Passion project

I have finished my passion project and can’t wait to show my friends. I practised all of the shots I needed to do so I could get better at them. Some of the shots took me a long time and some weren’t as long. My next step is to add more to it.

Passion Project

I am going to make a film of me recreating NBA buzzer beaters. I am going to add the real video of the NBA player that made the shot. I am going to use adobe premiere to make the film. My film is targeted at people that like basketball. I am looking forward to seeing the final product.     Xav

Passion project

Some of the trick shots I did achieve but some I didn’t so I had to do new ones. It was challenging doing some of the shots because my second ball was flat and the pump broke . I had to come up with new shots which weren’t that good because I had limited choice. I would spend more time on the challenging shots because it would be fun to make those shots.

Here is one of my five dunks.

Birke Baehr

Birke was trying to tell us about what food was good to eat and what not to eat. He was explaining that companies use bright colours and plastic toys to get kids to tell their parents. He was explaining about all of the chemicals that farmers put in their foods to make them last longer so they can travel further. Birke said they put fish DNA in tomatoes.

There was lots of statements but I thought that the most important one was when he said you can pay the farmer or pay the hospital. Also at the end he said we can change the world one kid at a time.  My last is that kids get tricked really easily and I found that powerful because if people in the crowd had kids.

passion project

For my passion project I am going to create a film called basketball trick shots. I am really excited about this project because I love playing basketball. Here are the tricks I will do.

360 layup, shot from behind the backboard, Backwards 3 pointer, granny 3 pointer, bounce free throw, footy kick free throw, 2 ball layup, 1 handed free throw, free throw with basketball, footy and tennis ball, Mini ring dunks.

I am going to use my phone to film and I am going to use slo-mo clips and different camera angles. I am going to film at my basketball ring at home and at local basketball courts.

My film is going to be targeted at kids 9-14 and sporty people.

I am really looking forward to trying some of these shots because I haven’t got them in before. I am also looking forward to experimenting with all of the features in adobe premiere.

Richard Turere’s TED talk

in Richards TED talk he was trying to explain that you don’t have to kill the lions to make them stop eating the cows. You can  have a small idea that has a big impact. He really wanted to help the cows and the lions.

He used lots of pictures and was explaining to them about how he did everything and not to give up and to try use all of his ideas. He chose really good pictures because they showed what he had done.

Richard used a clicker to change his pictures so they would show up in the right order and it would make sense. He used a microphone so his dialogue was clear when he was speaking.

He added a little bit of humour but not to much because when you add to much your audience don’t take it seriously.  He kept a good balance of humour. He made really good eye contact and had memorised his script.


THINK online

The THINK poster is something you should think of before you post something online. You need to think about what you will make other people think and if it could hurt them.

T is for true. It has to be true so wo don’t spread rumours online. T could also be Thriving or Trustworthy.

H is helpful. It must be helpful so you can make the world a better place. H could also be Honest or Humorous.

I is for inspiring. It has to inspire people to do better things for the world an make others happy. I could also be Imaginative or interesting.

N is for necessary. If it is not needed online there is no point putting it up. N could also be Nice or Needed

K is for kind. If it is mean it will make others feel sad. K could also be Knowledgeable or Keen.