November 29

How will I create our best tomorrow

I used to think that it was fun to let go of balloons and let them fly away, but now I know if I have a balloon I will keep it inside. A dead balloon can end up in a stomach of a bird or sea creatures.

I used to think that slaters were useless and lazy, but now I know they help the soil in a big way.

I used to think that no one was doing anything for the environment, but now I know that a lot of people love the environment and care for it.



November 17

My camp story

Day one

Day one was a thrill seeking adventure, but before we could do all the amazing activities, we had to settle into our cabins. In my cabin I had three of my friends Tom, Jack and Charlie.  After that we got into our activity groups. First, my group went to the towering Leap of Faith.

The Leap of Faith is a scary jump to safety. All you have  to do is to climb up staples stuck to a monstrous wooden pole.  Then when you reach the platform that is only a meter wide and a meter long.   When you get to the platform you are supposed to jump and try to hit the balloon  then float down to the ground with the help of the owner, Tess,  and a harness.

Later that day we played on a commando course. It was a test of strength and speed. The first obstacle was the rope swing. You had to swing from one platform to the other. The next obstacle was the cargo net you had to climb up the front then go down the back ,it was very tiring. Soon you had to jump on the pulling swing.  You have to get to the other side by pulling yourself with the help of a rope below. Finally there was the under and over. It tested your speed because you had to be quick jumping over the little horizontal elevated logs and ducking under the taller ones.

After the commando course we went to archery. I was not very good as the highest amount of points I got was a six. That was a fluke though because the other shots I had where zeros, ones and twos.

Archery was cool but the giant swing was even cooler. The swing had me running on adrenalin. I held on to the top so I had a really fast swing. Getting to the top was very hard because you had to hold your own body weight and you could only hold onto a little bit of rope.

The zip line was my last activity. It was very fun because we could do what ever you wanted with the zip line. You could lie on it, you could sit on the seat of the zip line or  you could do any thing bu you could not stand on it.

Day one had made me more brave and it made me think that I could complete every challenge that came my way.  Day one was just amazing.

Day two

Day two was a day of looking at picturesque views on puffing billy and successfully finding the endangered species, the Helmeted honey eater.

Helmeted honey eater spotting

First we had a quick talk with an expert on the Helmeted honey eater. She told us some facts and also showed us a dead stuffed Helmeted honey eater. Later we went on a walk.  I heard some amazing sounds. There were kookaburras laughing and frogs croaking but no Helmeted honey eaters in sight. So we went to the feeding box. There we were lucky enough to see about twenty of the one hundred and ninety six Helmeted honey eaters left in the world. I learnt so much about the Helmeted honey eater and it was so cool to see so many Helmeted honey eaters.

Puffing Billy

I loved ridding Buffing Billy because I saw lovely views of green hills and amazing wineries. The train was so cool because it was old and it ran on coal. I also liked it because I could kick back relax and have a chat with my friends.

Bush Walking

Once we had lunch we went on a bush walk.  We learnt about the lyrebird and the tall trees that live up to four hundred years old.  There were so many awesome animals I wish it went for longer but we had to go back to camp.

Day two was a great environmental day of looking at massive trees and awesome views.

Day three

The platypus show

The platypus show encouraged us to not use balloons and streamers at a party. Because balloons and streamers end up in the water then the platypus eat them and die. The people showed us some fresh water yabbies and a turtle. Did you know that platypus close their eyes when they hunt? Well, neither did I before the show.

The bird show

The bird show was a great learning experience for me and all my class mates. There were Wedge Tailed Eagles and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and one could even talk and dance.  Also we were lucky enough to see the Wedge Tailed Eagles fly. The Wedge TailedEeagles wing span is four meters wide.

At the end of the day I think everyone was tired and ready to go home.

Camp was a special experience for me. At camp I learnt to try new food, not only play with my closest friends and try your hardest in every thing you do. Everything was fun and an amazing thing to do but me favourite thing had to be the leap of faith, because the lead up to the platform was scary. And it made me feel like I could do anything when I hit the ground safely. Over all this camp has changed me in many ways. Like now I’m more grateful for opportunities and food, I’m more brave and a tackle my challenges more head on and now I have opened up to others and talked to them. I figured out that not only my closest friends are cool everyone is cool in their own way.

By Lucas Gray