October 23

term 4 project

So far this term Toby, jack and i have started making are first prototype for are coin sorter. it works by sliding down from smallest to biggest in coin size.

today we started to add a shell around it an now we should have finished the prototype by the end of the next design sesh.

Today we decided start remake the coin sorting board because it was consistence because sometimes they world go into the wrong spot or the 1$ would stop in the 2$ hole so were gonna make the hole rectangle not circle so it has more time to go in the right spot.

In design today Toby showed me a 3d print of the sliding part so hopefully Mr Colbert will have it printed by next design

we found this print off a website tinkercad. We decided to 3d print this because when we cut out the shapes we couldn’t get the exact right sized circle for each coin.

What we will do next?                                                                                                                                                         Oncethe 3dprint is done we will be to make a second prototype.

Friday week 5

Today we found out that the print above is for american coins so we found a new one that is for Australian coin and Mr Colbert started the print so next lesson on Tuesday it will definitely be done witch is good.

This is the new print.

Tuesday week 6

Today are 3d print finished but it was way to small to use so we need print it again.

Toby also brought in some hot glue and a hot glue gun witch is good because the school is out.




September 21

Interesting projects

i chose to write about this project  because i liked how they painted a oval and i had not seen it.

What i thought was really cool is that they made and programmed a goalie out of Lego we do.

i chose to write about this one because i thought it really stuck out with the spray paint and the stickers.

i think was was cool was how they added points for each part, and how they used a screw driver to pull back the spring.

i chose to write about this because it looks really cool and and interesting


September 14




What groups do you belong to

Football club, cricket club, surf lifesaving club , geelong collage, Victoria Australia



Why do we become members of a group?

To meet people, see friend, to help others, for money



What stories do we remember and retell of the groups we belong to?

Winning the first game of footy for the year


The benefits of being in a football team is you learn how to play footy and meet new people

September 14

Bombing Of Darwin book review

In the bombing of Darwin, tom the main character must face being in the middle of bombing raid from the Japanese fighter pilots and not knowing if he’s parents are alive or not.


I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because I really liked the detail in the writing and you could really imagine it in my head but I didn’t like how they didn’t really tell us everyone’s names like his mother and farther.



I think the moral of this storey is how bad wars can be and how we are so lucky to be in such a safe country.



That in my friend the enemy Emma and tom. had to both experience not knowing if there family are alive of not


September 13

camp snapshot

my ankle hurt so much and i feels like i have been walking for more then 2 km like the sign said. As i walk i notice that the water was heaps of foam in it , i wounder why its like that then the instructor said it was from body cream that had come off with sweat.  The instructor makes us stop then take us to a beautiful hidden cave. as i am walking i see a sign saying silent street and it was could that because when your in it nothing echo’s. We finally reach the top and it was the best view that i have ever seen and it was so worth the long walk.

August 15

Term 3 project

In design everyone had to chose a project to do. Toby, Gus and I decided to make a chain reaction. The purpose of the chain reaction machine is to drop a tea bag into mug

The first thing we built was a cardboard ramp. At the start of the ramp there is a piece of cardboard connected to a piece of rope witch is connected to a domino and when the domino goes off the ping pong ball goes down the ramp.

After we made that gus made a slingshot to knock the domino’s down but we deiceded to not use it because it was very accurate. After the slingshot didn’t work i thought we could make a cannon instead the slingshot. When i searched it up on the internet i found this picture.


from this video i got the idea to use a car with two sides


Today in design we finally finished our chain reaction machine to make a tea.

here is a video of it working




which ideas are important? my class mates and friends.

what else to i need to do? my blog post and prepare the the expedition

how could i make it better? maybe next time i could make it longer and more complex

is my plan detailed enough to achieve my goal?


all together we did get it to work most of the time. I think if I ever make a chain reaction I will not use domino’s and will not try to get something to trigger off something then it because it ends up getting caught on something. I think we probably could of made it a bit more consistence if we didn’t have to build the hall machine each lesson then take it apart again. At the end of the term we kind of rushed a bit to get it finished. I think using hot wheels cars monster trucks and jumps really helped us a lot because I think if we didn’t use them it would of been mainly made of domino’s.

July 27

spheros and little bits

in design will and I started using the spheros. Spheros and little balls the you program to roll around tracks or over jumps

the first challenge that will and I did was to get the sphero to go around a course. But when I just started trying to do the course  I noticed that their was a little Antenor that always has to be facing the front.

after we did this course I new pretty much how you program the sphero. Then we decided to make a track a little bit harder.

this was the second course it was a little bit longer and harder to program.


What I found out? one big thing I noticed that the Antenor had to face the way you want in to go otherwise it will go the wrong way.


What did you create?

well I didn’t really create anything apart from designing the tracks to get around.


Little Bits

this week Charlie and I did little bit. The first thing I wanted to to was to get the power board to do something so I program the board to spell out my name.

the purple icons the part were you design what you want to be shown and the orange block is the timing of each block appearing.

after that we made the tug of war game. This was the game you would make first because it had the program made for you and how to build it

After I made the screen to spell my name I decided to get it to do something a bit cooler so then I thought making something to do with  footy so I made the screen say cats vs carlton.