October 13

leo barry mark recreation term four free project


Today I started my new free project. I decided to steer away from all the programs that involve having to code something. So because I love footy I can up with recreating the famous Leo Barry mark in the 2005 grand final. I figured out that I would need two pieces of wood, so I can slide Leo through a cut in the wood. On the ball and in Leo’s hands are strong magnets so when the ball comes he marks the ball. This project should be fun and achievable.


the video of the mark we are going to recreate 



Preparing for construction

Today I was getting ready to start the project. First, I had to finish the documenting for the term three project. After that I drew a diagram of what the project might look like. Then I started a list of what we needed on who will get what. The list was long, but it created a clear path on what to do next. We had to go and dig up some supplies around the school. We found some meatal poles that jack will cut and they will be the poles that the string connected to the ball swings on. Then I found some wood so Charlie can cut them over the weekend. That is what I did today I can’t wait to start constructing.



spray painting

today I started to spray paint the footy field. we decided to spray paint the wooden footy field white so we can put masking tape in the shape of a footy field. then with the masking tape still stuck on so the lines will be white when the rest of the field will be green. it was really difficult to spray paint in the wind but after we figured out what way the wind was going and how hard it was blowing, we could spray the wood pretty well. at the start we were to speedy and we put the masking tape over wet paint so when we pulled it off it was all messy. after that we fixed the messy bits then we waited for it to dry.


before we spray painted 


after we spray painted 


taping the lines onto the board, sticking the goals on the board and spray painting the rest of the board green. 

today I started the day with putting masking tape on the white spray painted board. I put tape on the board in the shape of the AFL lines. then I spray painted over the masking tape lines with the white spray paint under the masking tape. so when I take the masking tape off the board is green with white lines. then I made the goals out of paddle pop sticks the goal posts are two and 7 eighths of a paddle pop sticks. then the point posts were made of only one paddle pop sticks. then we stuck them onto the board this was hard because there was only a small space to glue them on. sometimes I had to do it all again. after that the green spray paint had dried and I could peal the masking off the see the lines. that was very successful because the lines look like they do on a real footy ground. I feel that today was very successful because I got a lot done and now I have a clear path in how I’m going to successfully complete this project.


after we put the goals on and stuck the tape on


after we finished the footy ground


Making a slot so Leo Barry can slide through

  The first thing I did today was I made a little passage or slot, so the cardboard Leo Barry figure can slide through. My first idea was to drill a hole in the board so I can fit my saw in it without having to cut the edge. So I did that but then I thought that I could do the hole way in drill holes connected together then file them with sand paper. So that’s what I did and it ended up pretty good except that there were little dips in the edges. To make it look better I put the drill on full and took it up and down the edges. It worked so well the edges became very straight. I had to make the edges straight so the paddle pop stick going down from Leo doesn’t get stuck on his way to mark the footy.

how it looks now 


What I decided about the pack

To save time I decided to print a picture of the pack. The only problem was that all the images were of the pack when Leo Barry comes the pack. There was a lot of discussion in this time. In the end we decided to just get the best photo of the pack with Leo in it. So, we printed a full page picture and it was way to big. So, then we made it about half a page it was still to big. Finally, I got the right size at about a fifth of the page. This was a big decision because it was a big time saver.


this is what it looks like 


Making the handles so Leo can move

The last thing I did today was make the handles, so Leo can move. The handles are so Leo can slide through. The handles were very simple to make all I had to do was measure some string three times as big as the board, so I can pull it each way. Then I got the hot glue and stuck the string on some paddle pop sticks and it was done. When I finish drawing Leo I will stick him onto some cardboard so he stands up straight. After that I will stick the middle of the string onto Leo so I can move him around. today was very successful because it got a lot done and I came up with some new ideas that can help guide me to the finished product. 



Making decisions and constructing

Today I had a talk to Mrs Watson about the project and she said that we should have a catapult, so it becomes a two player game so player one moves the character and player two flings the ball. So, I tried to make a catapult out of cardboard. That did not work so I decided to make a catapult. So, I got two paddle pop sticks and stuck them down onto the board then got a rubber band and put it around the paddle pop sticks put it did not stay there so I over lapped it to make it tighter but that made the paddle pop sticks lean to one side. So, then I put hot glue around it, but it still did not work. Today was a hard day because I had to make hard decisions and not everything worked. Then I had the idea to hot glue the ends of the rubber band to the paddle pop sticks then all I must do is pull the band a bit further and it will hopefully work. Today I learnt that everything does not work all the time but when things don’t work it is good because you then improve your project.


