June 10

passion project reflection

I did not achieve what I was originally going to do but I did something fun and informative. over the process I faced so many challenges. I originally set out to do a footy clinic for the junior school kids but because of their schedule I had to wait until the last couple of weeks but then the weather was bad so we had to call off the clinic so I was left with no passion project. then I thought of just getting all the footy photos of me into a movie but then I remembered that I get photos when I play footy for Victoria so I decided to do that next term. then I decided to go with a new project on Joel Selwood about how he does not shrug. the main thing I did to over some these challenges was to stay calm and because I love footy so much I had so many ideas that I would love to use so it was not that hard to get it done well and quickly. because I  had just one week to complete this I did not get all the information possible but I still got a bit. if I had my time again I would have put much more information in the project to make it more interesting.







Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? How did you overcome the challenges? How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?
Insert any images you have of you producing your project.