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In year six at we were asked to do a project called #amaze_them. A project that has to impact people and leave them amazed. So we had to do something that amazed someone that is not in year 6. So Lacey, Emma and I partnered up, and together came up with the idea of the traveling journal, a book that will go around year levels with all of the students creating a page. The page will be all about them, there favourite colours, their favourite sport, friends, family  ….. anything that they feel they want to add.


Creating a page, will keep the students away from technology and get there creativeness flowing.

The first step to project was getting our books.

We wanted something like our seed books, A4 and blank. We spent a whole session counting the pages in our books to make sure there was enough. (there is!!), after we were sure we made our purchase.

We made logos for the front….



We had to organise a time with the year one teachers to explain our idea and pitch it to them, we sent an email…..




we very soon got a reply…..


  quiote a lot

That friday we went down and pitch our idea. They loved our idea and wanted to start straight away!

We organised a time to come down and speak to the students to get the project really up and going.

We created a short speech and film to help us explain our idea,




The day came that we were going down to Jr school, we were asked to be there to speak to them all at 9:00. Cassidy and I made our way down there at 9:10 due to technical difficulties, 2 out the three classes had gone to specialist and we ended up only talking to one class instead of the planned three. this really deflated our  balloon but it made us more punctual and organised.

After the year ones were properly started we realised how tIme consuming our idea was.

One person taking home the ONE book and bringing it back for the next person the next night, we had to change our idea, if we wanted more than just the year ones to have a go at our idea.

This is the year 1 video


We came up with this.

Each student will make their page at home on an A4 piece of paper any colour, and bring it back to school, where we will laminated and tie it into a book, making everything less complicated and quicker.

Happy with our idea we quickly emailed the year three teachers and started our new idea.

we remade of video explaining our idea.

The process of meeting with the teachers and students repeated almost the same as the year ones although we were on time, and explaining a different project.

We made notes to go home with the students explaining the project to the parents……. we had to print 44 copies… it took a while and was really frustrating because Lacey lost all of her printing credit, but it was all ok in the end.   



Explaining our idea to the kids was fairly easy and we think we got our message across. 🙂 They all wanted to get started as soon as possible (like the year 1s)


Seeing that our new idea was working we wanted to start with another class so we could have more than two books to show when we present. 

we emailed the year two teachers, and repeated the process of meeting the teachers and explaining or idea, than reorganizing a time to meet with the kids E.T.C. 

We had the same note that we gave the year 3s, but then we realized that the due date was the due date for the year 3s so we talked to them about it and then we had to come back down like 10 minutes later with the notes. In the end it was all fine.


Here is the year 2 video




Now that we have finished the year three journal we are organising a time to go down and read/show the kids in that year everyone’s pages, Once we have done that we are going to keep the travelling journals in the front office were visitors and students can flick through the journal and read it.


All throughout our project we have found that the junior school teachers have been really easy to deal with and have been really cooperative through out the whole process


I really enjoyed this project, and i would love to do something like #amaze_them again.







3 thoughts on “Travling Journal

  1. Hi Cass,
    I really loved your #amaze_them project. It was really well thought out and had a very clear need. I think that it would be really cool if the Year 6 classes could make one too. Good Job!

  2. Hi Cass
    Your idea about making a travelling journal is a great one. Were the kids excited when you mentioned that you would let them get involved with the journal?? How much did you change after you had done it with the year 1s?

  3. Hey Cass,
    I really liked yours, Emma’s and laceys idea for your amaze_them. I liked how you did them to year 1 2 3 and probley going to do it for year six! I also liked how you did a film on it as well, I thaurt it was really good and orgerzned how you did 2 films and also did the travel!
    Hope it all goes well for year 6!
    From Bronte XOXO 🙂

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