Trying the plan I thought of yesterday and Putting Leo in the slot so he can slide

Today I came into school early to try and get everything to work. First, I tried the idea I had yesterday which was to hot glue the rubber band to the paddle pop sticks. But the paddle pop sticks still did not stay straight. So I decided to go one with the next job which was to put Leo Barry in the slot. First, I hot glued a paddle pop stick to the bottom of Leo then got a small bit if a paddle pop and stuck it on the bottom of the longer paddle pop stick that it connected to Leo. Then I stuck the handles onto the back of Leo. Then to make Leo not be able to slide through the slot I put to little bits of paddle pop sticks on the flat sides of the long paddle pop stick that is connected to the Leo figure. But the Leo figure did not move that smoothly. So, I decided to put some more bits of paddle pop sticks on the other bit of the paddle pop stick that is connected to Leo. I did this so the figure had even weight on each side. After I did this it helped but not completely. I soon found out that is was getting caught on the sides because I has holding the handles to high so it was not smooth. After I found this out I fixed my hold on the handles the figure moved quite well. Today I learnt that if something does not work add an idea to it or modify it and it should work.

the video of the figure moving 



Putting new goals on, making the crossbar so the ball can swing, gluing the ball to the string on the crossbar and screwing the blocks to the board to elevate it

First, I glued the new goals on the board. I chose to get new goals because the old goals would not stand up and they would always fall off. So got the hot glue ready and stuck the new goals on the board. These goals are really good because they have a little disc at the bottom so they are supported and won’t fall over. There were no difficulties which a great start to the day. Then I decided to hammer the blocks in between the two boards so the Leo figure can move. So finally I got one nail in then I realised that I would have to nail the blocks to the bottom board al well as the top board. But I did not have the time so I got the nail out and went and got some screws and a drill. This made it so much easier and more efficient. After that I hot glued the two poles on to the board. Then I put a metal bar across the top of the two wood poles. This was a good idea until I was about to put it back but then they fell off. Now I am going to get wood glue, so it stays and I can complete this part of the project. Before the poles fell I tied some string on the metal bar and stuck the end of the of the string to the small footy that I earlier put a magnet on so when I swing the ball the Leo Barry figure marks it because he has a magnet in his hands. At first I did not measure the string and it did not measure and the ball did not reach Leo so he could not mark it. After that I learnt that I should measure and I get the measuring done and it was perfect and Leo marked the footy. Today was very successful I got so much done and never got distracted. Today I learnt that the days you have that you don’t get much done in the building department but you get problems solved are really good because they set you up for a great next session. Next session I will stick the crossbar back up with wood glue. Then I will start using humming bird equipment to make my project really cool.


the new goals


the crossbar

birds eye view of everything


the video of the ball sticking to the hands of Leo Barry


sticking the crossbar on and fixing the crossbar so the ball swings smooth

To start the day I decided to stick to crossbar up so I could test the humming bird leds and distance sensor when I do that. Because I have no wood glue I just decided to put a big blob of hot glue at the bottom of the two poles then when that dries put more hot glue down the sides to stabilize it. Then I put the metal bar on the top of the two poles and stuck it down with hot glue but it came off. Then I had the idea to hot glue it again then put lots of layers of masking tape in a x shape to make the bar secure. After that I tried to swing the ball but it hits the ground when you try to swing it. The only reason it worked last time is because I through the ball instead of swinging it. First I had to idea to move it forward and take up the string but the I realised that is would still hit the ground because it will be the same as the other one but it is just closer. Then I thought that I could just take it up in the original spot but then it did not reach Leo Barry’s hands. Then I had the idea to stick a paddle pop horizontally to elevate the string and not let it hit the ground. And it worked and I was able to swing the ball through to Leo Barry. Today I learnt It is good to have lots of ideas because you can put them all into action and pick the best one.



