March 23

lego wedo

Task 1.  Dancing Birds


The dancing birds was hard because we didn’t have all the pieces in our box so it took a while to find the pieces and put then together. The programing was also difficult because there were so many different buttons that did different stuff but they looked the same. I don’t normally play with Lego so I had to find what everything did.

The dancing birds was fun because it was a challenge and I learnt a lot about programing and using my computers recuses to help me in my learning.

The most important piece of this project is the pulley because if there was no pulley only one bird would move. the pulley is used to move the other bird. The pulley is able to do this because it is connected to a motor by a sires of cogs the pulley just has to turn and grip onto the other wheel connected to the second bird. after that the birds dance together.



Challenge 1.

Challenge one was can you program the birds to dance to music.

We did that quite quickly and easily.



Challenge 2.

Can you program your computer to show scenery while the birds dance.

That took a little bit longer than the 1st task but we still did it well.







Challenge 3.

Can you program your computer so that the display on your screen shows scenery as the birds dance to music and so the music changes when the birds move.

The took a long time to figure out but we did it in the end.







Task 2.  Spinning Top


The spinning top was not all that hard because there were not many steps and unlike last time we had all the pieces. there for we did not wast any time.

The spinning top challenge was fun because I decided to customize the spinner we added more pieces to slow it down and made it go quicker using the programing icons I also made it look cool as it span because I added small yellow and red pieces.

He most important piece of the spinning top would be the cogs because they transfer the power and speed of the motor to the spinning top and that’s how it spins.

In this task I learnt about how cogs work it was interesting watching how the cogs join and make each other rotate and help the spinner spin.


Challenge 1.

Can you make the spinner spin at different speeds.

That one was pretty hard and it took a long


Challenge 2.

Can you use the motion censer to make the propeller to stop when it get close to the ground.

That was easy for us but we kind of did it by accident.

Challenge 3.

Can you program your computer to show how any seconds it spins for.

We weren’t able to do that.






Task 3. Airplane Rescue


The airplane was not really that hard I think that is because I was getting good at building and programing the plane. I had trouble using the censer because there were so many programing icons that had a censer on them.

This was fun because we go to program the plane to go up and down and make the propeller go faster and slower. I don’t know what happened but when the plane went to close to the ground the propeller exploded. I don’t know if it was supposed to happen but it was cool any way.

In this project I learnt to persevere through any challenge and make mistakes to help me figure out what I need to figure out also I learnt how to use the censer.



Challenge 1.

Can you make the propeller turn left stop then turn right.

We did that easy all we had to do was use the turn icons.

Challenge 2.

Can you make the plane go faster up and slower down.

We did that pretty easily.

Challenge 3.

Can you make the plane make a different sound when it goes up and when it goes down.

That one took the longest time to accomplish.




Six wheel buggy

The six wheel buggy has six wheels but only four are connected to the motor we used pulleys instead of gears because we wanted more wheels to spin. There were a few problems like the Lego would go out of place that was very annoying.







March 14

cardborad constructions


first we watched a series of videos about cutting, making slot and box joins and making our construction neat and tidy.




I went onto the internet and found a chair made of cardboard and wondered if I could do it, I figured why not have a try.


  building the prototype was fun because I got to try different way to build the chair. I should work on my measuring because my prototype was wonky.


Building the bigger chair was very stressful because I wanted to get it perfect. I need to improve in making my cutting and be more neat.

March 14



First we watched a series of videos about cutting and joins.


After that I went on the internet and found a cardboard chair I wondered if I could do it, then I figures why not give it a try and see what happens.



The prototype was fun because I got to explore new strategies and joins. I probably should have measured better.



The final product was stressing because I wanted to get it perfect and neat.

In this project I should have cut and measured with more care. This project was lots of fun because It was a challenge.