Hi guys, this is my story that I wrote with Olympia. The task was to take an ordinary object and turn it into something extraordinary. Our story was on a cherry. Hope you guys like it





Cherry Story

‘Cherry. Right there in front of me, right there, right there on my plate, right there staring me down. I can’t possibly eat THAT! Well I could, but there is so much that could go wrong eating that thing! Well, it all started when we moved. I used to live in Canberra, with no cherries, no fun, no colour and that’s why mum wanted us to move to somewhere tropical. Now we live on a cherry farm, in central Queensland. There are cherries, everywhere I look, and now mum is trying to get me to eat one! I’m not the kind of person to eat just any old thing, imagine if your mum told you to eat a worm! YUCK! Well that’s exactly what I am going through, maybe even worse, yeah it’s much worse than a worm, actually I think it’s the worst possible thing you could be asked to eat. What if I eat it and my teeth turn red and I can’t turn them back! People will think I’m a vampire or something! Or what happens when I get to the pip, how am I supposed to know what to do? Do I spit it, swallow it? Ill choke! But then again at least I won’t have to eat another one. I look down at it, right there in front of me, right on my plate, right there, right there, right there staring me down. I hear mum telling me to eat my food and that it won’t hurt me. I think to myself, OF COURSE IT WILL HURT ME!! Ok, I must eat it, otherwise I’ll never leave the dinner table. I pick up my fork and lower my arm, it gets closer and closer to the horrid beast, the shiny surface disgusts me! My fork touches the sponge like surface and punctures the skin, I push harder but I hit the pip. I try to pick it up but it slips off time and time again. I have to eat it with my FINGERS! I can’t possibly eat it with my fingers! I have to go to Grandmothers 80th tomorrow and if I turn up with blood red fingers she’ll think I’ve been murdering someone. Ok I need to find a towel or at least something to pick it up with. Mum must be reading my mind when she passes me a serviette. I wrap my fingers with the serviette and know that I have to hurry up. I plunge my hand onto my plate and grab the cherry. I can’t hesitate anymore! I slip the cherry into my mouth. Yum.

Reading Log week 4

Hey guys, Sorry this one is a bit late but this one is “developing a narrative”. Like what happened in each stage. The book I’m writing about is Ruby Redfort Feel The Fear.

Orientation – at the start of this book Ruby went to school and then the leader of the spy agency she is apart of, asked her to go on a mission so she ditched school to go on this mission.

Complication – She failed the mission and then she had to do a test so she could stay at the spy agency. She passed the test and then she went on another mission to find out if some place was haunted.

Resolution – There was an invisible guy who was pretending to be a ghost and he was jealous of this women who was a big star, but stole the spotlight from his mum. In the end, Ruby got him to stop and he wasn’t evil anymore.

Ruby Redfort feel the fear

DC Film Update

Hey guys

Lacey, Ashy, Nara and I have been working on a Digital Citizenship film about Technology Addiction. We are almost done with the editing, we will only need about 1 hour to finish it off. We still need to finish the voice overs, but that won’t take very long. We found it had to stay on task and remember what part we were up to filming, but other than that we didn’t really face any challenges. We all predict that we could finish our film next lesson when we finish the editing and add the final touches.


Ashy, Lacey, Cassidy and Nara



Reading log week 3

Ruby Redfort feel the fear

Hi everyone, The character I am writing about is Ruby Redfort, from the series Ruby Redfort.

Positives: She is always very bright and happy. She is very smart. She is funny. She loves life.

Negatives: She always has to know everything. She is a spy which means she could always be watching you.

She is an interesting person with lots of “quirks” and personality. Ruby is a very caring person and she Is always there for her friends.   Ruby goes on top secret missions that no-one knows about except for her best friend Clancy. She is a very trusting person and her friends can tell her anything. She seems like a very good friend.

Thanks,          Cassidy Bradshaw



Hi Evryone


Last term we did a project called T.E.D. T.E.D is this thing where people go and make a talk about something that motivates the audience or it is something personal to the person who made the talk or story clip.

The process of making a T.E.D story clip is first you have to have an idea or topic that’s personal or that you can make a connection to. Then you have to write a script and record it. and then you add pictures to match your words.

I learnt how to make a story clip and record your own voice over using the podcaster.

I enjoyed getting photos to put into my story clip and recording my voice over. I also enjoyed at the end, watching the finished product.

The most challenging part of T.E.D was coming up with an idea to do my T.E.D about. I ended doing it about aiming high and setting goals for yourself.

The advice I would give to the next yrs yr 6s I would probably give them the advice to if you can’t come up with an idea, just think of something you love and find something from there.

Thanks              Cassidy Bradshaw                                                                                                                                                           


Hi everyone

This term we are doing a project called #AMAZE_THEM, not #AMAZE_US, which is our motto. The basic idea for this project is we have to do something that will AMAZE our local community like our local sporting clubs or local supermarkets. We also watched a video about this girl called Kati, and when she was in grade 1 and she had a class project to grow a cabbage, and it grew so big that she didn’t know what to do with it, so she gave it to a soup kitchen that made cabbage soup and it fed 270 homeless people. From there she started a garden where she grew fruits and  vegetables and gave them to the homeless. She named her garden “Katie’s Krops”.

So that’s sort of what we need to do. Maybe not something as big as that, but something  that amazes our local community

I don’t have an idea…….YET


Thanks,           Cassidy Bradshaw  


Reading Log Week 2

The book I’m writing about is ” Sally Pearson, Believe” and it is a biography that tells you about how she got to the Olympics.

The message of this book is persistence and believing in yourself. I think she wrote it so people would start believing in themselves.

It’s about where she grew up and how she wanted to get to the Olympics and she kept persisting and she didn’t give up. It is one of my favorite books ever nad I still read it over and over again.


Reading Log



At the moment I’m reading Ruby Redfort: Face Your Fear. This is the forth book in this series. I have really enjoyed reading this series. This book is about a girl who is asked to be part of a secret agency called Spectrum. Spectrum is like a spy agency and Ruby has to go on missions and solve them

My reading goals for this term are to read more every night and the genre I would like to try are war stories , because I always read the same things and I need to read different things.




All about me

Hi everyone, I’m Cassidy

I love to do athletics and I train once or twice a week and little aths is on the weekends but right now it’s cross-country season so I’m doing cross-country at the moment.

I have 5 pets. 2 cats called Harry and Indi, 2 dogs called Rani and Lenny and a bird called Lucky.