Putting humming bird cords into the humming bird cords, programming the humming bird and sticking the led and the distance sensor

After that I did what I said I would do on my last blog post. First I put the different cords from the leds and distance sensor into the humming bird board. The humming bird board it the thing that gives the program to the leds and distance sensor. So then I started to program the humming bird. At first it was very difficult because I could not remember anything I had done previously. But then I got on a role and started to remember the humming bird programming I had done earlier this year. It took a few tries but when I switched the led program block to the if space instead of the else place it finally worked. After that I taped the four leds to the tops of the goal posts but I had to think about this because the cords are not that long so I had to stick the leds on the end on the point post on the same side as the led I continued to do this until all the leds were stuck up. Then I had to measure where to put the distance sensor so it does not sense the figure when it moves towards the sensor but it does sense the footy when Leo Barry marks it. That means it had to be as high as Leo’s hands but 7-10cm away so it can only sense the ball. To make the distance sensor stand up I hot glued a paddle pop stick to the ground then put masking tape around the paddle pop stick and the distance sensor. On the time Leo marked it the leds lit up and it worked. In this part of todays session I learnt that humming bird evolves a bit of trial and error but you have to keep trying because if you give up you will never get it done.


the explanation of the program


the video of the leds and distance sensor working


the video of everything working 




programming humming bird to say Leo Barry you star 


Today was interrupted by a music concert but in the last hour I went flat out to achieve my goal for the day. My goal was to get my snap program to say “Leo Barry you star” when the distance sensor senses that Leo has marked the footy. I came up with the idea in the first period and started to try and get it to work but before I could even start we had to line up ready to go to the concert. After lunch I was determined to get the program to say “Leo Barry you star”. To start I tried to do a screen recording then import it into power point then into snap. It took a few tries to get the screen recording right because sometimes it would glitch and the video frame would move or I would not get all the right words. When I finally got the screen recording right the sound did not go in. so then I watched I couple of YouTube videos to help me get sound into the program but they all did not help. Then I decided to play around and explore snap a bit then I found a button that said record sound. So I quickly got my computer got the Leo Barry mark up on my computer recorded “Leo Barry you star” then I imported it into a brick that said play sound. Then I put the brick that said play sound at the bottom of the if part of the program. But when the ball stuck to the hand of Leo Barry like it is supposed to the sound would get all mushed up and sound really weird. So then I had another explore looking for something that would help. Then I found a block that said play sound until done this means that is will play Leo Barry you star once and will not get mushed. When I tested the program it worked perfectly.


 explanation of the program


The video of it working
(you might not be able to hear the Leo Barry you star audio there is a lot of background noise)




Photo shopping

Today was supposed to be two hours of design but I had swimming. So, as a result of that I only got 40 minutes of design. Because I could not decide what to do in such a small amount of time I just went on the internet and tried to find the AFL on ground grand final logo, so I can stick it on the field and it will look like it does in a real grand final But when I searched it up it only came up with the 2006 logo. This was a problem because I need the 2005 logo. Because I could not find the 2005 logo I decided to photo shop the six into a five. This was really hard because I have never used photo shop before. At first, I was just going through every tool to see if it would help. After a long time of searching I found a cover tool. This tool is pretty much spray paint. First you are have to pick your colour this took a long time because I wanted to get it perfect. Then I had to run my mouse over where I wanted the paint to go. Then I right clicked on the photo and looked through the drop down menu and there was an icon that said type. So, I placed my mouse over where I wanted the five to go and clicked down. But I forgot to pick the size. So, then I picked the size and put a five where it should be. Then I printed the picture and stuck it on the field. Today was a good day because I learnt how to use photo shop and I got the on ground 2005 grand final finished. Next session I might try to make stands around the footy field or make the bench where the players sit when they are about to go on the ground.


Making the stands

Today I started with what I said I would do. I made the stands.at the start of the session I decided to stack two paddle pop sticks in the front row then in the second I would have five then in the third row I would stack eight paddle pop sticks then sticks down. I did this four times, one set of stands in each corner of the board. The only problem was that I stuck a few of the stands down with hot glue but then I ran out of hot glue and had to use PVA glue. Nothing went wrong from there. In this part of the lesion I learnt to compromise to get a result.


Picture of the stand



Making the benches 

After I finished making the stands I decided to make the benches. I made the benches out of three cut paddle pop sticks stuck together then I put two cut pieces and put them on each end of the three paddle pop sticks then I put a paddle pop stick on the top as a roof. Then stuck it on either wing off the board. I had no difficulties with this little part because I visualised what it would look like and just did it when I had the idea. I think today was very successful because I got all the jobs that take a long time out of the way. Next session I might put some players on the field and bench to make it look realistic. I might also put some logo people in the stands.


