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Reading Log week 4

Hey guys, Sorry this one is a bit late but this one is “developing a narrative”. Like what happened in each stage. The book I’m writing about is Ruby Redfort Feel The Fear.

Orientation – at the start of this book Ruby went to school and then the leader of the spy agency she is apart of, asked her to go on a mission so she ditched school to go on this mission.

Complication – She failed the mission and then she had to do a test so she could stay at the spy agency. She passed the test and then she went on another mission to find out if some place was haunted.

Resolution – There was an invisible guy who was pretending to be a ghost and he was jealous of this women who was a big star, but stole the spotlight from his mum. In the end, Ruby got him to stop and he wasn’t evil anymore.

Ruby Redfort feel the fear

DC Film Update

Hey guys

Lacey, Ashy, Nara and I have been working on a Digital Citizenship film about Technology Addiction. We are almost done with the editing, we will only need about 1 hour to finish it off. We still need to finish the voice overs, but that won’t take very long. We found it had to stay on task and remember what part we were up to filming, but other than that we didn’t really face any challenges. We all predict that we could finish our film next lesson when we finish the editing and add the final touches.


Ashy, Lacey, Cassidy and Nara



Reading log week 3

Ruby Redfort feel the fear

Hi everyone, The character I am writing about is Ruby Redfort, from the series Ruby Redfort.

Positives: She is always very bright and happy. She is very smart. She is funny. She loves life.

Negatives: She always has to know everything. She is a spy which means she could always be watching you.

She is an interesting person with lots of “quirks” and personality. Ruby is a very caring person and she Is always there for her friends.   Ruby goes on top secret missions that no-one knows about except for her best friend Clancy. She is a very trusting person and her friends can tell her anything. She seems like a very good friend.

Thanks,          Cassidy Bradshaw