Passion Project Term 3

What do you intend to create? I intend to create a power point slide show of the holiday I have just been on, I may do this on adobe premier, movie maker, or normal power point.

What technologies are you planning to use / learn about? I am planning to use my computer to do this presentation. I am planning to hopefully use adobe premier to increase my editing skills so when it coms to films it will be easier for me to edit. if I cant do it on adobe I will use movie maker or power point as my back ups.

who is your project targeted at? My project is targeted at someone who finds different places in the world interesting and wants to know more about them and discover different places. It is also aimed at people who might want to go there or just like photos of sunny places like beaches, boats, and more.

What are you looking forward to?


Photography Passion Project Term 2

1. I intend to create a collage of photos using my iPhone my iPhone is the only technology I’m using I am also going to use an editing app but not sure which one to use yet. I am only planning to take photos using my phone. I am planning to learn about lots of different things one of the main ones is learning how to use different editing apps and to learn how to edit different photos using different techniques and styles. My project is targeted for   people who like photography and people who want to learn how to take better photos step by step and people that want to learn how to use editing apps to edit different sorts of photos using only a phone and editing app. I am looking forward to everything about this passion project especially how to exploring different things and styles about different sorts of editing apps and seeing which ones are great to use and which ones not as good. I am also really looking forward to taking the actual pictures using only a phone. All of these Photos I have already taken because I am doing my favourite photos and memories I have taken on holidays and then I might change the lighting and edit only some a little bit. I am also doing my favourite places as well as holidays and memories.

2. So far I have achieved saving all the photos that I am doing to my camera roll I have also started changing some of the colours on them so it looks a tiny bit different but it doesn’t look fake. I have learnt to do different editing on only camera roll I just discovered some other tools that you can use. The challenges I have experienced so far are trying to make the photos not look fake. The next step for me is to make the portfolio print out the pictures on a sprocket and stick them in. after sticking them in I am going to name all the places where the photos I have taken are. Overall I still have quite a lot to do but am going to get a lot done once the photos are printed and I get more films for the sprocket and get some coloured paper.

3. I think I did achieve what I originally set out because it looks like what I imagined and planned it to look like. The challenges I faced overall where figuring out what to do for my layout but once I started planning and thinking how I wanted it to look I had a good idea of how it was roughly going to look. I overcame those challenges by brainstorming how I would like the design to look. I decided to use black for the colour of the poster cause the pictures I was using my favourite place had lots of pops of different bright colours. If I where to continue this project I could do research on some of those places that where on the poster if the poster had more space on it. Here are some pictures of the process that I went through making this poster of my favourite places.


  1. Printing out the photos of my favourite places I’m using for this project.




2. Writing the heading of ‘My favourite places’

3. Placing the photos how I wanted them laid out.

4. Sticking the photos on the black poster paper

5. Labelling all of my favourite places I chose to use for this project.

Overall I really enjoyed making this poster of all my favourite places I have been to.




Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

I think it was the most powerful at the end when he said make sure you know your farmer and pick organic food all the time because you never know what’s in your food if its not organic. I think it was amazing when he said he wanted to be an NFL player but he wanted to be an amazing talented organic farmer instead because he thinks that that is better for the environment and that the environment needs his help to make it a better place. The last thing we need to be doing is killing animals when they are doing nothing at all to us and we are killing them for no reason but to eat them.

I thought the main messages where be nice to the environment and take care of it cause that’s basically what keeps as alive and breathing so we need to take good care of it and not ruin it by killing all the important animals to our environment. ( no vegan promo ) I also thought it was quite interesting that most every little kid is drawn to colourful toys and plastic wrappers that are rainbow because they love colour. Overall I think Birke’s TED talk was entertaining and interesting to learn a lot more about the environment. We can all make a difference !!!!

Richard Turere TED Talk

I think Richards TED talk was very amazing and inspiring to others in Kenya where he lives and all around the world. I think that my main take away from this was you can achieve lots of things no matter how old you are and they can make a MASSIVE difference. I thought it was very amazing that Richard even got a scholarship to one of the best schools in Kenya by making this invention and helping others in such a simple way yet it is so life changing for them cause there animals is most important thing. I think Richard is giving a BIG message and I think that message that Richard is trying to give others is that violence is NOT the answer.