Picture of the bench


Birds eye view picture of everything



Putting people in the stands

Today I did what I said I would do in my last blog post. I started the day with making the project more detailed. At the start of the session I could not decide on how I was going to make my project more detailed. Then I thought that I could put people in the stands. My first idea was to get some Lego people and put them on the stands, but I could not find any Lego people. So, I went on the internet and got photos of each team’s supporters. I got three different pictures of fans from each team and put them on cardboard. After that I stuck them onto the stands using blue tick. Today was pretty easy because there were no difficulties and It was not a very difficult task.



picture of the eagles fans 


picture of the swans fans 




today I did a lot of documenting. I started making a movie, a power point and a drew a diagram of the project. today was very easy because I only made thing on my computer and nothing was hard at all. I did all this documenting because the expo is coming up and I thought that it would be good to have something to show apart from my project. today I did not learn much because nothing I did was very hard at all. also there were no difficulties which was good because that made the day pretty easy.



finishing the movie 

today I decided that we did not need a power because I’m making a movie. the movie is about the journey of this project. the movie shows pictures and videos about the steps that I had to conquer to get the finished product. today I put the rest of the pictures in the movie then I put some captions on the photos and videos. the only problem was when I put some animations in to make the transitions look cool. but when I tried to do put the animations in they changed all the captions times so they did not match the right picture or video. so after that happened I decided to get rid of the animations and finish the movie. and that is what I did.



The summary

this terms project was amazing, it was not too complex that we could not get a result. but in saying that my project was still quite complex. in this terms project I learnt that it is great to make something you are passionate about, so you are very interested and determined in getting the job done. also, I learnt that it is good to elaborate on your thoughts to make the project more complex and appealing for others. This project was good because my group members and I were very focused because none of us has had a finished project. This project was very unique, so no one could really tell us how to do it there were no tutorials on how to complete the challenge. But in some respects that is good that no one could help up because that taught me to be creative and drive myself in my learning to archive the ultimate goal that is to complete the project. In the end that is what we did. This terms project was so much different in every way to my term three project a self-watering footy ground that also lights up when it gets dark. The first reason is that my term three project I used Arduino and did a lot of programming. This term I learned from my mistakes and steered away from the Adriano and programming. Although I did program the humming bird led’s and distance sensor the humming bird programming is very different to the Arduino programming, the Arduino programming uses words, letters, numbers and even symbols that were very confusing. Also the Arduino programming is very disorganised and confusing. But on the other hand, In humming bird there are about 6 to 8 different coloured categories with different matching coloured blocks in them. For example, the orange blocks are for control so start blocks and everything like that. Having the programming blocks colour coded is helpful because this makes it organised and you know where to look for a block without having to think. Another thing that is good about humming bird is that it is block programming so, this means that you do not have to do as muck because all the blocks do one important each thing so the whole program works. I think it was good to have two very different projects because that means I learn about equipment that I did not use in the previous projects. I’m also happy that my first project did not work because that showed me that I had to big goals to try and archive in a small amount of time. Without my first term fail I would not have completed the second term project because I would have not learnt that somethings are just to hard. this project had no major difficulties, this made the project flow well and because we did not have to stop for any troubles we got to add more onto the project. over all this project was very fun and I learnt a lot. I would defiantly recommend it for anyone who wanted to have fun while learning.



 finished movie 







the last blog post 



this project I did so much, I feel like I covered all basses. I covered the base of humming bird and humming bird programming. I covered the base of woodworks and finally I covered the base of being organised. this project made me think in different ways and made me more creative. over all I think I really pushed myself to try new things and get the project done.



the more important ideas in the project were the idea of putting magnets on the ball and in the hands of Leo Barry. another important idea was the idea of elevating the board so Leo can move through. probably the most important idea was the idea of putting the humming bird in. the humming bird Idea was important because it made the project more sophisticated. I really enjoyed this project project because I got to be creative and learn new thing while having fun.




I don’t really know where I could use this again. I do not know where to use this because it is so unique.




I don’t think their are any patterns in what we did because even though I had a very detailed plan, I was always adding different ideas to make the project interesting.




I think I did most things well because I thought the project through a lot and made a detailed plan. also I was very interested and focussed during the project.




I don’t think I can do much apart from make it bigger. I can’t do much because again the project is so unique.