What have you achieved so far? What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself? What successes or challenges have you experienced so far? What is the next step for you?

I have recorded everything that I would for like because I change my passion project to horse riding. I have  upskilled myself  how to use a go pro hero 4 . The successes are that of able to press the record button and the photo button at the same time because it was only one button but it was hard because since I was one button you could only hold it down to 3 seconds to make it take a photo but I’ll just take bursts of photos. I have also upskilled myself Because on the beach when I was riding  comet he started to  gallop  I was scared at first because I didn’t think, Comet would stop, but it turned out at the end the beach he stopped because everyone else was doing a  Canter. The Nextep for me is to put it all into premiere pro I’m not that experienced with premiere so if it does not work I will go onto moviemaker I will decide that in the last three weeks term

conservation film

The whole of year 6  are doing a project it is a conservation film at the melbounre zoo about endangered animals. we would like to help these creatures hopefully this project will help them

My Script


Gorillas are big, energetic and beautifully humorous creatures that play, joyfully in their habitat with their friends and food.

P.T.C// These amazing animals are 99% like humans because they share our DNA. The humans are the main threat to the Gorillas because we are poaching these intelligent creatures.


The Western Lowland Gorillas that you see here are one of only four species. It is believed that there is only 100,000 left in the wild. I know it sounds a lot but it is not in the scheme of animals in the wild. It means at least 300 are killed each year on average.Soon these gorgeous animals will be extinct. We do not want that.


We, humans do all the removal of their habitat! Because we are taking their habitat to make things like paper, buildings and furniture. While the spaces that we clear are being used for humans, not the animals. Pristine jungle is now becoming carparks and factories. Not good.


V.O///People poach Gorillas for their skulls, fur, body parts, meat, and for medicine .They poach them by using traps and snippers. Poaching unfortunately continues in the world because there is a lack of enforcement and international laws. This issue is coupled with a lack of punishments by the courts.

The major issue in poaching is the use of the dead animals as ‘trophies,’

This is even the worst part of poaching as they are killing Gorillas to fuel their bank accounts.


I hope that you can see how much these animals mean to us, so please do something like raising awareness or putting our old phones in the donation boxes around the zoo.

This is my P.T.C

P.T.C// These amazing animals are 99% like humans because they share our DNA. The humans are the main threat to the Gorillas because we are poaching these intelligent creatures.


a panning shot of the gorillas in their habit and a really good P.T.C






















Building views

Since the start of the term till week 3, In maths we have been studying building views.

The main steps were

  • to make the buildings on the building board

The next step in the process is to draw the buildings in your book


Then the class went on to maths 300 in maths 300 we went on the buildings views tab

once you go on the tab you get to this page on this page you can go on to the grid size and change it to (3 by 3 or 4 by 4 or 5 by 5) there are tabs down the bottom that say compare that makes to top up at the same time. x-ray we did not use the X-ray because it was like a cheating way because you could see behind the blocks.

Kenya culture

in year 6 in RVE we have been studying one country I chose Kenya because  I thought it was really interesting when we where there in travel journal.

In Geelong we mostly play footy or netball, but in Kenya they play a-lot of soccer. However Kenyans runners have ginned world wide fam. like bernard lagat , if you serch him up he says he is from the USA but he is Kenyans because he was born in henya and grow up their.

P.P #reflect

I did achieve everything that I wanted that includes footage and voice overs . I faced a lot of challenges because I had to get permission to film from the lady who owns the trampoline park. thank god I do air’o’kids and my coach Dylan let me film. if I keep going I would be able to show and learn new tricks like last week in my class.

hopefully you will  enjoy my film and learn some tricks.  I will show my film on my ipad  and the app I used is movie maker.








What have you achieved so far? What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself? What successes or challenges have you experienced so far? What is the next step for you?

I have achieved filming half of my film and I will be doing the other half on Wednesday the 30th. I have upskilled my self to hold an iPad/phone/selfie stick while running up the wall. The biggest challenge I had was trying to film in a pubic place since I knew the people who worked there from my class airokids I got a whole trampoline set to myself.my next step is to film tomorrow so then I will edit the film in movie maker

  the selfie stick


My location that I will make my documentary about is the OLD GEELONG GAOL. The jail has lots of scary ,spooky and interesting story’s. I would love to do two scary story’s which  are the aboriginal man in sell 43 and the little girl screaming, laughing and crying in the centre of the jail. it is worth telling because people do not believe so we need to convince the city of Geelong that it has been part of our history for year. I would love  to have a interview with a tour guide.



for my passion project in term 3 I intend to create  a film on I movie of me in my trampoline class. would use my iPad. The app I would use is I movie so I can learn more about the app throughout the long process.my project is targeted to teach you how do things on the trampoline like climb the wall handstand spin and more. I am looking forward to get everyone  in my class invloud  and including the teacher Dylan



my editing techniques where to dump all of the footage on to the software and I went from there. The app I used was a completely different software from what Mr Henderson used. I thought I would use premier because that is what we used for most films. I did not try anything new because I am not that good at the app. I had to make a lot of changes since I am trying my hardest to help these animals I ask Mrs Russell if I can put this in the bulletin and the end product was 10 minutes long ,so I really had to cut it down. this is what I planed at the start so fingers crossed it turns out well.

this is what Mrs Russell put on the bulletin

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