May 27

simple machines


In this project, I learnt not to over complicate things. After I learnt to simplify things I was able to achieve my challenges more effectively and efficiently . This enabled me to proceed and dedicate more time and effort to making my complex machine more complex.


The lever

The lever is an invention that helps lift heavier things. The lever has a stand{fulcrum} and two poles. Behind the stand are two shorter poles they act as the lever . A fulcrum is the stand that the lever relies on.


the lever working

wheel and axel

the wheel and axel is a straight forward invention because all it is a rod in the middle of two wheels. The axel is used to turn the wheels and hold the wheels in one place.



The wedge

The wedge is made of two inclined planes. Unlike the inclined plane the wedge is used to push thing apart. The wedge is used in inventions like blade of the axe. In my model of the wedge I built a triangle with the bottom connect bigger than the other two tis made the triangle edges sharper.



Inclined plane

An inclined plane is a slope or ramp that makes it easier to lift something. On my model of the inclined I have a stand with three rods coming off it. The stand is to make the structure inclined otherwise it would not help anything let alone lift things. The rods are to make the model look like a ramp.

the pulley

the pulley is an invention that does all sorts of things like helps pull buckets up like in a well. A pulley contains a wheel, so the rope goes up and down and a piece of rope. The rope is there because it makes you be able to control the speed of the bucket for example.

the screw

a screw is an inclined plane wrapped into a spiral. The screw is used to open bottles and pull corks out of bottles. In my model of the screw I grabbed a long rod and started putting red join pieces to the rod than a put small green connects in the red joining pieces.


my complex machine 

my complex machine is a splitting wedge. the splitting wedge is used to cut stumps of trees in half for fire wood. the way you split the wood is you put the wedge on the wood and hit it with a sledge hammer. the splitting wedge is used all over the world. the simple machine in this machine is a wedge. this took me about thirty minutes. there were a few difficulties in making the splitting wedge like figuring out how to get the connects into the holders.




Lego wedo ferries wheel

Because I had made my complex machine quickly I had the opportunity to use the updated version of Lego wedo. I took the opportunity to explore the new version of wedo. we decided to make a working ferries wheel. it took about one hour and thirty minutes. there were not to many difficulties apart from when I just finished the first carriage and I was feeling good about myself  then I realised I had to make three more carriages but luckily I new the proses of by hart in the end. this was a very fun way to learn to construct new things.

this is my ferries wheel


this is my program for the ferries wheel


my video of the ferries wheel working 


wedo goal keeper

today I made an other wedo construction. I decided to make a moving soccer goal keeper. this was not very hard at all and there were no difficulties and it only took thirty minutes. the simple machine in the goal keeper is a pulley. the pulley controls the goal keepers movements. the pulley is the most Important part of the goal keeper because without it the goal keeper would not move.

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