I think Richard got his messages to the audience by adding only minimal humour because he was talking about a very sad, touching, and raw topic so there was no need for lots of humour cause the audience needed to take this topic VERY seriously. I think there where happy parts cause Richard was saying that he made one of the biggest changes for people in Kenya his home town.

I don’t think Richard used any technical support and if he did I do not think it was noticeable for people watching and the audience because he did not have anything in his hands. I also think that he wouldn’t have needed a script because Kenya is his home ton and he knows so much about that place and what happens there because he is such a big part of it cause he made a massive change.

I think Richard used many presentation technics well because I couldn’t see a script in his hands and couldn’t see one on the floor and if he did he hid that he had one and did that very well. I think it was great that he was so honest with what was happening in Kenya and the amazing changes he made for everyone living in Kenya. I think it was also great that he used some humour but very minimal humour cause it is such a serious topic. I thought Richards TED talk was very entertaining and definitely recommend watching it !

here is a picture of Richard in his home town Kenya with only some of Kenya’s local animals.



The THINK acronym is supposed to help you understand more about digital citizen ship and to understand the goods and the bad parts of that. it helps you understand what to post on social media and that EVERYTHING is saved and stored somewhere in the world.

1.  I think is it true means you need to be truthful and always tell the truth cause you have a    digital footprint.

2. I think helpful means if you going to send something to someone that isn’t really important or if its unnecessary you need to think is this going to be helpful for others and if it isn’t there is no need sending it.

3. I think inspiring means is it going to inspire some or is it going to make them want to do the same thing cause you do not want that if it is not helpful and does not make them a better version of themselves.

4. I think is it necessary means is it appropriate and does it have any purpose and meaning to it to help others.

5. I think is it kind is important because it is important to know if it is kind and is it going to help others or is there a possibility that it is going to make them upset if you think it is going to make them upset and it is not helpful then do not send it.



Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think the main messages are don’t be afraid to try something new. To try new things weather you will turn out to like them or not just give it a go. My takeaway from Thomas’s TED talk was to try new things weather you like it or not and strive to be the best version of yourself to make other people be inspired and try new things.

I think Thomas got his messages to the audience cause he used lots and lots of humour by putting the adults down using sarcasm. I think it is very interesting that kids in his generation are more interested in exploring technology than other generations. Thomas is giving the audience a message that you are capable of anything weather your an adult or not you are just as creative if not more creative.

Thomas used his iPad as technical support to help him just in case he got stuck he would have it there to support him when he needed it. Thomas did not look down at his iPad very much only when he needed support for a few words here and there. I think he did very well remembering everything.

I think Thomas used every single presentation technique amazingly well. he memorized all of his speech put still had his iPad there to support him when he needed to help him with some words here and there. he connected with the audience very well by having humour throughout his presentation. I enjoyed watching Thomas’s presentation a lot and think it is amazing what he can do and achieve at only an amazing twelve years old.

Green Screen Clinic

Green Screen Clinic.prproj-xhkr3d

Today in film school I attended the green screen clinic with all of year six. I found this very challenging to under stand but at the same time I learnt lots I found it challenging because the screen on adobe premier pro is very complicated and confusing but as the year goes on I will learn more and more about that program. I enjoyed this and learnt a heap about this program. please watch my video to see some of the things I got up to and learnt about this program. the link on the top is the link to what I did in adobe premier pro with the green screen clip from the internet.

Adobe premier pro clinic

today in film school I attended the adobe premiere pro clinic with the whole of year six. I enjoyed this and had heaps of fun. I also found this challenging because it was very complicated at the start and then I got the hang of how to use it. please watch my video to see some of the things I got up to and learnt learning how to use adobe premier pro for the first time.

Wireless Mics


Today in film school I attended Mr Henderson’s film school clinic about wireless mics. I enjoyed this heaps and learnt lots. I learnt about lapel, transmitter, receiver, and more. please watch my video to see some of the things I got up to and some of the things I learnt.

here is a picture of what a lapel mic looks like.