June 17


i did achieve my goal to make a mixcraft that i think sounded like one song.

when i showed my song to one of my friends he said it didn’t sound like  1 song so i cut out the beats that didn’t fit the style.

i think i could of found out more Technics in mixcraft to extend my learning.

May 24




So far my song goes for 2 minutes it has lots of music styles on music and lots of loops and sound effects. I have learnt how to change the key of the loop and how to mix to tracks together. My next step I think is to add another minute and half to my song and share it to the class. And I also want to learn how to how to make your own drumbeat.


May 7

Birke Baehr TED talk

I Think the main messages in the performance were Organic food is a lot better for the environment and the animals, That in food packaging there use bright colours to trick little kids and that in the food industry there were calling the organic farmer the lunatic.

The powerful things he said were, would you rather pay the organic farmer or pay the hospital because non organic food in full of chemicals, That when is cousin chose organic food over sugary cereal and when he said one child at a time.

May 3

Richard Turere TED talk

In think the main message in this TED is that you have to trial and error until for find a weakness. from this TED I took away that really simple ideas can have such a big impact. I also think he used what he had by using indicators as flash lights

To get the message across the audience he showed lots of picture, and he spoke about how important the cows are to his message.

I pretty sure that he had a clicker to change the image on the screen and helped a lot with his accent.

It was really good because what he was talking about connected to the images by having the clicker.


May 3

Passion Project

For my passion project I am going to make a mixcraft song.

I am going to use my computer to make it because it has the mixcraft program.

I am going to learn about all the different parts and sounds on the mixcraft.

My project is directed at are class because we are doing mixcraft in music at the moment.

I am looking forward to sharing my song to the whole class at the end of the term.



May 3

Thomas Suarez TED talk

I think the massage in  this talk is about how kids can be better than adults and somethings and also I think Thomas wants app making to be like sport and music so you could get lessons for app building.

when he was trying to get massage to the audience he used comedy and he showed he’s funny app called  Bustin jeabier.

when he is presenting he has an iPad to help him with changing the screen and his script but I don’t I think he really needed it because he didn’t really look at it.

i think using comedy to connect with the audience was really smart.



May 2

THINK online

The Think acronym is what you should think about before you post or comment something and it stands for True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind

True don’t post something if it is a lie because the person receiving might think its true.

Helpful always make your post helpful because no one really wants to see unhelpful posts.

Inspiring Try to make all your post and comments inspiring because everyone can see it.

necessary all posts should be necessary to your followers and yourself.

Kind making your post kind will make you and your followers feel good.

March 4

Green Screens

In this vlog I talk about green screens.

Are task was to get drone some drone footage and a person in front of a green screen and to make the drone footage the background.

This is a snip of the person in front of the green screen.

This is the video that I made on adobe premiere with greenscreen.