Today we learnt how to be respectful online on social media. They talked to us about what the technology would look like in 2029 and how the technology today is  a lot different than today.




This is my update of what I have done so far.

What have you achieved so far? 
I have made solid progress and I am half way of what I need to accomplish.

What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?
I have learnt how to operate a electric saw to cut wood and to always wear ear muffs when you are operating a electric saw.

What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?
I have succeeded in how far I have got into my project.

What is the next step for you?
I would like to finish my passion project by the end of this term with some cool paint pattern on my mini ping pong table.

This is my progress so far.


For my passion project I have chosen to make a mini ping pong table. I am passionate about creating things so that’s why I chose to do this. The steps I will do are 1.get the materials such as paint glue or nails and wood. 2. Measure up the net,legs and table for the ping pong table. 3. Cut along the lines. 4. Nail or glue the legs onto the table. 5. Paint the ping pong table to your choice. 6. Have a game on your  very own ping pong table. I am very exited about what I am going to make for my passion project.

Richard Turere TED talk

I think that he was a boy with a strong opinion about lion poaching in Kenya. He persuaded the audience that if you think about the other idea then you can get your problem to decrease or go away.

Richard used graphic photos of his cattle/bull in the presentation to show to the audience what the lions were doing to there stock every night when they were sleeping and how him and the village were struggling to keep there livestock to stay alive throughout the night.

The photos just by themselves were really strong and  I noticed that he had some little treehouse looking object in the background which looked like it had a little house on top of it.

He didn’t have a script or iPad to read off so he had a lot of eye contact with the audience(which meant that he must of practised his script over and over again) . He moved around the stage and used hand gestures when he was talking which I thought kept me more motivated about his speech. He used some humour throughout the presentation to keep the audience awake and he laughed at his own jokes which I guess that he thought if he laughed at them then then the audience would get the joke a bit more.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think that he was trying to get across that you can go be taught how to play soccer but to learn how to make an app you have to put in time and learn how to do it yourself.
He got his message across by having little dot points on his iPad to remind him then he talked about them.
the software’s that he mentioned in his speech are python, see and java.
he was looking at the audience a lot and instead of reading of the iPad, he had little dot points that reminded him what to say. he moved around on the stage and had some humour in his speech.

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