July 25

optinal rotations

makey makey


Today we got a chance to use makey makey. Makey makey is a smaller and easier version of Arduino and humming bird. The makey makey board looks like a hand held game controller. On the makey makey board there are two circles with two holes in the middle the holes are for the alligator clips to get power than transfer the power. The two circles are named space and click. Next to the circles there four arrows in a cross shape. This cross also had holes in the arrows the holes are there for the same reason as the circles. All the arrows are pointing in a different way. this is so when you join the alligator to the holes than tap the other end of the alligator your avatar goes that way. This is only relevant to when you use scratch. Below the circles and the arrows there are six sets of two holes at the bottom these holes are named earth. The earth holes are used to give the alligator clips power.

This is the makey makey board


In challenge one of makey makey we had to make a you-tube video stop and start by two people fist bumping. To make the video stop and start by fist bumping we had to connect some alligator clips to click and earth. The reason for this is that when you connect an alligator clip to click than hold the other end of the alligator clip on the metal it clicks stuff. The reason for having a clip on earth is that the energy comes from earth and so that get the click circle to work when they are close to each other. It took a while for us to realise that you need to hold the metal bit on the end of the alligator clip for this project to work. This challenge was not very hard because we had instructions.

This is the video



This is the diagram

challenge 2

in challenge two we had to make a working guitar. the guitar was made out of cardboard and the guitar had coins on the edge these were supposed to be keys. this challenge pretty hard because there were a lot of cords. the main difficulty was when we tried to go onto the website were you were supposed to play, it would just so there was a disconnect. we tried to trouble shoot and we changed our computers and we changed the USB cord as well but nothing worked.

the photo of the guitar 


the photo of the cords




Little Bits


Today I had to change to a different rotation. I picked the rotation of little bits. The little bits kit has all these different blocks. These blocks are not Lego blocks or anything like that. These blocks have magnets no the end and they connect to other blocks. After you put all the blocks together you put them on a board with holes. There are little things at the bottom of the blocks to board. Little bits also requires a code like humming bird and scratch but with little bits the code is already made for you. Little bits is not really similar to Arduino, humming bird or makey makey. this is good and bad. it is bad that little bits isn’t similar because I could not use any of the knowledge I had picked up in other rotations. It is good that little bits had not many similarities because I got to learn more stuff that might help me in different rotations

Challenge 1

In challenge one I decided to make tug of war game. This tug of war game had two controllers with a little bits button. This challenge was hard because I had never used little bits before and little bits has no relations to any other rotations I have done. This challenge was simplified by a video that showed me what to do. This challenge was really fun, and I learnt a lot that will help me in challenges to come.

the video of the game being played 


the photo of the game 


the 1st bit of the program


the 2nd bit of the program 

the 3rd bit of the program 

Challenge 2

In challenge two I tried to make a target game. So, I put all the little bits blocks on the board. Then I had the idea to make the target game a soccer goal. So, I made all the accessorises and stuck then on the board. Then I got onto the program and I uploaded it and pressed start, but it did not work. I tried going out of the program than going but into it. I tried restating my computer but it still did not work. Maybe my connections weren’t right I thought so I redid the hole project but it did not work. This challenge was very frustrating.


the diagram for the game 


a shootout game made 



Challenge 3

In challenge three I made a hot potato game. This was not very hard because I had learnt a lot in the other challenges. The hot potato game is made of the blocks and a screen the screen had a hart that would beat faster the longer the game went on. Then the screen shows a scull if you have the board you lose. This challenge was nice because it made me feel good about myself because the program uploaded perfectly.

The video of the game working


the 1st bit of the program

the 2nd bit of the program 


challenge 4

in challenge four I had to make a guitar sort of thing. the guitar had a volume dimer a pitch dimer and a on button. this challenge was easy because the guitar was very similar to the hot potato challenge. there were no difficulties in this challenge. this challenge was very fun. the guitar did not have many blocks so it was not so complicated. the program uploaded really well that made this challenge much easier.


the video of the guitar working


1st bit of the program 


2nd bit of the program


3rd bit of the program 

4th bit of the program

5th bit of the program