Passion Project Complete

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For the past term I have been doing a passion project on tennis. This has been really fun because one of my biggest passions is tennis. I have not faced a lot of challenges through the process this term but there were 2 things that I found challenging. My first one was finding the time to film and finding the right shots. My other one was the editing stage trying to put my goals which is transitions. I have learnt a lot from my passion project this term compared to last term like if you start earlier you do not have to worry about finishing it in a rush because last term I left it until week 7 to start and I was in a rush and it was frustrating to try and get it done in time. The finish product is defiantly my best one.


Billiard Balls



For the past few lessons in project maths we have been learning about Billiard balls. This requires a lot of steps to do this and I really struggled at the start but then I joined a group of 4 people including me and we collaborated really well and found strategy’s and then we put it all into a equation and that got our answer.

For lesson 1 we did some modelling using big squares, string and blue-tac. I did not really understand the problem at first and I still could not understand it for the whole first lesson. In the first lesson we had some grid paper and we had 5 problems to solve and that really got me confused because we had a lot of grids like 5×6 and I could not solve it. It took me the whole lesson.

For lesson 2 we started to look for patterns so our teacher could say how many bounces would a 3×6 grid have and then we can answer it without using a piece of paper ruler and a paper grid. But at the start of the lesson I joined a group with Josh, Darcy and Robbie and we set out to do the task. Our group was determined not to use the software and we didn’t and we figured out the answer. When we got a an answer we had to turn it into an algebra equation. We got our answer and turned into and algebra equation but we knew we could make it less complicated. So our first one was { x plus y } equals x plus y divided by the CF equals the answer minus 2. We turned it into { [ x plus y ] / CF] } minus 2.

For lesson 3 we knew we had to try and test our theory on the maths 300 software. So we tried it and it worked I was so glad that it worked so we did not have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again. Then we had to go on with an extension what was try and find the pockets. We knew it would have Prime and Composite numbers so that is what we tried but that kind of worked and the we worked out that it had something to do with odd, even Prime and composites. So our answers are:

Prime plus Composite

Odd plus even and Prime plus Composite equals the Top left corner

Odd plus even and Prime plus Composite equals the Top right corner

Even plus even and Prime plus Composite equals the Top right corner

Prime plus Prime

Odd plus even and Prime plus Composite equals the Top left corner

Odd plus Odd and Prime plus Composite equals the Top right corner

There is no even plus even on the Prime plus Prime because there is no two even numbers in Prime.

Composite plus Composite

Odd plus odd and prime plus Composite equals the Top left corner

Odd plus even and Prime plus Composite equals the Top right corner

Even plus even and Prime plus Composite equals the Top right corner.

They were our answer we also did another extention that I did not finish. But Darcy did ion the car on the way to school yesterday. I wish I figured it out though. The strategy’s I used were find a pattern and that was pretty much it. I learnt how to put equations into a algebra equations because I had never done that before. If you do this problem work in a group because the collaboration really helps.



Passion Project 3 Update


For the past few weeks I have been gathering footage of me playing tennis and while I have been doing putting the footage into premiere and then it will gradually get bigger and bigger and turn into a film. I still need to get footage of me playing in my comp on Saturday mornings but I have not been able to do this lately with my mum and dad not being able to film. But once I get this footage my film will be done and I will only need to add credits and my goal transitions because this makes the film flow. I cannot wait for this film to be finished and for my classmates to see the finished product.

Passion project 3 Description

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This term for my passion project I am doing a film on tennis because I have not done it this year yet and I want to do this because this is one of my biggest passions. I have planned my film and I am going to start with serves and then I will show you how I play tennis. I will also show you my volleys, smashes and my ground strokes. I think my biggest shot is my forehand and my ground strokes. My goal this term is to use transitions because in my last film I could not use transitions because of the program I used which was premiere. I am really looking forward to making this film and I am hoping it will be the best one yet.

Building views Reflection


For the past few lessons in project maths we have been investigating the building views this is a project that architects because of location and there views like the beach. We started by doing sheet 1. This is a 4×4 grid. Transerfering the numbers in 2d shape to a 3d shape on paper and working out the side view and the front view. So the sheet gave us a birds eye view of numbers and that meant how many blocks we used to make the views and you had to do five of them. On the last problem of numbers on sheet 1 I could visualise it because of the past ones that we had done. The strategy that I used for sheet 1 was find a pattern, this helped me because if I found one I could find more.

Then when you finished sheet 1 you went on to sheet 2 and that was the complete opposite of sheet 1 because you had to keep a side view and a front view and then you had to create a birds eye view of it and then we had to create the view in 15 blocks and not interrupt the side view and the front view. Then we had to investigate the maximum of the blocks and still keep the side view and the front view. Then it was the minimum that we had to find out this still was not the hardest part of the second sheet because then you had to investigate the variations of the minimum. I will give you an example, if there was one block at the front and you had the side view and not a row of zero blocks then you would have four variations because you can move that block side to side until you get to the end of the row. there was two strategy’s guess and check and find a pattern again.

The challenging part of this project was defiantly finding the variations one of them even had 37 variation but we did not have to do all of them thank god. I learnt that some strategy’s are quicker that others and you can work the problem out in many different ways. I worked with Ash and he helped me a lot because I did not get it at the start and then I got it and then we helped each other and got the project done quicker. We even had time to go on the software on maths 300.

I really liked this project and I hope we can do a similar one soon.


