Hi guys, this week we are going to Melbourne zoo. We had to choose an animal and research about it and then at the zoo capture footage and make a documentary about the animal chosen. I chose a lion, so I researched a lion. here are my facts that I found out about the lion

  • Some male lions can grow to be 250kg.
  • The lion is the second largest big cat after the tiger.
  • Lions live in most parts of Africa
  • They either live in grasslands or open woodlands
  • Lions eat anything they can catch. But mostly zebras, giraffes, pigs, Cape buffalo, antelope, and wildebeests.
  • Lions don’t really have a predator but humans are their biggest threat
  • They live for 10 – 14 years
  • Lions are now classified as vulnerable because the death of lions as increased in the last few years
  • Male lions are the only lions with manes


Thank You          Cassidy Bradshaw

One thought on “Zoo

  1. Good job!
    I really liked how you added in some of the facts you had learnt about the lion. The photos were good too!
    Nice blog! 🙂

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