September 20

My Enviro Reflection



I like the way that we approach our learning because it is different, interesting and fun.

The enviro has made me think that there is more to the world then my classmates, my family and me. There is beautiful birds, plants and so much more.


I have experienced so much in the enviro.


For example, Martin Scuffins came in not long ago and talked about birds of prey and the hazard is that they face. That made me think about what people could do for birds, here is some suggestions on what you could do for bird. Let us start at the top, most birds of prey eat rabbits, people poison rabbits, than if a bird of prey came along sees an easy meal. That easy meal is the poisoned rabbit than when the bird of prey eats the rabbit they almost instantly die. The way to prevent that is to use 10eighty that the birds do not react to. Instead of pindome, which birds almost instantly die from.


The enviro has made me look differently when I walk outside. I do not just see birds fly by. I see a cool spotted pardalote swiftly fly by and I do not just see a pinecone fall I see a pinecone fall because a gang gang cockatoo had eaten it.




List of excursions and incursions:

Narmbool/Martian Scuffins

We went to Narmbool because we wanted to know what was in the water at Narmbool. We learnt about how the aboriginals got food when because the English people really struggled to find food.

At the end of the day, we had a guest speaker his name is Martin scuffins he works at the hawk and owl sanctuary. He showed some birds fly but all the birds where injured at one point and on recovery.


Andrew katsis /hallena stokes

Andrew katsis talked about wrens and his life helping wrens all over Australia and his way of studying them for their personalities

Hallena stokes is studying crimson rosellas at Deakin university. She talked about her passion for crimson rosellas and when and how it happened.


Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks was a fun and challenging. It was challenging because we looked after the el3’s but that was also fun the other thing was we walked a long way and we where out doors all day also at the end we had quit time sketching which I needed after a big day.

Meraworp-tree planting

We went to Meraworp for a good rezone the good rezone is that it was school national tree planting day. All day we were planting and in the end we planted 1500 plants. It was a day I won’t forget.That’s us at the Merrawarp tree planting day. 


Farm day/gorges farm





MT Rothwell

We had so many learning experiences at MT Rothwell from painting the landscape with a famous artist sue Anderson to doing a 4km walk to the top of a mountain to look at critically endangered brush tail rock wallabies so endangered there are only 60 left in the world and we saw maybe 20 of them. Up at the top of the mountain to thank the nice people at MT Rothwell we did some cape weed weeding it was hard work to dig them out but at the end it was worth it because now I know I’ve done something nice for someone else. Just before dinner, we looked for some poo as proof that an animal has been here and some bones that we could identify with a book I found a spine. After dinner, we went on a night walk it was a lot of fun because endangered species like the eastern bared bandicoot that was thought to be exscinded for 50 years so the MT Rothwell team made a pest free fence. I love what the MT Rothwell team has done because they want to help the animals and if its sun hail rain Easter Christmas or your birthday, someone will go and see if there are no holes in the fence and if the wind did not wreck the fence. And that inspires me to try and make a difference by helping, caring for animals and everything else. I wonder who thought of making the fence slack and it have a lip at the top.

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