September 20

who am i?

Who am I? summary

The book Who am I who am Is set at Bomaderry children’s home. Amy Charles now named Mary Talence lives in the Bomaderry home and has been there for five years. the people at the home changed Marys they from Amy Charles to Mary Talence. this was because they did not want Mary’s mother to find her. Just after Marys tenth birthday her life was changed again. Mary was adopted by a white family in St Ives. Mary was forced to go, this confused her. It made Mary not believe in herself. The family named the burkes only adopted her attention. It took a while for Mary to trust her new parents. This was yet another identity change. Mary liked to help out around the house and Marys new mother really liked that. This provoked a threatened little sister Sophie, and made Sophie been made to Mary. Sophie and her brother Sam made some ignorant comments. They said that the only reason she has food is because of the white people. On Marys very first day at school everyone realise that she was different and the leader of the mean students, Johnny Jones called Mary Abo and a Boong. Johnny Jones even spat on Mary. Later that week Mary Met an indigenous lady named Dot. Dot told Mary about aboriginal culture and how the white people will not kill the culture of the first Australians. Not acted like a mother to Mary. After the first meeting Mary went home and told her white adopted mother that she saw Dot. Mary was very excited, but her mother snapped at her and said that she was supposed to be white and not to talk to Dot. This made Mary confused and sad because she knows she is black and she can’t change that. At this moment Mary pondered a question the question was who am I? Mary continued to be bullied at school but after a while Mary finds a friend I Toni. Toni is a wealthy Italian girl who is very understanding of Mary’s struggles. At school, Mary is bullied by Johnny jones. Johnny Jones makes Merry feel ashamed to be aboriginal. Mary even tried to scrub the dark skin off her. Mary decided to be disobedient towards her adopted mother and kept seeing Dot. Dot told her about an aboriginal conference on what dot called invasion day. Very swiftly thought up a plan and put it into action. Merry site and illness when her parents and siblings went to a carnival, then Took a train to the conference. Very liked being referred to as an aboriginal like everyone else at the conference. At the end of the conference Mary answer the question of who am I? Mary decided that she is aboriginal, and she is proud.




Who am I and rabbit proof fence comparison.

In Anita Heiss’s who am I? and in Doris Pilkington’s rabbit proof fence I noticed a lot of similarities I also noticed a lot of differences. There were two main themes that stood out for me. The first one is responsibility. Both Molly and Mary are very responsible. For example, Mary took reasonability for the young kids at the Bomaderry home. And Molly took care of her younger siblings on their journey back home. The connection in those statements were that they are both good role models and like to help others. There were also a lot of differences in their responsibility. In rabbit proof fence Molly acted like a mother her sister, her cousin along with herself were taken away from their reals mothers. So, she had no other option, she had to step up. While Mary did not have to act like a mother because she had her real mother, then at Bomaderry children’s home matron rose then ma B her adopted mother. So, Mary had other options. She did not act like a mother. The second theme is they were both resilient children. A similarity is that both Molly and Mary were on a journey that required resilience. Both girls were tested enormously and both girls successfully stood up. There was also a difference in their resilience. Mary’s journey mostly required emotional resilience. This is because she was hit with a lot of confusing challenges. This made her emotional resilience stronger. While Molly was made to use her emotional and physical resilience. Molly used her emotional resilience because she had lots of self-forced pressure on her to look after the younger girls. Another reason she lost had to use emotional resilience is because she lost her best friend, her mother. Molly had to use physical resilience because she had to walk over two thousand miles. This journey was emotionally and physically exerting for Gracie, Daisy and mostly Molly. Anita Heiss’s and who am I? Doris Pilkington’s Rabbit proof fence opened my eyes to a whole new world of mixed emotions. There were happy feelings, stunned feeling, embarrassed feelings and of course sad feelings. I think Anita Heiss and Doris Pilkington did a fantastic job on their story’s.