My location that I will make my documentary about is the OLD GEELONG GAOL. The jail has lots of scary ,spooky and interesting story’s. I would love to do two scary story’s which  are the aboriginal man in sell 43 and the little girl screaming, laughing and crying in the centre of the jail. it is worth telling because people do not believe so we need to convince the city of Geelong that it has been part of our history for year. I would love  to have a interview with a tour guide.



for my passion project in term 3 I intend to create  a film on I movie of me in my trampoline class. would use my iPad. The app I would use is I movie so I can learn more about the app throughout the long project is targeted to teach you how do things on the trampoline like climb the wall handstand spin and more. I am looking forward to get everyone  in my class invloud  and including the teacher Dylan



my editing techniques where to dump all of the footage on to the software and I went from there. The app I used was a completely different software from what Mr Henderson used. I thought I would use premier because that is what we used for most films. I did not try anything new because I am not that good at the app. I had to make a lot of changes since I am trying my hardest to help these animals I ask Mrs Russell if I can put this in the bulletin and the end product was 10 minutes long ,so I really had to cut it down. this is what I planed at the start so fingers crossed it turns out well.

this is what Mrs Russell put on the bulletin

the lost princess

today we watch a film it was to do with four people one of these four was Kieran



Kieran he had a problem it was gaming he did it for 8 years. over the time he did not have any feiends because he lost them bye playing to much video games. He solved the issue by saying to hes dad I need help he coloud of when hes dad ask him to get off the computer he did not get off. I take away from this is one little thing can change your life

Win At The Fair

This week in 6C we have been working on Win at the Fair,Win at the Fair is a game where there was a losing game board. verity and I used her game board. We started off with a 0.00 prize but we did not end up using it because we thought it would not look good to the crowds because it has a prize that you are most likely not to win. when some students have prize that the prize money is $15. Verity and I did not get it the first time round we got it after 4 goes the before picture is our 2nd try and  the after picture is the last try.

This is a picture of the first game board to the finished game board






Myself As A Reader

I do NOT want to lie i don’t like reading I barely read because I cant find a book that I love.When I read I would most likely be in bed or at school sometimes even if I am bored on the plane. For me there has to be music that I know.the book I am in the middle of reading is the complete book of naughty stories for good boys and girls.


P.P #production

on the day of filming we had successes one off the successes was filming everything I needed to film but the challenge was the how loud I had to be since I did NOT have a mic so I was like scearming because it was a windy and stormy day we overcome these by going to the inside places first.

here is a little video from my film



Birke Baehr’s

The main message is that look at the food that you buy from the supper market so I think that was the message he was getting across to the audience. The take-way that i had was to buy fruit and veggies from the  fruit store and he cares so much but this issue he doesn’t want to be a AFL footy instead he wants to be a farmer. He didn’t have much technical support he only had the pictures ,But he did not keep turning around because he knows his script for by heart. Birke used the Images well and the did NOT walk around the stage he stayed in the one spot and moved his hands.

Watching all of the TED talks have helped me get a idea, and have have showed me what to do when i do mine.



DC Cartoons

Today we talked about how people in our days go on there phones to much so this is the picture that I chosse Maybe people will find this funny for 3 seconds but its really sad because the message is to get off our phones and play sport because on Snapchat the things will stay there until you open them. so I think that’s the most important message. since I have analysed I do NOT think its funny.

Richard Turere TED Talks

T = technology

E = entertainment

D = Design

I think the messege that he was triing to get across was that don’t kill the lions make things instead. The way he got the message across was the images. The technical support was the microphone. he used the images really really well.

this is a image of him working on the light

he said the lions are afraid of lights

the lions were killing the life stock

The project he is working on is the is a eclectic fence. sad “I  know they are invented but I want to make my own”



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