May 1

Thomas Suarez TED talk

In Thomas’ talk the message was clear, the main message I took away was that kids are capable to make games and be successful in the technology world and to get people involved. he made this clear by not steering away from this message and even using some humour. he got his message across very well he talked with emotion to intrigue the audience. to make his presentation the best it could be he used a bit of technology like a head set to get his voice over to the back of the room. the used a clicker to get images on the screen and he used his I pad with his lines on it to refer to if he got stuck. he used some great presentation techniques to engage the audience, he used humour to make the audience listen to every word, he went over relatable topics so the audience could relate to what he was saying and he used great emotion in his words and used hand gestures to entertain the audience.



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