May 3

Me book reflction

1. How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates?

This project helped me to get to know my class mates in an easy way. It was easy because everyone had to make a book and it was not wired in any way. it was nice to get to know everyone and what their into or their interests. It was good to see if I had the same similar or completely different interests so in the play ground I can help them find people to play with if they need or know what to talk to them about.


2. Was it difficult to think of things to draw?

N0 it was not very hard to think of things to draw because I’m a creative person and I sort of got some ideas from other people and put all the ideas together and added somethings  to the design. Some other people on my table were doing similar pages so that made it a little easier.


3. Did you discover anything about yourself?

Yes I did learn a lot about myself. I learnt that as much as I love talking I also love listening to other peoples story’s and what they like doing. I like this because not everyone likes footy like me but getting to know my class mates story has got me to realise its not bad not to like all the things I like because that would be boring if everyone was the same it is good to have diversity.


page one

I’m happy when I’m spending time with my family

page two

my favourite food is mum’s home made sausage rolls

page three

my favourite footy team are the Geelong cats


page four

I feel happiest when I’m playing footy 

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2 thoughts on “Me book reflction

  1. Mrs Watson

    Well done, Lucas. Your responses to the reflection questions are quite thoughtful. I also liked that you included scanned images of your pages. They are well presented and engaging.


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