Wireless Mics


Today in film school I attended Mr Henderson’s film school clinic about wireless mics. I enjoyed this heaps and learnt lots. I learnt about lapel, transmitter, receiver, and more. please watch my video to see some of the things I got up to and some of the things I learnt.

here is a picture of what a lapel mic looks like.


Zoom Cameras

Today in film school I attended Mr Henderson’s clinic that clinic was zoom cameras. I learnt lots of different things like that the zoom cameras is just the name of the camera not because of the zoom quality. I enjoyed Mr Henderson’s clinic a lot this was probably my favourite out of the three clinics. please watch my video to see some of the things I got up to.

here is a picture of what the zoom camera looks like without the sponge mic cover on it.

here is a video of me and charlotte filming tongue twisters using the zoom camera. ( Romy is filming. )



Audio Booths

Today I attended Mr Galluccio film school clinic about the audio booths I learnt lots of things like the guide lines of the audio booths and the rules. I enjoyed this clinic a lot and am very exited to start using the booths for my films and other things like that. please watch my video to see lots of the things I learnt.

presenting your peice to camerea

year six also learnt how to present there piece to camera here are some things I learnt about this….
.plan and know your purpose
.rehearsal and warm up
.eye line to camera
.jot down notes
.present your ideas using a story board
.write a script
.why are you presenting?
.be ready and do not go on cold
.breathing exercises help
If you are looking away…

.limited connection to your audience
.you are not prepared
.you are lying


here are two videos of me practising being in front of the camera saying tongue twisters.

I enjoyed learning properly how to present my pieces to camera so now I know when I record next I have my eyeline to camera and other things like that. please watch my video so you can what I learnt with Mr Galluccio.


last week I attended Mr Henderson’s lesson he taught as how to use different cameras overall I think I enjoyed this the most. please watch my video to see some of the fun thing I learnt about cameras, tripods and different angles of photos.

here is a picture of the H F G camera I used I found this fun and interesting to learn to use.

here is a picture of the tripod we used this tripod to place the H F G camera on I found this fun to learn how to change it to different lengths and other things like that.

Point & Shoot Cameras

today year six learnt about Point and shoot cameras here are some of the things I learnt…..

Rule of the thirds: There are two vertical lines and horizontal lines make sure to put the main elements of the image on the lines.

Balancing elements: place the main subject off-centre you should weigh bye adding another subject.

Leading lines: natrually look at the lines make it point towards a line.

View point: your image should have a message you can do that by taking it on a different angle.

Back round: use a plain backround to not get distracted by the main object.

Framing: use a natrual frame to make you focus more on the main subject.

Miss Williamson allowed as to go outside and take these photos I enjoyed taking these photos and learning different types of photos.

here is a photo of leading lines this is not a photo I took it is an example of what leading lines looks like. the purpose of leading lines is the line or lines naturally makes your eyes follow the line until it reaches an object this object is usually the main object of the photo apart from the leading lines.

here is a photo of the rule of third the purpose of rule of thirds is that there is 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines at least one of the main elements of that photo should be on that line. I enjoyed learning what the rule of thirds was.



My Last Design Reflection

I have extremely enjoyed these last two terms of our projects because we got to make and research what we wanted to do and what we are passionate about. I have learnt a heap about circuits and how they work. I think that my project was quite a challenge to do because the lights where faulty so I had to unpick it all and start again that meant that it took me longer to do than it should have. I have also learnt how to use a sewing machine witch I found very challenging and fun.

I think that I could take my learning away from this and use it in projects I do in the future for example I could use what I learnt I in year 8 create. like using a sewing machine and learning how circuits work and how to hand sew a lot better using conductive thread.