lego we do

The last two weeks my class were doing Lego we do. Lego we do is a website that you use to program Lego. Gus and I built a Ferris wheel we go t the idea from the top of the Lego box and thought it be a good project. the easiest part was building the a frames. the hardest part was connecting the engine the Ferris wheel the bit that made it hard was keeping the engine on the ground. at first we tried building a tower of Lego bricks so it was the right height but that did not work. then we tried using cogs but the did not work either. After that we got these green wheel shape things with rubber bands down the frame.                       This is the program that I used for the Ferris wheel.

in the last session Gus and I  built a dancing birds the birds would dance to music It was challenging to get the birds to stay in time I enjoyed making the birds because when they were done they danced really well. in the programing section below it show that it changers directions and includes sound.

also in the last session Gus and I built aeroplane rescue .The propeller would go faster when it was facing up and slowed down when faced was challenging to make it go faster and slow at the way it tilted because at first it would slow down as it was facing up and went faster when it was facing down but we needed the opposite of that.the programing below shows a little icon of a motion sensor that was the reason to making the propeller go faster and slower.

camp reflcetion

Camp Reflection

What was my camp experience like?

On camp it was kind of weird because you were in cabins with all your friend, but it was also really fun.

My favourite part was the giant swing because you swing really high although it was kind of scary when you were getting pulled up because you had to hold your whole body weight and if you let go you would fall.

Day 1

On Day 1 we went on the bus to Fern Gully Lodge. When we got there we put our bags in our cabins then we had lunch after that we found out are groups. We went to the initiative course. My group did the commando course first, I was kind of sad because we couldn’t race as it was too wet. First you had to jump on to a rope then swing to the other step, then you jumped on the tops of logs but we weren’t allowed to do that as it was wet. There was a giant net  which you had to climb over, then a little flying fox. The last obstacle were logs that you jumped and ducked over. Second activity was the giant swing it was lots of fun. After that, we went to the zip line it was about 50 meters long and we got lots of goes. We had a break and we had really tasty muffins, after that we did archery where we were put on teams and vs each other. After that, we did the leap of faith. On the leap of faith we climbed a big wooden pole up to a platform, we had to jump and touch a big orange ball.  After this we had free time me and my friends and I went in the pool and played markers up. After that we had dinner, we had chicken schnitzel and for dessert we had chocolate mousse. We watched the Lorax and then went to bed.

Day 2

When we woke up we had cereal and eggs and bacon it was tasty. We went to the Yellingbo National Park.¬†¬†At the national park we learned about the¬†yellow tuffed honeyeater and how there only used to be 50 honeyeaters, but now¬†there are 196 birds. After that we went on Puffin Billy, it was really slow. We went to Grant’s picnic ground where there were heaps of birds. We went on two walks in the rain forest. When we got back from the picnic ground, we had free time, I went in the pool again. After free time we¬†had dinner¬† and it was lasagne, it was yum.¬† Night time activities included a quiz and¬†after that we watched Cool Running‚Äôs, then we went to bed.

Day 3

On the third day we went to the Healesville Sanctuary. At the sanctuary we saw two shows the first show was about how the platypus was made and the second show was about birds of prey. At the end of the day we got to go to the gift shop, I bought 24 karrot gold and a kookaburra teddy. On the bus ride home there was lots of traffic.


What am I going to do to help life on Earth?

I pledge¬†for the next year I am going to have a shower shorter then 5 minutes . In some countries you don’t have enough ¬†water to have a showers. Some children have to walk 6 hours to get water, which is not always clean. ¬†By saving water I¬†will help the environment because the animals will have more water to drink and live from.¬†.

Ceres in Melbourne

Today I went to Ceres in Melbourne. I was so amazed by how it used a rubbish dump and how now it’s a community garden .there’s an old bike repair shop that you give your old bike to or buy a 2nd hand bike a repair for not much money. We learned about sustainable living by getting windows that heat up your house in winter and cools down your house in summer by double-glazing. In Melbourne, most of the houses do not have a bigger enough backyard to have a vegie patch so at Ceres you can rent a garden bed to grow vegies in.

Image result for CERES IN MELBOURNE

how will we create are best tomorrow?

I used to think that it wasn’t that bad to let a balloon float away into the sky, but¬†now I know that it isn’t good because¬†will pop¬†into the ocean and a animal might eat it thinking it¬†was food.

I used to think that it was okay to leave the light on when I left the room ,but now I know to turn the light off before leaving the room.

I used to think that it was okay to use a air conditioner to cool down, but now I know to open the doors.

I used to think it was okay to use  plastic bags at the supermarket ,but now I know to use a reusable bag. Plastic takes a long time to break down

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