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Humming Bird

challenge 1 tri led 



Challenge 2 tri led


challenge 3 tri led



distance censer
In this challenge we had to use a distance censer to make things light up and turn. A distance censer is a piece of technology that censers if the thing it is told to censer is more than whatever you program to in this program we set it to thirty. So if you take the distance censer away thirty centimetres the lights will turn off.


Challenge one distance sensor
In challenge one we had to turn a tri-led on while we had this was quite easy because the website showed us the programming, but we still had to find everything. The only problem was that we could not find the distance brick, but it turned out that we had to click an arrow and it dropped a load of different options and as soon as we found that we were done. down the bottom you will find a photo, this is how we programmed the light and the distance censer.


Challenge two
In this challenge we had to get a servo motor to spin and a light to turn on all being controlled by the distance censer. The distance censer controls the servo motor and the led by being programmed to be in control of them when they are in a twenty five centimetre radius of the servo motor and the led but when it is not in a twenty five centimetre radius the distance censer is not interested and the servo motor and the led turn off. This took a lot more thinking than the other challenge. It was very difficult to program so many things at once. The main parts to the programming the led bricks, the servo motor bricks and the distance censer bricks.




Footy ground
Mini MCG
In this project we had to pick a project and use an input and an output. we thought it would be cool to make a footy ground. We had the Idea to make light posts and put the led in them like a footy ground. But I wanted to make a game out of it by making a ball and flicking goals, but we decided it would be to easy to get goals. I had the idea of sticking the servo motor to the footy ground and making it turn. Soon we realised that it would not hold the ground. After that we thought that I would be cool to use the vibration motor to make it hard to flick goals. The vibration motor was not strong enough to shake the ground. Then we thought that we could use the turn motor but after we got it all working and turned it on the wires on the led got tangled. Then Mrs Watson came over a suggested that the light should only be on when it’s dark like when they turn the lights on in the AFL. We all thought it was a great idea and we should try it so we went on a hunt for a light censer and we found one. After that we programmed ang got it to light up. Just before we had taken a video of it working the computer glitched and turned off. When we got it back open we found that it was not there because we forgot to save it, so we had to do it again but that time we did it better and finished just on time.
Below you will find the programming code this is a very complex passage of coding to the naked eye but it not that difficult after you know what everything dose. All the purple bricks are the leds
The yellow ones are for controlling everything they sort of organize everything. The green and the blue bricks control the light censer.

















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