Fay’s nines reflection

Fay’s nines is were you have to have the numbers 1 to 9 with three, three digit numbers and they all have to make a total sum of 999. There are 180 sums in total that you can get until you get all of them.

I thought that it would be a lot harder because you have to make 180 total solutions that you have to find. When I got into the project I picked up a pattern that the ones column had to equal 19, the tens column had to equal 18 and the hundreds column had to equal 8.

I noticed that the number one could not go into the ones column because then you couldn’t get 19 so your solution for that board would not have a total of 999. And that the ones column had to equal 19, the tens column had to equal 18 and the hundreds column had to equal 8.

Once I found out the what the ones, tens and hundreds column had to add up to 19, 18 and 8, I did some of the solutions that added up to those numbers and then put all of the solutions with no repeating numbers, I got the solutions.

I was away for one of the three lessons, so I only got a total of 17 working solutions that added up to 999. There is a total of 180 solutions because each number has 20 goes in the middle and 9×20=180.

This project was hard for me because of at the start I didn’t have a pattern and it ended up with me just writing down a whole lot of random numbers onto the paper but then I found a pattern and I got a lot more correct solutions then random ones.


Image result for homemade motorbike jump

For this terms passion project I have decided to make a wooden motorbike ramp to go over on my bike.

 I am planning to use wood, a drill, handsaw and some nails to put my ramp together.

I am going to take the ramp up to a farm in Howqua  and give it to them so when we go up there we can go over it.

Designing and putting the wood together to make the ramp and of course riding over the ramp and seeing if it will last a bike going over it.


Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? 

Yes and I think that I achieved more then what I had set out to do.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project?

I think that making the trailer of some of the photos that I have taken over the term.

 How did you overcome the challenges?

I didn’t really have any challenges except for transporting the photos from my mums computer to mine. What we did was get a usb and then copied the photos onto my laptop.

 How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?  

I would take more photos.

RVE Tonga

For my country study I have chosen Tonga. I am about to present to you an information report about there country. I have done for the past three weeks and have learnt a lot about the wonderful country Tonga.

Tonga has a much wider variety of beliefs at Tonga. Tonga’s country sport is rugby union. Rugby union is a similar sport to AFL as it was based around rugby union  when it was invented.

Tonga has an unemployment rate of 1.10% while Australia has 6.10%. That’s a big difference if you look at how many jobs there are in Australia compared to Tonga. Tonga has Tonga uses 96.23 percent of the electricity rate than what Australia does. Tonga is also a much more environmental healthy country than what Australia uses. The capital of Tonga and Australia consumption of electricity is Australia using 9,485kWh while in Tonga it is 358kWh. That is a huge difference in electricity that is used up. Tonga’s population is 107, 122 people that was recorded in 2006 whilst Australia has 24.13 million people.

Some of the similarities are that Tonga have beautiful beaches and so does Australia. They both have very welcoming people when you enter and you are always greeted with a smile. Tonga has wonderful wildlife as such Australia has to.

I would love to go to Uoleva which is a pristine beach in Tonga were you can kite surf, swim a and just relax under the hot sun and have a mock tail (which is a kids cocktail) out of a coconut. I have always wanted to do that. If I did live there though Tonga has a 80.93 percent rate of less amount of money that can be made as it is such a small country and does not have as much jobs to offer as Australia.

sorry I couldn’t get it as a picture only a file




Image result for bad sunsets This was one of the sunsets that I took over the Barwon Heads river. I have taken some photos of my dog on walks and some more sunsets. I will start taking some photos of the bluff and nature soon but will keep you waiting to see what happens next.

The Lost Princess

Kieran was a kid that was addicted to online gaming and started when he was only 7. By the age of 11 he was spending over 13 hours a day on it. at the age of 15 he realised that he needed help.

Kieran encountered an addiction to gaming in his room and had ended up with him at the age of 11 spending over 13 hours a day and had not gone to sleep so he was snoozing in class and all he was thinking about was getting home and playing games.

He was constantly on the game and was getting the wrong information about life and was not engaging with other  people or keeping fit by playing sport. By the age of 15 he had already dropped out of school and was spending all of his day on his console.

  • Kieran went up to his dad and said that he needed help after his gaming addiction was going to far. Got him to get off the screen and say maybe “If you do 2 hours of sport then you can play 30 minutes of gaming and that’s it.”.
  • That there are better things to do in life then to sit in front of a T.V screen and game for all your kid life. You only get one chance at being a kid so use that time wisely.


Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

Yes, I thought I had a better outcome then what I was thinking I was going to do. Painting the table was probably the hardest task out of making the project.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? 

With the outline on the table, the paint kept on slowly creeping into the blue and I ended up doing 5 layers of blue.

 How did you overcome the challenges? 

My mum got a ruler and we painted along the straight side of the ruler and then the lines stayed straight.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

Probably make the table bigger and use a smoother timber that’s big and smooth.

Win At The Fair

This is the game board that we lost 187.40 dollars.

Over the past couple project maths lessons I have been doing win at the fair. it is a bit blurry but we played 149 games at 1 dollar each and lost 187.40 dollars. I tried making a game board and slowly I was making more money. there was one time though when it didn’t work I tried 5 games all 1000 games each and realised that I had my biggest jackpot were it mostly went and my lowest jackpot were it almost never went. I started off making 74 cents a game then I got 69 cents and was happy with but I thought I could do better so I did another 5 games and changed my board game a little bit and came out with 62 cents and a enticing game board.

In session 2 we gathered our class data and realised that the game board that we used did not make jus any money. If anything we lost a lot of money. after 149 games we lost 187.40 dollars. After we gathered the data and knew that that game board did not make us any money, we got set a task to go and try to make a successful game board.

  This was my session 3 best game board. At 1 dollar a game I thought that id made enough money but then my game board didn’t look that enticing. I only had 2 places on my game board that you could of won over 1 dollar. I spent the rest of the lesson trying to make a more enticing game board. I did make a more enticing game board but it didn’t make me any money. I lost 300 dollars.

In session 3 I made two game boards but both of them didn’t look that enticing. They still made money but I only had two spots were you could make over 1 dollar and all the rest was 1 dollar or less. The customers didn’t make any money since I was making 29and 31 cents a game which was good because I was making money but bad because my game board wasn’t enticing.

In session 4 I made an enticing and make money game board. At the start I did 5 test and put the least amount of money were it mostly landed so I still made some money. I made over 300 dollars at 42 cents per game. it was a fun game and I really enjoyed the maths and challenges I faced throughout this project.

 This is my game board.

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