September 18

country’s of the world

In the Culture of the World challenge, we had to pick a country that is unique and that we wanted to learn about. We had to research the flag, the social behaviours so sport and food, the religion and the traditions.


There are a couple of differences between Fijian culture and my and family’s traditions. Firstly, they have traditional ceremonies and my family don’t. Also, their national sport is rugby, although Australians play rugby our national sport is AFL.

Although there are lots of differences there are also a couple of similarities. The Fijian flag has the symbol of Great Britain in the top left corner this means Australia and Fiji both respect great Britain. Also, both countries have religions that believe in Jesus and god and both these religions are the most popular.

If I lived in Fiji I don’t think I would like most of their food because most of their food is made of fish and i don’t like fish.



September 13

passion project last post

as soon as I found out I made the VIC team I knew I was going to get photos from my experience in WA I wanted to do this because I knew Lucious’ dad was going to get some great photos of me and the team. I did not really have any challenges because it was not a very hard project apart from trying to download the photos from my mum’s phone to my computer to fix this I just got my brother how knows a lot about technology and he got it done. I didn’t have any successes apart from getting my film done if that counts. somehow I would put commentary over the photos that would be kind of cool but I have no idea how to do that.









How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?  

Insert any images you have of you producing your project