wireless microphone

the wireless microphone is a little box and a microphone that you attach to your shirt to help make your audio clear when speaking. It is important to have headphones in at all times when filming. You have two boxes with the microphones. one is attached to the person speaking, and the other is connected to the camera.

wireless microphones are helpful on windy days when you cant hear them speaking. The boxes with the microphones connect so when you filming you can hear them speaking from a long way away.

here is a photo of a wireless microphone.


shotgun microphone

The shotgun microphone is a microphone that is like a long stick. You place it on top of the camera and aim it towards the person or object you want to hear. When you film it is good to wear headphones because when you are filming, what you hear when filming is what you will hear in the actual video. One important thing  to remember is to turn the shotgun mic on before filming.

here is a photo.


royalty free music

In royalty free music we used an app called bensound which is where you download music that is free and doesn’t have copyright on it. we had to find songs that would suit the following movies.

-star wars


-greatest showman



here are mine.





The song for it didn’t work. Soz




audio booths

in the audio booth clinic we learnt about having expression when recording for filming.

here are some things I learnt during this clinic

-Maximum of two students at a time.

-no food.

-leave it as you found it.

-Leave the microphones on the bench.

-Leave the USB cable on the bench when you’ve finished.

-Make sure the microphone and the stand are secure.

Always use headphones when recording and playing back audio. Don’t touch the microphone while recording. If you are speaking ‘normally’, get right into the mic (without touching it).If you are speaking loudly, move back slightly. You may need to unplug the USB when playing back audio.

there is also a sheet when you book times to record.

zoom camera

the zoom camera is a camera that has a really good microphone. It has lots of other features which I will list below.

.it charges with a USB cable      .always have headphones

.microphone/afro                        .picks up a lot of audio

.lens cap                                         .7 sound

.wrist strap                                    .quick easy option

.handicam/no tripod                   .good at filming

.elbows in                                     .tap for options

.2 microphones                               .folder to playback

.stereo mic good quality              .adaptor hole on bottom

.shotgun microphone

Camcorders and Tripods

I learnt that lots of important things about the tripods in this clinic. We learnt about different camera angles and special rules about the tripods. Here is what I learnt.


with tripods I learnt that when you want to zoom in to not zoom in but to move closer. I also learnt all the features of the tripods. I learnt that the legs have to be fully out because they will otherwise be wonky and it will fall over. I learnt how to use the adaptor to attach the camera to the tripod.


I learnt that the cameras have the power cable at the back and that when you plug them back in for the cables to not be dangling out. I learnt that when wanting to zoom instead of using the zoom feature to walk closer.