loved soccer and that was there only soccer ball because they could not afford another one. So they went out and Jamal accidently stepped on a land mine but luckily the land mine was already blasted. Because the government was so mean there, there mother got kid napped and there house got blown up because there mother was running an illegal school. Some how here mother escaped and they drove as far as they could in there dads taxi to a Refugee camp and they met a new friend called Omar and he tried to steal there soccer ball. But after that they found a boat that took them to Australia so they caught it but before that Omar through the soccer ball into the sea and Bibi could not swim but jumped in after the ball. So then offcourse Jamal jumped in after her and they got the soccer ball but it was ripped apart but then Omar saved Bibi and Jamal got out himself. But while they did they lost there parents but they have to get on the boat so they got on the opposite boat to there parents. While they were sailing pirates took over there boat and they were taking all the young girls. Jamal hid Bibi and they did not find her but they did not take over the ship so they survived. Then they arrived a little island about 4000 km away. But then they heard the news that there parents boat had sunk. Read this book and you will now the out come. I rate this book a 7/10 because of the ending.

Problem Solving

Every 2nd week we get a problem that is different to every one else’s in our class. My problem was, Two hundred and twenty seven students were standing at assembly. Every tenth student was chosen to collect a news sheet. How many students were chosen? I figured out this problem very easily I thought if it is every tenth student and two hundred twenty seven students I thought I would divide it and that would give me my answer so that is what I did and that gave me an answer of 22 it actually came up with 22.7 seven but I figured out that you could not split a student into seven tenths.

Win at the Fair


For the past few lessons we have been investigating win at the fair I remember this from Year 4 but I did not know what we were going to do this time this was more complicated from Year 4 as you would expect. So first we played the real one were you do not profit money you lose it. We made a class table and our own.

Then we saw if we were the owners we would of lost $61 if people played 122 games. The rules are you have to pay $1 to play. The rest you could make up your self. Then the next lesson we made our own game I made up some rules myself but I do not think it is that realistic because I had $0 in the middle so they could not really win.

Around the sides I had two $5s, one $4, one $3. Three $2, three one dollars, two twenty cent pieces and one fifty cent. These were my rules maximum seven rolls but there were dots on the game board so you got an extra roll, if you roll doubles you start again. If you land on a orange dot you go up a step and that is it. On our second last lesson we explored the software on maths 300 and made our own game board on the software.

We found out that you could not put money in the middle and if you put money on one side it goes onto the other side. I made a really good board game I think because it is appealing and I profit about 50 cents a game and I found out if I trialled one thousand games I made a profit of 500 dollars. That is what the data showed anyway. I also made a bad board game and I lost 58 cents per game which is not good for a school fundraiser. This is because I did not think smart and I had too much money around the sides and I did not think about where the rolls went with the arrows.

I think Win at the Fair is a really fun investigating so I encourage you to investigate the problem in its self.


PE Film-1esymfa

This is my video. My three teaching points are

1 Guiding the ball down with one hand

2 Pointing my toe [follow through]

3 Kicking the ball accurately on the run

I think I kicked the ball accurately I followed through but I did not guide it down with one hand.



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Today in PE we did the punt to start off the lesson we had to film are self’s doing the punt to be honest I think my technique was bad in the film but I could do better. Then we went inside to do a fun game called around the world. I think I had not played this since year 3 so I was delighted to play it. Today was a good session mixed with technology activity’s.