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Hi everyone

This term we are doing a project called #AMAZE_THEM, not #AMAZE_US, which is our motto. The basic idea for this project is we have to do something that will AMAZE our local community like our local sporting clubs or local supermarkets. We also watched a video about this girl called Kati, and when she was in grade 1 and she had a class project to grow a cabbage, and it grew so big that she didn’t know what to do with it, so she gave it to a soup kitchen that made cabbage soup and it fed 270 homeless people. From there she started a garden where she grew fruits and  vegetables and gave them to the homeless. She named her garden “Katie’s Krops”.

So that’s sort of what we need to do. Maybe not something as big as that, but something  that amazes our local community

I don’t have an idea…….YET


Thanks,           Cassidy Bradshaw