Design Project Expo

Today was the design expo and we had to show our pinball machine. Everyone really enjoyed playing our pinball machine. It is done now and here is a video.

We also had to take a picture of 3 other projects that inspired us. Here are mine.

This project inspired me because they were making a drone. I liked the drone because I think it was a cool idea to make a drone and their programming was really difficult.n


Bombing of darwin

Bombing of Darwin is told through the diary of Tom Taylor. At first Tom lives in Adelaide with his mum. His dad is working in Darwin so they move there. Tom meets lots of new people and learns about Darwin and the war. He hears about the news in the other countries. until one day Japan hit Darwin. Read the book to find out about Tom’s life.

I liked bombing of Darwin the most because it had more action.

I rate this book 4 stars because I liked the action but there were also lots of boring bits.

Camp Writing Piece

Year 5 Camp

High ropes

As I stand under the awesome high ropes course I feel so enthusiastic that I could burst out into the blue sky like a firework of smoke. My eyes are flaming hot with excitement about to explode like a fresh stick of dynamite. The teacher hooked the solid red rope to my harness. I leap like a powerful athlete onto the stump and I climbed so fast up the silver ladder I felt like a cheetah sprinting after its prey. I stepped up the metal staples that were hammered into the gigantic green post. When I reached the top, I gripped the rope and my hands were stuck to it with glue. I started walking across the wire grabbing onto the ropes as I went. The wire was as wobbly as a thin branch that I nearly fell off. When I reached the end I was happy that I completed the ropes course and I jumped off and I was lowered down slowly. I felt like I was hovering down like some amazing high-tech machine in the future. I landed on the earthy coloured ground and I wanted another billion goes but I had to let others have another go.

The Pinnacle

As I walk out to the bus I feel warm under the blazing orange sun above me. I sit down next to Abhi and we start driving to the pinnacle. As we swerve along the windy road I can see the pinnacle and all the rocks scattered everywhere. We stop at the carpark and start walking up the pinnacle. I feel the breeze pelting against my face like bullets. It is extremely hot but I keep walking up the rocky surface and all the jagged, rocky steps. We stop for a break on the rocks and I take a valuable drink of water. We get back up on our feet and start walking. We stop at a dark cave and we all go inside. I have to crawl because there is no space to stand up. The floor is wet and we have to keep walking. Next we stop at a secret cave and we go to in there. It is really thin but we can stand up. I look up and see the gigantic boulders that could crush me instantly. We were walking on rocks and branches above giant drops into darkness and it was a little creepy. We came outside and walked to the top of the mountain. It felt good to get to the top. The view was amazing!!! After 10 minutes of history and the view we walked back down to camp and it was good to eat and rest a bit.


On camp I learnt that I enjoyed the rope course the most because it was fun walking along the wobbly wire and swinging on the ropes. I also learnt that I don’t find hikes difficult and that getting to know some other people more helped me to know them more. I liked the trivia on the first night because I enjoyed answering questions with my friends from my cabin group. My favourite times at camp was when we drank from the waterfalls and guessing the answer to a question in trivia. I also liked the initiatives because the rope swinging and the riddles were fun to do with my friends.



– What groups do you belong to?

pivot city basketball club. Newtown football club. my family.

– Pick a group that you belong to discuss what the benefits are of being apart of it?

pivot city basketball club. meeting new friends. learning how to get better.

– How do the groups you belong to differ among you and your family members/ friends?

Pivot city is made up of different people from different schools but my sisters netball team is school kids only.

Term 3 Projects. Pinball Machine

In Term 3 we are doing projects. I am making a Pinball Machine with Jack and Hayder. Hayder is 3d printing some of the obstacles and Jack and I are measuring and building with the cardboard. We are using the hummingbird LEds on the backboard of our pinball machine. Here are some photos of so far.

I did some designs today of our obstacles. We going to try a rubber band slingshot to launch our ball into the course. I thought that it would be better because the slingshot is easier to fire than the springs. Here is a photo of my design idea.

Today Jack brought screws and we started screwing our pinball machine. Last Lesson we made a rubber band obstacle for it. it is a few screws with a rubber band around it. Here is all our equipment.

20 minutes later we screwed our first corner.

Here is the machine with one wall left to go.

15 minutes  later we have now screwed our whole pinball machine together.

We have now made an obstacle and have added some stickers to our machine. We started the humming bird programming but it wasn’t working so we will try it again next week. We didn’t know why it wouldn’t work.

Next Friday we will finish the launch. We figured out that our failed 3d printed levers fit with the spring so we are using them in the launch.

Today we worked really hard on getting the launch into place. It was hard because our whole wasn’t big enough. Charlie helped us get it in. Here is a photo of it.


I was away last week so I have missed 4 periods of design. My friends added more stickers and spray painted it. Here are some photos.




This Term we are doing projects and I am doing Bloxels. Bloxels is a video game making program. In the Bloxels kit we have a board and a grid that we make our courses with. I have photos of some courses we were experimenting with. Here are some.


Here is a video.

This week I am doing scratch. Abhi and I made 3 games a basketball game, a monkey with bananas game and a chasey game. Here are videos of the games.