Complete Passion Project

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I have finally completed my passion project for this term and I have completed my main goal so that is why I think it is a good passion project. My goal was to complete the film in a different way and using a different program and that is what I did. I have got to admit at first I thought it was pretty boring and then I tried to put some laughs into but then I thought again and this was about showing people what I did in Europe and what I learnt so overall I think it was an alright passion project.

The process worked really well the planning to the photos and some videos but the thing that I found challenging was the programs the photos were way too small on premiere so I had to switch to another program and that ended up to be adobe spark because about a day before I had the problem the Dr Tim Kitchen came in from adobe to teach about the spark app and that is what I ended up using.

I think my other problem was starting t late I started about week 6 and I needed to get a move on so I did I tried to get it done in time and I ended up somehow doing it so that was my only regret and not taking many videos as well

Overall I am glad I did on my trip and I learnt a lot from my passion project start early do not make it last minute. Next term I think I am going to do my film on tennis and some game shot. I think my goal will be to use a different variety of shots.


Greek Culture Compared to Australian Culture

For the past few RVE lessons we have been learning about different country’s and I chose Greece I have been there so I knew little bits about it but I wanted to learn more and that is exactly what I did. But today I will be comparing Australia to Greece and I think this will be an interest combination.

There are a lot of differences in religion like the Greeks support the Orthodox church, Judaism and Islam are the only religious groups legally deemed from the state of the Greek public law. In Australia the main religious group is Christian. Also Greek people love there dancing and singing and that played a vital part since the antiquity for the Greeks.

We do not have a lot in common but the similarity’s are we both love athletics and compete in the Olympics. We both have beautiful beaches and there a lot of tourist attractions and big land marks to see.

If I lived in this culture I would love the food but not eat much and I would also find it challenging to clear my plate of food because I am not I big eater. But I would love athletics and the beaches. But one thing I did not like in Greece was there smoking most of them smoke and I do not like it that much.

I really liked studying this culture and country and I would love to learn more and more about it. I loved exploring and I hope I can do another one soon.

DOC200917-2he1dkp  [CLICK HERE]


Passion Project

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I am doing my passion project on my Europe trip but it is the highlights my progress is going alright. I have to work on it every night now because I am going to change programs because of my adobe premier is not working. Because of the frame size. So my progress is not going to well but I will catch and I will finish it.

I am going to use an adobe program called adobe spark this is a program that is easier to use than adobe premier. I have finished my script and I can do my VO when I have the pictures but all my pictures are ready to put.

This program is different because you can put the picture in or the video and then press a button and then it is a easy done VO and this will be a good project that I hope I get finished for the quality and so I can and you all see my finished product.


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My topic is The Geelong Cats. The history that I am going to explore is the Stadium. I think this is fascinating for me to learn and make me know more about this great club.

The story that I have discovered is the stadiums that the GFC has discovered such as Church Hill, Argyle, Corio and Kardinia Park. we are also going to include famous players such as Charles Brownlow, Carji Greeves and the Ablett generation. We are going to interview Tom Hawkins, Mic turner and Suze Robinson hopefully.

It is good for people to get to know the famous players and where the stadiums have been since the GFC have started. This will be important to learn and teach other people about the GFC and hear it from past people and players now and what they know. That is the reason why I want to do this topic.

My idea is to create a documentary where there is two people in the green screen room and do a coverage on the GFC and the stadiums and then interview the people. I want to do this idea because I do not think other people would of thought of this and I think it will be very different to other ideas.

I really want to do this topic and hope I can do this and enjoy what the finished product would be.



Gauss Beats the Teacher

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For the past two lessons we have working on a problem and that was called Gauss beats the teacher this is a problem where he finished his maths work so his teacher wanted to keep him busy until lunch time but before the teacher could get back to his table he had finished how was this possible so we had to work out the quickest strategy.

The first lesson we had to use the blocks to work it out a quicker and a different way I worked with Ash and we decided to make letter shapes and then we had to work out the quickest way to do it in addition and maybe use some subtraction. For example I made a W and I did ( 2 times 5 ) plus 4 and ( 5 times 2) plus ( 4 times 2 ) minus 4 equals 14.

So we went off and had a go at this problem but first I had tried doing it by 99 plus one and 98 plus two etc. But when I had finished I realised that this was wrong and then I realized a different way too do it so I did this 1-9 equals 45 and then I found a pattern 10-19 equalled 145 then I found a pattern so I went up too 99 and it worked it equalled 945. Then I had to add all of these together with my brain because I did not want to ruined the answer by using the calculator so I finally worked it out and that equalled 4950 but I had to plus the number by 100 because I only went up to 99. Therefore the answer was 5050.

The strategy’s that  I used were guess and check and breaking it down into a smaller problem these really helped the steps that I took towards the answer.  The challenges that I had to face. I think finding the answer was one of them because I used a strategy that did not work at first and then I found a strategy that worked.  But I still do not know how he did it in that time because he would not of had a calculator or anything that would of helped him at that time.

The extension was where you had to find what all the even numbers added up to and what the odd numbers added up too. So the girls did the even numbers and the boys and I worked on the even but we knew that it all had to add up to 5050. So first I worked out that there was 50 odd numbers in 100 and there are 25 pairs so I just did 25 times 100 is 2500 so that gave us our answer. But to make it certain the girls got 2550 sol we knew we had got our answer.

This was one of the most challenging problems we have done and I encourage you to try it. Remember this is a true story. I learnt that this strategy’s are way more important than you think they are.