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Reading Log Week 2

The book I’m writing about is ” Sally Pearson, Believe” and it is a biography that tells you about how she got to the Olympics.

The message of this book is persistence and believing in yourself. I think she wrote it so people would start believing in themselves.

It’s about where she grew up and how she wanted to get to the Olympics and she kept persisting and she didn’t give up. It is one of my favorite books ever nad I still read it over and over again.


Reading Log



At the moment I’m reading Ruby Redfort: Face Your Fear. This is the forth book in this series. I have really enjoyed reading this series. This book is about a girl who is asked to be part of a secret agency called Spectrum. Spectrum is like a spy agency and Ruby has to go on missions and solve them

My reading goals for this term are to read more every night and the genre I would like to try are war stories , because I always read the same things and I need to read different things.